1. Willa West says

    Their ignorant, jubilant parroting reminds me of the Hitler youth of yesteryear. Everyone sieg heil the little white girls in Arizona.

  2. Bill says

    What separates the far left from the far right is their refusal to stoop to Hitler comparisons every chance they… oh… Wait, what’s the difference, again?

  3. Pete n SFO says

    Don’t watch it or share it…

    Doing so will earn them an ad spot from Google & put money in their pocket.

    It’s stupid anyway.

  4. Stephen says

    I guess in a way I’m glad they’re at least aware of politics and at least one candidate. That’s more than I can say for my 21 year old roommates… and I live in Iowa.

  5. Skooter McGoo says

    U’ve got 2 B taught
    2 h8 & fear,
    U’ve got 2 B taught
    From year 2 year,
    It’s got 2 B drummed
    In yr dear little ear
    U’ve got 2 B carefully taught. U’ve got 2 B taught 2 B afraid
    Of ppl whose eyes R oddly made,
    & ppl whose skin is a diff’rent shade,
    U’ve got 2 B carefully taught. U’ve got 2 B taught before it’s 2 late,
    Before U R 6 or 7 or 8,
    2 h8 all the ppl yr relatives h8,
    U’ve got 2 B carefully taught!

  6. Redebbm says

    I was raised Republican too, trust me your looking at two future socialists. Sorry Team Bachman.

  7. just_a_guy says


    their parents should be embarrassed of themselves. but i’m sure they’re not, cuz the parents are brainwashed too.

  8. lookyloo says

    Hey viewers.

    I think this vid is mockery.
    The YouTube kid who posted it is emo and has.. uh.. what’s the pc way to describe slight ‘gay mannerisms’ and ‘speech patterns’..? Let’s just say he doesn’t come off as rightwing.
    And, no. I don’t believe he’s behaving that way as mockery.

    I know that won’t disqualify him as a rightwinger.. but just sayin.

    Plus, the whole slowed down part. Creepy on purpose is my guess.
    Plus plus, he has another vid in which he is cursing up a storm.

    I guess it could be a legit supportive video from another source he re-posted to YouTube after messing with it to make it creepy..(?)

  9. billmiller says

    Some very good comments here!! This is sick, racist, and not very sensible or funny…It is sad, as is Bachman and her misguided ilk!