1. Paul R says

    I’m pretty sure that Cher doesn’t compare to any “amount of cable punditry.” I certainly appreciate her support, but come on. She’s not a media organization, much less a cabal of them. Sorry to break the news, but outside the gay world she’s considered a joke by many, despite her talents and achievements.

  2. Andrew Belonsky says

    Hi Paul,
    Yes, of course Cher’s Twitter doesn’t really surpass the power of cable news channels. There was a little tongue-in-cheek there.

    Regardless, her Tweets are still incredibly pointed. Cable news couldn’t say what she did, I am sure.
    Thank you for reading — and commenting,
    Andrew B.

  3. Paul R says

    No insults intended to Cher. Glad she came around on her kids–not just Chaz but the boy (former) junkie fathered by Greg Allman. (I the pains of heroin addiction up close.) Glad she called BS where it was richly needed.

    I respect her and never insulted her. Just wish this was network chatter.

  4. Josh says

    MSNBC and Current TV has discussed Marcus Bachmann calling gays “barbarians” and about his Christian counseling that may include ex-gay therapy…

    But has CNN covered it?

    CNN rarely covered Uganda’s kill the gays bill and often gives Republicans and evangelical leaders a pass for being anti-gay.

    I’ll be surprised if CNN covers the Bachmann’s anti-gay views.

  5. Bryan says

    Twitter is the great leveler. It’s format makes it impossible to state facts, develop an argument, or come to any supportable conclusion.

    It makes everyone equally shallow, inarticulate, and stupid.

    I don’t suppose I could persuade everyone to read Kurt Vonnegut’s great short story “Harrison Bergeron,” but you could watch the trailer for the brilliant film they made of it, assuming you haven’t already seen it. Come on, watch it… I promise it won’t bore you.

    P.S. Twitter’s tech should be revised to accept only haiku. Now _there’s_ something worth setting storefronts on fire over.

  6. Andalusian Dog says

    Cher may not in and of herself be as powerful as media coverage on Bachmann’s gay husband, but if you follow Cher on Twitter we can re-tweet the f*ck outta this sh*t and THAT will be just as powerful, if not more. @Bryan, say what you will, but Twitter can be an awesome tool.

    (PS I agree Twitter can be dangerous if not balanced with some actual long-form reading and writing, but every medium has its limitations and problems.)

  7. Marie Cohn says

    Cher knows Marcus Bachmann is gayer than the audience members at “Judy at Carnegie Hall”–all of them COMBINED!

    Cher knows Marcus Bachmann is gayer than George Cukor’s “special” Saturday afternoon pool parties.

    Cher knows Marcus Bachmann is gayer than Marlene in a gorilla suit crooning “Hot Voodoo.”

  8. PLAINTOM says

    Question I want To here: Rep. Bachamnn if you are opposed to gay man getting married, why did you marry one? Can Bachmann be both a Presidential hopeful and a punchline at the same time?

  9. Urmensch says

    Oh PLAINTOM,because gays can get married; as long as they do so with someone of the opposite sex. Michele and hubby are just walking the walk.

  10. Joe H says

    Bravo to Cher, but as this blog should know, the story here is not about Cher.

    The spouse of an anti-gay and likely GOP front runner has been exposed as a virulently anti-gay Christian crusader. We’ve seen this movie before: George Rekers, Eddie Long, Ted Haggard, Larry Craig. I am confident that somewhere in Mr. Bachman’s past, a rentboy has carried his luggage. He triggers my gaydar to DEFCON Chartreuse. And the bigger the hate, the wider the gate.

    Yes, it’s funny. But it also makes the candidate and her husband worse than simply horrible and closer to something evil. These self-loathing closet cases do the very worst harm to the community, and we now have a hugely anti-gay power couple with a highly organized campaign inching closer to the White House. We should not just laugh it off in the glow of success in NY and assume they can’t win; I tried that twice with W, and was wrong both times.

    Let’s take this story more seriously, and not make it about Cher tweets.

  11. FunMe says

    In the era of the dumbing of America with stupid reality shows and cable ‘news’ always pushing a CONservative agenda, it is refreshing to see a LEGEND that transcends many generations put that CLOSET QUEEN in his place Toooo funny! :-)

  12. just_a_guy says

    luv you, Cher.

    @Bryan, I was tempted to check out your trailer, but your comment seemed simply TOO off-topic spam, so I skipped it.

    Yeah, Bachman deserves this. And Cher is a personality worthy of legend, with conscience and all. Bravo. Twitter’s ok, but I haven’t personally found much time for it. I TOTALLY enjoyed hearing about these tweets though, thanks. :-)

  13. says

    The question that needs investigating is whether or not Bachmann’s equally crazy husband has been paid through government programs to “ex-gay” people under his so-called treatment. Is taxpayer paying to send to people to ex-gay therapy?

  14. Rob says

    Daily Beast / Newsweek (my other blog addiction, sorry Andy) has covered this guy’s extremism extensively.

    Thanks Joe H- well said. In my experience truly straight people (Kinsey zeroes) don’t bother criticizing gays, because same gender desire doesn’t resonate with them. People who make it a point to criticize gays, always have gay issues. By definition. And once we finally equate homophobic remarks with gayness itself, in media, won’t these people finally shut up? This guy could finally make that link in the public eye.

    Cher is really echoing that recent gay speech study. You really can tell by how we talk. In every language. Step into a gay bar in a country as a non-speaker of their language, then step into a different business. Our speech is distinctive, period.

    Calling Jon Stewart! (There should be a Batman-style light we shine in the sky when we need him.) Find us his rent boy! Bring us a slow, steady drip of incriminating facts. I want this to last awhile.

    Love you Cher!

  15. MrJ says

    @Bryan I’m sure you didn’t intend to sound so condescending, but as a graduate of NYU I was imbued with the ability to comprehend both classical lit AND twitter and appreciate them both for what they are. I minored in twitter.

  16. Jeff says

    Love you Cher!! you are the bestest thing a queer person could ask for as an advocate. But please, is there really a need to think this Marcus Bachmann idiot could be one of us?? I hate to think of yet another Republican Christian self-hating homophobic gay out there..barf

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