Chris Colfer, Cory Monteith, Lea Michele Leaving ‘Glee’


Three of Glee's regulars, Chris Colfer, Cory Monteith, and Lea Michele, (and likely a few more) will be graduating at the end of Season 3 and not returning.

Said creator Ryan Murphy to the Hollywood Reporter:

"You can keep them on the show for six years and people will criticize you for not being realistic, or you can be really true to life and say when they started the show they were very clearly sophomores and they should graduate at the end of their senior year…We’ve never done anything by the book. We made that decision and I involved Chris and Lea and they thought that was a good idea. They both trust the writing and trust me and felt that it would be great to have an open and closed experience for them to go out while they were on top.”


  1. BGKev says

    I really thought in the first couple of episodes that Kurt was supposed a freshman – it was never stated that clearly and I think they could have pulled off having him a year younger, but they had to put everyone at the junior prom for some reason.

  2. breckroy says

    @BGKEV, he had his own car and was driving it alone in the third or so episode of the show, so I assumed he was a sophomore, as very few freshman are 16. I think a lot of people just saw how young he looked in relation to the rest of the cast–he was 17 and they were all in their 20s–and assumed he was a freshman, but the show established him as at least 16 from the start.

  3. says

    “…or you can be really true to life and say when they started the show they were very clearly sophomores and they should graduate at the end of their senior year…We’ve never done anything by the book.”

    Wait, now “Glee” is being “true to life?” Well, Murphy’s right about one thing: they’ve never done anything by the book. Perhaps that’s why the show has been roundly criticized as uneven, cloying, superficial and ridiculous. I agree with commenter Roscoe. Graduate the whole show.

  4. Billy says

    This is a great idea. Has it ever been done? It will make for good TV towards the end. And we get to look forward to new blood the season after that.

  5. simon says

    It is kind of funny that a movie or a TV show is not supposed to happen in real time.
    You may have the events in a few years compressed into a two hour drama. In this case, you may have what happens in a senior year stretched out into a few years or even more.

  6. OberonOZ says

    It was done in the UK on the programme Skins where the cast graduated after two seasons. They have done it twice now and are on their third cast. I think with things like The Glee Project to keep up interest there is no reason Glee cant keep on going with familiar characters on the staff etc remaining as continuity. I definitely dont see it as a “jumping the shark” moment. I will be interested to see how the third season shapes up as they say it will be more character and plot driven than the second season. I think for all the criticism that Glee has received for some genuine flaws it has also drawn great praise for being in many ways ground-breaking and intelligent and fun and interesting.


  7. Nat says

    “This is a great idea. Has it ever been done? It will make for good TV towards the end. And we get to look forward to new blood the season after that.”

    Degrassi has done it twice, both in the original run and in the subsequent one. I believe the original Skins did it as well; I am sure there are others that have depicted the natural progression of time.

    I think there’s a general comment about audience expectations in this – what is of greater importance for Glee? Is it the characters? Or is it the underlying premise?

  8. Henry Holland says

    “If only they could graduate the entire show, somehow, and get it off the air entirely”

    Yes, because Ryan Murphy and the cast come to where you live, strap you to a chair and ala Alex in “A Clockwork Orange” FORCE you to watch the show.


    I love the idea Murphy is floating. He’s said the show is from the perspective of the teachers, at how they watch kids come and go in their lives.

  9. says

    More importantly how about they improve the content of the show. I know it is supposed to be over the top but overall the quality usually very poor.

  10. justme says

    I watch the show for Colfer, Criss, Morris and Lynch, and I certainly enjoy Monteith and Michele. Will I watch this show for just Morris and Lynch? Will the new stars really be as compelling as the old?

    But this decision, as explained, makes no sense. As I understand it, those three can’t be the only seniors next year. What about Diana Agron, if nobody else?

  11. Henry Holland says

    “Is it the characters? Or is it the underlying premise?”

    For me, it’s the premise. The classic example is Brittany: Heather Morris was brought in as cherographer, they liked her and wrote a character for her. She was very minor in season 1, but flourished in season 2. Really talented people like her and Leah and Chris are pretty common, so they shouldn’t have trouble replacing them, but finding that chemistry again might be hard.

  12. Drew says

    The show is like Modern Family — lots of heart in the right place. However, Glee can swap out people and still work. Love the current cast and look forward to newbies.

  13. Coony says

    Obviously, they wouldn’t send arguably their biggest stars packing without other plans.. Spin-off anyone?

  14. Hue-Man says

    Degrassi has been graduating kids for a quarter century – one of the former school kids is currently the principal of the school!

    I’m optimistic – look at the cast Glee put together with no budget and imagine what they could do with the budget they have now. There’s a lot of acting/dancing/singing talent out there.

  15. hank in l.a. says

    I enjoy the cast but am not a die-hard fan of Glee. Still, the cast changes aren’t surprising.

    Monteith is working toward a TV to film transition and has one film out & one in post-prod.

    Lea Michele will be free to stalk the producers of the Funny Girl revival until she is cast in the lead & gets back to Broadway as Fanny Brice.

    And, despite @DCGUY’s countdown, career-wise, Emmy and Golden Globe winner Colfer is set up better than most others in the cast. He has a 2 book deal to write young adult novels, has written a screenplay and sold a pilot to the Disney channel. It’s going to be a long 15 minutes. =)

  16. Stephen says

    I was anticipating this since the first season finale when they ended the year. I think the characters will return periodically as guest stars. Hopefully the new group is just as awesome.

  17. says

    I will be sad to see them go, but it’s probably the right decision. And yes, Diana Agron is fantastic and her character is one of the most interesting. And given Monteith’s twitter handle (frankenteen), and his “advanced” age, he’s probably a little relieved 😉

    These folks deserver our praise, they’ve done really well and advanced our cause at every opportunity without diva-ing out.

  18. Dback says

    I just started watching “The Glee Project”–now we know that even if Ryan Murphy and co. are currently sending kids home, he’s still got quite a stable to choose from if he wants to “fill in” for those graduating. And I bet Colfer and Michelle and whatnot will still drop in on guest visits from “the real world” commenting on what life is like after high school.

  19. NaughtyLola says

    @Billy, yes it was done on TV, when the the original — and far superior — version of “Glee” aired, back when it was called “Fame”.

  20. Tom says

    Chris is not going away anytime soon. He wrote a Disney Channel pilot that is going to be shooting soon. He recently signed a book deal. This guy is crazy talented and will be around for awhile. I’m not a fan of his character on the show, but I’m a huge fan of his talent.

  21. Ryan says

    This will be great in that in keeps the show in short and sweet, instead of going on for years and years too long. It’ll be bad in that I don’t think the show can survive it and will be cancelled in the fourth season.

  22. Donks says

    I wonder how they plan on replacing the characters. The main thing about glee is that they covered just about every type of kid out there. Any new character is just gonna seem like a replacement for the previous. And if a character goes and their type isn’t replaced then that won’t be good either. Everybody likes to be represented and Glee made everyone feel represented. Good luck on being original and true to form is all i can say.

  23. Buster says

    @Donis – “Glee made everyone feel represented”? On behalf of black men, Hispanic men, urban high school students, jazz singers, country singers and classical musicians (and many other types, I’m sure) I’d just like to say “WOW”!

    @Ryan – The show will go on for far longer than one more year. The revenues it pulls in from ITunes sales will keep it bouncing along for quite some time longer than the average show even if its viewership starts to fall.

  24. Kevin Thor says

    This tv show is terrible. Good riddance to these losers. God hrlp us if that horrible actress gets the role of Fanny Brice here in NYC

  25. chris keck says

    it’s a school themed tv show.. they need to graduate so it’s not a big deal…
    they’ll find others who can do the job until they run out of ideas..
    if they continue with the same of the over the top cheesiness they won’t have many seasons left anyway….

  26. Cory says

    I watched the show in the beginning, I like it, lost interest though, too busy (“The Good Wife” and “The Closer” are my ritual fav’s).

    I have mixed feelings about Fox Entertainment. I have openly gay friends working for the network, and it is a very open and progressive network. However it IS still a part of Rupert Murdoch’s “empire.” Owning all the news in Australia, Fox News, 60% of Sky News, a percentage of CNN, HULU, The WSJ, NY Post. LA TImes and after the scandal in which the CEO of News of the World in the UK hacked phones, and deleted the voicemail of a 13 year old kidnapped girl pleading for rescue, who was found murdered days later and NOW the FBI is investigating News Corp/Fox News into tapping the phones of 9/11 victims, I refuse to give any money/time to News Corp. “Glee!” or not.

  27. says

    I have two ideas: 1. they should do a glee club in collage that would be cool. 2. this is wat my friend came up with if they can’t do a collage one they should do at the very end they should show how every one turned out like a preview like they say sam and then they show where he is and wat he is doing something like that