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Bachmann: Gay Marriage Is Like Pearl Harbor


Michele Bachmann knows how to keep it classy when pushing her homophobic politics.

Back in 2004, as her home state of Minnesota was debating same-sex marriage, Bachmann sent a flier to constituents urging them to raise their voices against equality. And, to exert some hyperbolic pressure, she compared her warnings to a seaman, Orville Ethier, who tried to alert the U.S. of Japan's attacks on Pearl Harbor.

You are a type of Orville Ethier -- a patriot looking to secure American freedoms. The is, will the Senators of Minnesota act like the Honolulu military headquarters and ignore your message? Today we face perhaps the greatest attack on the family in our lifetime.  Now is OUR time to stand up and send a message to avert and equally impending disaster.

Oh, right, because the start of America's involvement in World War II is just like the fight for LGBT civil rights.

Read Bachmann's despicable letter, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. I used to live across the street from Pearl Harbor. It's a lovely place. But I doubt that's what she meant.

    Posted by: Red Seven | Jul 8, 2011 1:19:20 PM

  2. So when is the mainstream media going to pick up on all these literal and figural skeletons in Bachmann’s closet?

    Posted by: ichabod | Jul 8, 2011 1:26:14 PM

  3. I cannot understand this woman, her knowledge of history is zero. How could she lead the foreign policy of US?
    I also think she thinks too much about LGBT. Why so much?

    Posted by: Matt26 | Jul 8, 2011 1:26:16 PM

  4. Michelle is clearly very angry at gay men. I'd bet a paycheck that it's for the same reason Anita Bryant was: because she's married to one.

    Posted by: Danny | Jul 8, 2011 1:39:38 PM

  5. Wasn't it Alan Turing (wikipedia him) crucial in the breaking of Nazi ciphers -- and thereby giving a massive advantage to the Allies?

    Oh ya, he was gay.

    Posted by: Nick | Jul 8, 2011 1:40:09 PM

  6. Ok - aside from the fact that she's a complete IDIOT, if this woman actually believes all of this crap she espouses, then WHY IN THE HELL is she in the political arena and not off baking cookies somewhere? I mean, if she actually believes that all citizens aren't equal, then how does she explain her right to vote, speak without being spoken to and to take part in the workforce?

    Posted by: Tre | Jul 8, 2011 1:40:29 PM

  7. It is becoming really hard to ignore that she seems to have a really really personal vendetta with the gays. More and more she is drawing attention to her own marriage, and more and more people are going to start wondering why she feels that gay people are such a threat to marriages. I love how people keep banging on about how 'clever' she is...well she's not that clever if she thinks we can't see through all this. Methinks she doth protest too much.

    Posted by: paul | Jul 8, 2011 1:40:50 PM

  8. @Matt26: because her husband is gay?

    Posted by: KevinVT | Jul 8, 2011 1:41:37 PM

  9. She's got enough rope now to hang herself quicker than a depressed convict.

    Posted by: Jack M | Jul 8, 2011 1:50:13 PM

  10. She should know all about gay marriage...she's in one.

    Posted by: Beef and Fur | Jul 8, 2011 2:22:24 PM

  11. its women like this fruitcake - that Alice Paul would roll over in her grave, if she knew all her hardwrk to win women's rights/to Vote would lead to a nitwit like this shrew.

    Posted by: Gay American | Jul 8, 2011 2:33:04 PM

  12. As a Canuck, I urge all you good Americans to take her seriously -- and to do everything in your power to stop her. She, and all who stand behind her (and there seem to be many), are truly frightening.

    Posted by: Michael in Toronto | Jul 8, 2011 2:38:00 PM


    True dat. Come on liberal press but wait, they HAVE to hate on Obama for another day because it seems the Right are just not king a good job themselves of despising the man and the Democrats.

    Posted by: Rowan | Jul 8, 2011 2:51:11 PM

  14. If it weren't for Pearl Harbor, the U.S. may not have entered WWII. Then Hitler would have eventually taken over Europe and wiped out the Jewish nation. So maybe gay marriage is like Pearl Harbor and we can either pass Marriage Equality or let a bunch of Hitler/Bachmann types take over the U.S. How's that for hyperbolic vitriol?

    Posted by: scollingsworth | Jul 8, 2011 3:01:56 PM

  15. What Jewish nation was that? Israel was formed in 1947. Jewish people perhaps? Certainly, and just about everyone else.

    This fills in a bit of the MB back story but is nothing really new.

    Posted by: anon | Jul 8, 2011 3:19:30 PM

  16. You know, I agree. She's pissed at her husband because he's gay and this is her campaign to teach him a lesson...in my opinion.

    Posted by: Rin | Jul 8, 2011 3:20:48 PM

  17. She knows that Pearl Harbor wasn't a seaside party where gays collectively clutched their pearls at especially fabulous moments? right?

    Posted by: Phil Putnam | Jul 8, 2011 3:42:38 PM

  18. Her plea that she "may be an idiot but, she says what's in her heart" only goes to show what a black, unChristian heart she has!

    Posted by: Bill Cooney | Jul 8, 2011 3:45:57 PM

  19. Meanwhile, Marcus is clutching his pearl necklace and watching Real Housewife repeats . . . when not warping the minds of young people.

    "As a Canuck, I urge all you good Americans to take her seriously"

    The good news, Michael in Toronto, is that while she is a serious insult to any sane person's intelligence, she will not get far in her presidential quest. Not that the people of MN shouldn't be ashamed of themselves for electing this rightwing loon in the first place.

    Posted by: Ernie | Jul 8, 2011 4:21:23 PM

  20. @Ernie Only one district of Minnesota elected Bachmann. It's the most conservative district in the state. A district in Minnesota also elected Keith Ellison, co-chair of the Progressive Caucus.

    Posted by: Mike in the Tundra | Jul 8, 2011 4:34:41 PM

  21. Every era has it's Anita Bryant so hopefully soon someone will shove a pie in her face so she can STFU.
    What a hateful woman.
    Husband is obviously gay and she isn't gettin any but that still doesn't explain why she's so determined to demonize all GLBT folks? Makes ya wonder? Is she a closet lesbian pretending to be a conservative politician? I wouldn't be surprised. Where there is smoke.....

    Posted by: SFshawn | Jul 8, 2011 5:16:50 PM

  22. Is she afraid her closet case husband will decide to leave her for another man?

    Posted by: jaragon | Jul 8, 2011 5:22:16 PM

  23. Stupid fucktard

    Posted by: Pdxblueyes | Jul 8, 2011 6:06:03 PM

  24. It is such a sad, sad state of affairs that a person running for the highest office in the country, is so ignorant and has no knowledge of basic American history and/or science. What a dark time for the USA.

    Posted by: Tre | Jul 8, 2011 6:07:58 PM

  25. She really is a major c*nt. I feel as Michael in Toronto does - she MUST be stopped. There is so much anti-Obama feeling out there that she could slip in, if we're not careful. She's the kind of politician who needs a target to demonize and inspire fear in others. Wait till she finds out who's lifting her husband's luggage.

    Posted by: Abel | Jul 8, 2011 6:20:51 PM

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