Brad Pitt Celebrates NY’s Marriage Equality

Brad_Pitt Actor Brad Pitt today sent a statement to People magazine lauding New York's recently passed gay marriage law.

It is encouraging that New York has joined the movement to grant equal marriage rights to its citizens. But it is each American's Constitutional right to marry the person they love, no matter what state they inhabit.

No state should decide who can marry and who cannot. Thanks to the tireless work of so many, someday soon this discrimination will end and every American will be able to enjoy their equal right to marriage.

Pitt, who has said he won't marry Angelina Jolie until everyone can marry the person they love, also donated $100,000 of his own money to fight California's anti-gay Proposition 8.


  1. MikeBoston says

    Except for the minor misstatement that the Constitution grants the right of marriage to all, it is a very welcome statement. If only – we wouldn’t have to wage fights state-by-state.

    Mr. Pitt and Ms Jolie have been vocal supporters of our community for many years. And I, for one, appreciate the help.

  2. Clif3012 says

    I don’t want to sound ungrateful and I truly appreciate the gesture, but does anyone else find it weird that celebrities can evidently send statements on legislation to People magazine?

    Coming up next: Miley Cyrus’ statement on NAFTA.

  3. Hollywood, CA says

    THANKS BRAD! It’s nice to have straight allies who are able to shine a spotlight on issues that don’t directly impact them. Everyone whould be able to marry who they LOVE, just like every idiot on these comment threads, no matter how stupid, should be allowed to voice their opinions…

  4. Mmmf says

    @Clif3012 Well first of all it’s PEOPLE magazine. It’s practically a celebrity rag. So no, I don’t find it odd at all that they would publish a celebrity’s opinion on a current event. Second, If miley were to take the time to comment on NAFTA I’m sure it would be well informed or at least interesting in oreder to be published. They are two different animals though. Brad has always been an outspoken ally.

  5. Josh says

    Brad is a stand-up guy and ally. I saw him in “Tree of Life” this weekend. It’s a worthwhile head-trip movie and he proves himself as an excellent character actor.

  6. Rin says


    how is it that gay rights don’t affect me? Because I’m straight doesn’t mean that my kids will be straight when they grow up. I’m supporting and fighting for gay rights because they are human rights. Human rights DO affect me. They affect everyone.

    I look at my two beauty queens of daughters…who knows now if they are straight or gay? I’m going to make sure this world is a better place for them on that day that they DO know. And not just them, but you…and even (gulp) Rick. I want everyone to have equal rights.

    And, just FYI, why I am so passionate about people leaving femme gays alone and to stop picking on them on this site…

    My 7 year old is not the healthiest girl. She spent years in and out of hospitals until they found out she has Von Willebrand’s. I kept thinking: Leukemia…oh no! I’m going to lose her.

    She started watching RuPaul’s Drag Race (she still thinks Ru is a ‘she’ but whatever)….and started to look forward to it every week, then she told me one day: Mom, if you can’t love yourself, how the heck are you gonna love somebody else. Take better care of yourself.

    This drag queen…you know the ones that you guys think are “stereotypical” not only have her something to look forward too each week instead of the doctors, but she learned how to love and be confident in herself.

    I love you Ru! And I would fight for all of you to have the very best lives you can possible have.

    I love you all.


    a mother

  7. says

    Mr. Pitt embodies the virtue of compassion. And he is a man of action in sharing this virtue, as witnessed in his view of marriage equality, his adoption of orphans, and his aid to the people and city of New Orleans. He probably does many other deeds of compassion that go unnoticed. I tip my hat to this true gentleman.

  8. Russell says

    Success in the US entertainment arts has given a platform to quite a few people who have evolved into wonderful role models for tolerance and human potential.

    Bette Midler you angelic wedding singer!

    Brad Pitt is lovable in every way and it’s a good thing for Angelina that my husband is cuter than Brad. Obviously kidding, thank you Brad.

  9. David in Long Beach says

    I hope Brad runs for public office someday. He’s got all the best attributes: compassion, concern, motivation. He’d make a great addition on the national political scene.

    Oh… and, damn, he’s still hot as hell!

  10. Rowan says

    How did one commenters guess that he does want to run for public office? Well spotted.

    What has Angelina done for gay rights? I think you are confusing her little lesbian flings with her actions. Brad Pitt is the one that donated. Brad Pitt is the one who wrote this. Brad Pitt is the one who said he wouldn’t get married before gays can. I think he meant ‘again’ because I’m sure he was married to Aniston!

  11. Brian in the Slope says

    While it’s nice that he supports marriage rights for our community, I don’t understand how his refusal to marry Angelina furthers marriage equality.

    One of the benefits of marriage, as we learned from the Prop 8 trial, is that it provides stability for children. Apparently Brad and Angie aren’t concerned about stability for their six kids.

  12. Rovex says

    @Brian in the Slope

    Nothing in ‘Marriage’ gives stability to children, except the financial benefits it gives. There is no reason a loving couple who have their own kids or legally adopted kids cannot be stable without marriage, remember ‘Marriage’ is an artificial construct that has no meaning if you care nothing what a church or local government thinks. Since Brad and Angelina are not exactly poor, the financial benefits are not an issue for them.

  13. Oliver says

    @Brian in the Slope

    “Marriage stability to children”

    Dude where are you living, in some Utopia?
    I know a lot of children who would be far better off without the parents they were born to. Neither the parents or the children are by any means stable.

  14. Kim says

    Rowan I think Angie being honest open her attraction to women and her relationship with a woman is a positive for gay rights. At least she is not ashamed like Jodie or Queen Latifah who have remained silent about their sexuality.This is one of Brad’s causes hers is refugees and children’s issues.

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