1. wtf says

    girl please. a gang took his phone? whatever. he was stumblin drunk and dropped that thing down the drain and got all scraped up from trying to retrieve it and got stuck. love how they ALWAYS try to blame someone else. trash.

  2. Jesus says

    Something about this guy’s story is VERY off… If I got my ass beat by a group of “gang members” who threw my phone in a storm drain (rather than take it?), I know my first response wouldn’t be to lift a heavy-ass grate cover off of it so I could climb inside to find my phone and call police, especially if my head was split open. Clearly he was in a neighborhood where he could have easily asked someone to phone for help, and those marks on his body look like he was in a cat fight, not like he got kicked in the ribs…

    Far be it from me to call him a liar though

  3. say what says

    yeah, he lied

    90% of the time it is not the nearest person of color or any person of color, that is just what crazy crackers say in the hopes they don’t get busted themselves. Sadly it works & a NPOC gets busted for what the crazy white person did

  4. MikeInSanJose says


    I get the people of cracker part of it, but what does the “N” stand for? Certainly not some racial epithet along the lines of ‘Cracker’, eh?

    For the recoed, I LOVE being called a cracker! Not sure what it means or why it’s an insult against white folk, but I don’t care! People who accept “Injury by Word” from ‘racists’ or other idiots deserve whatever pain they allow themselves to be afflicted with. I think if you embrace what they try to injure you with, you cum out on top!

  5. Mike in the Tundra says

    “Were you drunk Jared?”

    “No, but I was stoned out of my skull.”

    If his “buddy” lives on the corner, why did he need his cell phone to call police?

  6. Gabe says

    “Cracker” as a term of insult to caucasians refers to white slave-owners who used to crack their whips to punish slaves.

    I am just amazed that the reporter had the balls to actually lift the grate and get her clothes dirty for a simple segment. /shudder at the thought of ruining my shirt and pants in such a manner.

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