1. Craig says

    I think most people are going to conclude, yeah, this was fine when it was an abstract point. When it came to crashing the economy into a world wide depression, not paying Grandma her social security, destroying every pension fund in the country, and laying off the military, this is NOT funny any more. These people are not principled, they’re just lunatics.

  2. will says

    The idea that this “exchange was probably more contentious than either imagined” is BS. Contentious is precisely what happens whenever you have a politician (lib or con) who starts from a relatively fixed ideological position. This idea of “contentious” is all over Fox News whenever you see a partisan dem being interviewed by a partisan host (like Hannity).

    I guess the real point of this post is to show us a gay anchor in action and give us all a little jolt of “gay pride” in seeing a gay journalist doing his job.

    I think this post gratifies our need to see gay role models while it strokes and feeds the liberal’s ego that they are right in thinking conservatives rigid, inflexible.

  3. kodiak says

    When is a compromise not a compromise? When it’s offered by the Tea Party.

    Why don’t we pull out of Afghanistan and throw the millions per day at the problem, instead of cutting social programs? How about a war on debt instead of cutting library days and hours, etc. Instead we sacrifice our young peoples lives, kill thousands of foreign people, and cut our social programs. Military spending rules. I guess politicians run the risk of seeming treasonous if they advocate cutting the military budget. Creepy.

  4. Artie Rimbaud says

    The Tea Party have made their goal clear from the beginning. They want to dismantle Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal programs, primarily Social Security and Medicare. That would take our country back to the era before the 1930s and make our nation a backwater among industrialized countries.

    Many heterosexual people listen to Tea Party types even though the destruction of the 1930s New Deal works against their economic interests. Among LGBT voters, a small but vocal minority of self-loathing gay people listen to Tea Party types even though the Tea Party is spouting anti-gay hate every chance they get. But then, isn’t that what self loathing is all about?

  5. NY2.0 says

    Rand Paul is no friend to middle class, working Americans, but then again no Republican is. It’s all about parroting the usual talking points of tax cuts for those who least deserve and need it and the rights of corporations.

  6. The Iron Orchard says

    This is a manufactured crisis that both sides are using in order to get what they want. The Republicans seem to be looking only to tank the economy further for what they hope will be better election results in 2012, while Obama has finally found the moment, by making this into a crisis, to cut social programs, and move the economy and country towards a centrist corporate position. People really need to put down their TV remotes when looking for news analysis, and stop watching the corporate controlled CNN, ABC, Fox, and MSNBC…you’re not going to find any truth there.

  7. Seriously?Y says

    Tea Party = Billionaire Ass Kissers

    Republicans = Corporate Welfare Enablers

    Supreme Court = Uncontrolled Morality

    Democrats = Spineless Corporate Shills

  8. peterparker says

    This liberal, gay, Democrat thinks Rand Paul sounds pretty sensible and plenty willing to compromise if he is truly willing to vote for Harry Reid’s plan in exchange for a deal to balance the budget in 7 years. Maybe I am missing something here, but that sounds reasonable to me.

    And I thought Don Lemon came across like a disrespectful jerk in that interview.

  9. Max says

    So Don Lemon isn’t a journalist, he’s an Obama shill. Big surprise.

    Journalists are supposed to report the news, not engage in fiery debate and advocate a political outcome. Silly me. (Yes, I know Fox does the same thing. I never said otherwise.)

  10. Arvind says

    I am an immigrant from India and it is refreshing to see the Tea Party and Senators like Rand Paul. Democrats are inferior brained fools who keep spending away money. They have no brains.

    The crooks among the Democrats and Republicans gang up and steal our money. Notice that only Whites gain by deficit and debts as they fund fraudulent programs that give grants to White people. Affirmative action too is nothing but affirmative action for White women even though they talk of saving blacks.

    This is why the hope for the country is with the Tea Party. They are the only ones who are honest.

  11. Nyrkr says

    Arvind if your post is meant to be ironic or sarcastic you need to work on your masery of the English language. If your post was serious,I pray for you and others like you as to how mis-guided you are.
    Should the Tea-Partiers prevail and crash the economy as is their goal, I hope their constituents are the ones hardest hurt.
    Rand Paul is a liar and a theif, wasn’t interesting that he wanted to have significant reductions in medicare except for opthamologists. Why is that you say, because Mr.Paul,or I should say Dr Paul is an opthamologist; the self-serving two-faced P.O.S.

  12. gr8guyca says

    I love Rand Paul. “I am willing to vote for the compromise bill.. (pause)…as long as it gives me what I wanted in the first place.”

    Or in other terms. “I am willing to give you 10 dollars…(pause) long as you are willing to give me 5 dollars.”

    Which means that he is not willing to give you 10 dollars. Is that compromise?

  13. Steve says

    I would like to see Don Lemon equally as rude to the President. Mr. Lemon needs to be spanked by his Mother. His rudeness can only be exceeded by his good looks.

  14. jonn begaygey says

    Pres Obama declared during his acceptance speech that conservatives and republicans need to go to the back of the bus because the democrats won the election – that means go away be quiet we’re in charge – when Rep Pelosi told us we need to pass the legislation before we can read it – that means go away we’re in charge – you anti Tea Party folks should realize that conservatives have ended their compromising ways – it’s always them that have to give up on their principles to compromise with democrats – not any longer so get used to it – the next election will bring even more TP’s into congress – and by the way – they don’t care much about personal life choices and try as their haters did, they are not racist nor homophobes.

  15. Dee in Des Moines says

    It was refreshing to see Mr Lemon put Mr Paul’s feet to the fire. Just answer the
    question Mr Paul. Political rhetoric
    gets in the way of good and honest dialogue
    when all the public wants are “just the facts mam”.

  16. Nyrkr says

    Okay so if the TeaPee’rs aren’t racist where were they from 2001 to November 1st 2008 when two white guys, Bush and Cheyney were piling up the deficit and cutting their friends taxes ?/ why weren’t they protesting then ? Why weren’t they running around with pictures of Bush and Cheyney in African tribal dress ?
    Can you explain that Johnbegaygey. Two summers ago Palin and the teapeers were shrieking from the rooftops and in every town hall across the country that obama and them dems wanted to kill grandma because and now, that the conservative/republican/teabagger legislation actually shows that they are the ones who really want to starve and kill grandma why aren’t they shrieking and carrying on lik before ?
    I will tell you why, they are nothing more than a bunch of damned racists and the fact that an American of African descent is in the white house trying to deal with the shitstorm left by those two white guys Bush and Cheyney is making the teapeers absolutely crazy, they will do anything, including running the country intop the ground to discredit Obama, they are a sick and treasonous bunch.

  17. NY2.0 says

    Oh this certainly grates Rand Paul to have to answer tough questions from a black gay guy. That pesky, unconstitutional, civil rights act again. He better stay on Faux News for the soft ball questions next time.

  18. says

    @ PETERPARKER: I don’t think that a balanced budget in 7 years is really reasonable. More like 10–20 given the mess that the repugs have left. With so much money gone to Iraq and a f-kd Afghanistan, the US schools, health, and infrastructure need a lot of remediation.

  19. Rob Ellis says

    I give Rand Paul credit. He understands the devastating consequences of this country’s debt issue. Passing a bill today to run the government for a few more quarters is not as important as really sitting down and demanding and working out a plan to get us to fiscal sanity. In regards to Don Lemon, he obviously is no fan of conservatives or tea party members based on his interruptions and passive aggressive nature toward Paul in this interview. If he allowed him to finish his thought he would have his questions answered instead of thinking about interrupting Paul and trying to make him look bad. In the end, Lemon looks like a terrible interviewer and Paul looks like a very patient man with serious substance to why and where he stands on the debt issue.

  20. americussoul says

    Too bad the interview was a negative effect. Don had a great opportunity to ask difficult questions to Sen. Paul and Don failed to prepare. Instead Don chose to ask questions like this:

    Do you feel like you are losing your clout?

    Do you feel how the American people are unhappy?

    Don….we are beyond those grade-school questions.

    If “feel”ings were as important as paying my bills, I would go out and buy a new car or facelift everytime I feel down.

    And I would not pay my bills. Because I don’t “feel” like paying my bills.

    Don, do you “feel” like your country is going bankrupt? Do you feel why?

    Do you “feel” that the fraud we call inflation and fake money (the US Dollar) was a good plan when the hijack of the US monetary system started in 1913?

    Do you “feel” that there is any way to FIX things?

    Or is it time for a new car, another facelift, and time to ignore the landlord? (The Chinese). Don’t ignore the landlord.

    If you want to get rid of the Landlord, pay your bills. Get out of debt.

    Simple facts for simple minds. Get out of debt.

    Great job, Sen. Paul. Someone has to try to train the simpletons. They will learn. Get more airtime, stick to your way.

  21. BRohm says

    Wow, Don isn’t an idealogue in anyway. All of you tea party haters out there, please tell me how the Tea Party freshman haven’t offered to compromise? The President & Democrats wanted $2 trillion in additional debt and continued spending levels to rise (they go up $9 trillion over the next 10 years, that’s a fact). The Tea Party wants no rise in the debt level, they want to cut spending levels and they want to force our government (which includes them) to balance the budget. So they have offered to raise the debt ceiling $2.7 trillion and allow spending levels to go up by $7 trillion over the next 10 years if we cut $9 trillion in new spending to $7 trillion and the congress passes a balanced budget amendment that the states have to vote on. Not that an amendment is added to the constitution but only that it’s voted on and sent to the states to either approve or deny. So tell me again why is it we feel they aren’t attempting to compromise?

  22. JFE says

    Balancing the budget in seven years is going to be pretty hard without some Allah-damn tax increases, which Paul would never, never, never vote for. Ask him about that Don.

  23. Steve Smith says

    To bad Lemon isn’t a real journalist.

    REAL journalist would ask the hard questions WITHOUT rudely promoting his OWN agenda.

    But then, most people are not smart enough to know the difference, so they get away with it.

  24. Steve Smith says

    What amazes me are the liberals who slam the war in Iraq and vilify anyone associated with it without remembering DEMOCRATS did a WORSE THING in Vietnam!!!

    No one came from Vietnam and murder 3,000+ people on US soil!

    Did we handle Iraq correctly? NO

    If there is enough intelligence information to put BOOTS on the ground….then there is enough information to put BOMBS on the ground. And THEN we don’t spend a TRILLON dollars rebuilding them.

  25. Steve Smith says

    The bottom line is that this nation was built on PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and COMMON SENSE.

    You can not have 47% of a population paying NO income tax and survive. On top of that, the lowest who pay NO income tax are the very ones that collect $1,000’s EVERY YEAR based on the number of children they have.
    59 BILLION (with a B) in Earned Income Credit that is not even listed in the Budget!

    44 MILLION people currently on food stamps….in a nation that has an obesity epidemic!

    42 BILLION DOLLARS spent on Section 8 Housing annually.

    How much of that 1.43 TRILLION annually that we spend on Medicare, Medicaid, SS, SSI, Disability …. IS FRAUD?

    Add another 84 BILLION in Health and Human Services….

    The scarest thing is that FEMA will be the next line item to become an ENTITLEMENT!

    We can’t pay for everyones house that is destroyed by tornados, wild fire, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, ice storms.

    There are the things that RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE have insurance for. And it is NOT the government’s responsibility!

  26. Steve Smith says

    Btw….CONGRESS passes laws and spending…NOT any President or VP.

    The largest increases under Bush was the last two years of his Presidency under a DEMOCRATICALLY CONTROLLED CONGRESS.

    Just so the FACTS are out there for those who care about FACTS:

    President Bush expanded the federal budget by a historic $700 billion through 2008. President Obama would add another $1 trillion.

    President Bush began a string of expensive finan­cial bailouts. President Obama is accelerating that course.

    President Bush created a Medicare drug entitle­ment that will cost an estimated $800 billion in its first decade. President Obama has proposed a $634 billion down payment on a new govern­ment health care fund.

    President Bush increased federal education spending 58 percent faster than inflation. Presi­dent Obama would double it.

    President Bush became the first President to spend 3 percent of GDP on federal antipoverty programs. President Obama has already in­creased this spending by 20 percent.

    President Bush tilted the income tax burden more toward upper-income taxpayers. President Obama would continue that trend.

    As bad as this is, it will pale in comparison to when Muslim law takes over this nation. If you think Republicans hate us, you should hear Muslims thoughts on the issue.

  27. ava green says

    Enough of the gay comments. Who gives a flip about someone’s sex life when it’s about reporting news! “Hetro John talks to Gay Wilamina about the deaths from the floods in New York.”

    Are gays supposed to superior or something?

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