1. just_a_guy says

    silliness. but i wouldn’t be shocked if she sold some serious $$$$$$.$$.

    yeah, women go thru a lot carrying a kid, huh

    but the whole female “costume” is offputting. personally, i’d rather even mariah just kept it real.

    oh for a world where heals are over, u know.

    not a currently popular thing to say…but I think I’m right about something:

    heals lack dignity. even (espcially,ha?) on a woman?? unless ur GOING for that bound-and-restrained look i guess, ha

  2. say what says

    oh and this is the supposed birth of high heels (cut and pasted)

    Catherine de’Medici, the Duchess of Orleans, for woman’s plights in having to wear high-heels. In 1533, she commissioned a cobbler to make her a pair of heels, both for looks and to increase her height. High heels quickly caught on with the fashion conscious men and women of the French court, and spread to nobility in other countries. The term “well-heeled” became synonymous with great wealth.

  3. Rowan says

    Another crazy celeb has a child for attention. If she lived down the road from us wouldn’t we JUDGE her? But hey. She can sing pretty songs I like to dance to. So all GOOD!

  4. Carl says

    “I was literally pregnant for 47 weeks.” Ok – so she was pregnant for 11 months? WTF? What’s with the “sacrifice” talk? Did someone FORCE her to have twins?

  5. mike128 says

    omg – give the woman a break. she was on several hours of LIVE television. you have to do a lot of unscripted banter on these home shopping networks. she wasn’t on there to defend a phd thesis.

  6. Willbesurfing says

    I think she was being herself, unscripted, for 2 hours. I got a big laugh out of it….and she probably sold a ton of stuff. Mariah….don’t change a thing.

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