1. jmopnyc says

    Disgraceful. This does nothing but fuel their fires. Wish they would put their energies to better use than vandalism. These people, along with Bachmann, need to grow up.

  2. jaragon says

    Hmmm yeah I think this sort of thing could backfire- next we will see poor Marcus chased out of the gay porn section…( he looks like a guy who would watch a lot of Titan videos)

  3. ohplease says

    @JMOPNYC, you are so right. Why aren’t they on the Internet posting nasty comments about people who are actually doing something for others? And, worse, who are having fun doing it? These people need to become bitter anonymous posters who hate seeing people make things happen and have fun doing it.


  4. Lisa G says

    BINGO! What a home run idea. The Bachman clinic says gays are barbarians, so to show how wrong they are, lets be barbaric and childish and throw glitter everywhere. Yup, I am totally convinced. I know, this is supposed to be celebrated as if it was the second coming of Rosa Parks…instead of the idiotic stunt it really is. Good job guys.

  5. Jim says

    Although I don’t condone minor vandalism, Michelle Bachman would at least have to acknowledge “the gays” in order to protest being glittered.

  6. Brett says

    It benefits people who don’t want the barbaric Bachmanns leading the country to see their hypocrisy brought to light.

    It benefits homosexuals to see others actually sticking up for themselves.

    It benefits the public who need to see the barbarians comment for what it is through humor and satire.

    And it benefits me to be able to point out that no self-respecting homosexual or homosexual friendly person should have any problem with this. It’s a protest on behalf of people who are not wrong or evil or barbaric. Get it? No?

    Oh and it benefits glitter manufacturers across the nation.

  7. NY Queer says

    MMMM, and all those nice windows waiting to be…. well, you fill in the blanks!

    Must compliment that woman employee of the torture chamber on her sunglasses, though.

    Eat the rich!

  8. jmopnyc says

    Hmm…not bitter, I just call a spade a spade and this a ridiculous waste of time and money. As for “making things happen” I have personally marched, spoken to people and business door to door, raised money, manned phones etc. etc. throughout New York for the Marriage equality push until I was blue in the face thank you very much. Never however did I glitter bomb an office because frankly we don’t need that kind of negative press. Could you imagine the field day a Ruben Diaz type would have had with that? As Benefit the community, really? Not sure how showing immature ways of protest benefits us and it certainly doesn’t seem like the type of thing that will win us any supporters. I’ll digress though for to each their own I suppose. Just not clear how this is helping the bigger issue.

  9. NY Queer says


    Honey, you can have all the supporters you want and god bless you for your list of self-justifying achievements. I live for the day that I can be as good a homo as you and go marching into the camps in a way that shows that I am a respectable perv.

    Be afraid…. be VERY afraid.

  10. Mick says

    Literally loled at this! First it’s hilarious and second it makes an excellent point. If any of the conservatives try to protest being glitter-bombed their just are bringing more attention to the normal harmless gay people that live across the street. They’re throwing glitter for goodness sake, not anthrax powder and arsenic! Hmmmm…. If glitter doesn’t work we always have a Plan B.

  11. LiamB says

    Childish. Sorry, the little kids can cry “Creative! Unique! Inspired!” till they are blue in the face, but it’s not. This is just self indulgence at it worst. Sure it’s probably cathartic, but they’re doing it at the cost of credibility.

    It won’t win anyone over. It won’t make our plight sympathetic. I won’t make the other side look bad. So how again is this supposed to be helpful?

    You want to pull off satire? Make a video playing off the whole stupidity of the barbarian comment and post it to Funny or Die or Youtube. You don’t go out and actually do it in real life. Anyone that actually thinks this is good activism, or going to help the cause, needs a swift kick to the head.

  12. Zlick says

    Sorry, MOPNYC, but it takes all kinds to make a world. Bad press from a glitter attack?? Pulease, that’s the brilliance of it. No one who is movable on gay rights issues sees glitter as violence or property damage. And, of all people, gays should be best at protest with a little humor and flair. In fact, it’s ONLY protests with humor flair that are the non-violent protests which get any press coverage.

    So enjoy your marches and phone banks. Those get zero press. I’m sure they have their benefits, but so does press overage and so does fun. Sheesh.

  13. Alex says

    Are you all crazy??? This is HILARIOUS.

    MY GOD, THE GLITTER VANDALISM! The gays are ruining society! Please!

    This is hilarious, and we’re not going to convert these people into tolerant, just, verdant people. We might as well protest and be right up in their face in unique ways. I don’t mind their inflammatory methods at all. THESE PEOPLE CALLED US BARBARIANS AND RUN A VOO-DOO MAGIC CLINIC THAT PRAYS THE GAY AWAY and you think OUR guys are immature? Much to the contrary, I think this was a funny EFF you that was subversive and tongue in cheek. It exposes just how immature and ridiculous the opposing view point is.

  14. Judy Is A Punk says

    RIGHT on! This was the perfect antidote for Marcus Bachmanns anal retention. LOVED IT! I love how these young kids are creative AND political!

  15. Judy Is A Punk says

    @jmopnyc — waste of money? Those kids can spend their money how they choose. What is REALLY a waste of money is using TAX dollars to pay for the ridiculous clinic run by the xtian nazi Marcus Bachmann

  16. kodiak says

    I wanna be a Barbarellian Barbarian, float in a bubble and dust the world with pink glitter, and have angels for boyfriends. Marcus be Damned!!

  17. says

    The glitter was the stupid part. They should have just paraded through in barbarian costume, and set up shop outside while begging for disclipline.
    But of course, there’s always been a dingbat crowd sabotaging our movement by making us look bad. It’s neverending, along with the self righteous pose standing in for strategy.

  18. castaway says

    A truckload of glitter would have only made this better. Harmless, effective protest drawing attention to the hipocrites. More power to them.

  19. will says

    I can’t tell you how much this glitter nonsense offends me. Fighting for gay rights is a serious (even noble!) business. These little callous punks with their faggy glitter in costumes singing Gaga make me angry because they’re undoing years of hard work. People have every right to call us flamboyant and effete and passive-aggressive and destroyers of society when they look at these pretentious posturing vandals.

  20. Annony Nonny says

    My cousin actually informed me about him and his friends are laughing and shaking their heads on how stupid and immature the gays~ are. I had to tell him that this does not represent the GLBT community.


  21. Mike says

    That came off a little tacky to me. It doesn’t offend me I just hope people don’t generalize us all to be like that, because I honestly would’n’t have gone in the building. I may have sang the song outside or something. But that is a small group of people, not every gay person in the country, for the haters that are certainly going to take note.

  22. Craig says

    If America has become so oversensitive and warped that throwing harmless glitter around to make a protest is construed as negative press, then I don’t know if I want to live here anymore. Grow a sense of humor people!! It’s satirical, harmless and it makes a very important point. After all, I believe the equivalent method of protest was tar and feathering the political figure in question :)

  23. SG says

    I agree this is childish and utterly pointless, and it does NOTHING to stop ex gay clinics, the Bachmanns, ex gay programs/therapy, or the larger GLBT community at all.

  24. entrepoid says

    It’s great that the kids are doing something. I don’t know what people are complaining about, it was a harmless intervention, unlike what Marcus does.

  25. paul says

    I freakin loved this!!
    this is exactly the kind of movement that needs to take place…or I guess we should just sit on our asses and expect our rights to just come to us!!
    very creative!! good for them!!!

  26. paul says

    oh and another thing…WILL, shut up!! how dare you call these kids “faggy”. I guess we have a little self-laothing going on.
    actually, they seemed pretty masculin to me, it takes “balls” to pull off a stunt like this one.

  27. truthteller says

    I was laughing my *ss off.

    These guys and gals satirized the absurdity of Bachmann’s “professional” diagnosis that gays are barbarians. They brought those words to life and in doing so kept the story alive for another cycle.

    Those who don’t get it, let me put it this way. We are not a corporation with one CEO who decides how the company will run. We are diverse people with valid contributions to make. These guys and gals rock!

  28. Paul R says

    Critics of this have failed to make a basic point: few moderates or liberals with IQs in the triple digits believe that sexual orientation can be changed. (And, aside from religious fanatics, nor do most conservatives.) Marcus Bachman is a cynical, likely self-hating person who has made a “career” taking money from the government and desperately misguided families to pursue a “practice” with no scientific basis—one that has and will continue to cause significant damage to his wife’s political ambitions as well as those forced to attend his clinic.

    These kids were simply acting silly. They didn’t actually achieve anything. This won’t receive much media coverage because it was a small group who spent a couple minutes inside the clinic and left when asked because they knew they’d be arrested for trespassing if they stayed. So it wasn’t a sit-in, it wasn’t educational, and it wasn’t risky. It was simply something they knew would get posted on a few blogs and on their Facebook pages. It’s really not even a protest—they dealt with one employee, asked to be disciplined twice, then left—and it’s certainly not that creative. Glitter and Gaga? Come on.

    By the same token, at this point most moderate and liberal people with brains can distinguish between gays who simply want attention and those putting themselves at risk of violence or arrest to make a serious point. (Or doing less visible but more effective work—working phone banks, going door to door, etc.) Of course Marcus Bachman’s line about barbarians and discipline should be widely publicized, to discredit him and his beard, I mean wife. I just don’t think this is the way to do it. Putting up 1,000 flyers would be more effective. If this gets any mainstream media coverage, it will be as a “human interest” story at the end of the 6 o’clock news where the anchors struggle to contain their laughter. And they’re not laughing at Marcus Bachman, because here the joke is us.

  29. Matt26 says

    That wasn’t so bad. They had a point to make and yes, it got a bit lost but so what? I don’t like vandalism, but let’s face it, this wasn’t violent etc. They acted, we didn’t.

  30. Jim says

    I like it. Good old fashioned Yippie pranksterism. Activism shouldn’t be confined to organized conservative strategy. If this offends you, you’re part of the problem.

  31. Mark says

    When will gay rights activists / barbarians” stage a sit in to try and close the clinics, and keep people from “trying to kill themselves” like the anti-abortion protests by “Pro Life” groups like Randall Terry’s “Operation Rescue”? Karma much?

    Love the glitter aspect!! Keep it up.

  32. says

    Those people on here who bemoan the action clearly don’t understand why glitter is precisely the right answer to those people.

    Not because it is inventive or such but because it doesn’t take them and their views seriousl; it doesn’t dignify them with an argued and rational response because they don’t deserve either, their claims being as ridiculous as they are.

    It tells them that we are not afraid of them and that we can afford to treat them lightly because we are winning and they are loosing.

    It also removes from them the possibility of scoring point by complaining about it. “oh, Miss, Miss, the nasty gays are throwing glitter at us.” They would become even more of a laughing stock than they already are.

    It’s is, I repeat, the perfect and only response.

  33. Presly Hollingsworth says

    Hurrah for these activists, and to hell with you whiners about it. They are making an important statement, and giving heart to those of us who cannot be there with them. The Bachmans are crooks; Marcus is an obvious faggot, and they are bilking tax money for a scam. This clinics “treatment” is against all medical opinion, and should be illegal.

  34. noni castillo says

    @jmponyc … Marcus Bachmann is NOT doing anything for anyone!! what a moron… he is doing it because either he is hiding his gay away or just plain bigotry in the guise of a stupid clinic masquerading as doing something good for people who are BORN THAT WAY!!
    If he wants to do something “good” he should go to AFrica and help those hungry children who are produced by straight people who cannot take care and feed their offspring!

  35. says

    I FULLY support and applaud this action. Bigots and especially dangerous bigots must be responded too! I just found out that the American Legion of which I am a member, fought against the repeal of DADT. I’m resigning from that group today and more of THIS type of action needs to take place also!

  36. Acronym Jim says

    @Will:”These little callous punks with their faggy glitter in costumes singing Gaga make me angry”

    Marcus? Is that you? You should know better than to engage in sockpuppetry. It makes Jesus angry.

    I agree with those who feel this is the perfect response to a “therapist” who, in a voice that brings to mind Liberace (apologies to his memory), equates gay men with barbarians who need to be disciplined. About the only (ineffectual) response would be to complain about “immature behavior” and glitter “vandalism.”

    Thanks to the other Jim who pointed out that pranksterism has a long history in protest movements. If the bigots and ignoramuses can’t be shamed, embarrase them.

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