Conservatives Crusading To Repeal California’s LGBT History Law

GLF California Governor Jerry Brown made history Thursday by signing legislation that includes LGBT contributions in the states' social studies curricula.

One day later, the social conservative group Capital Resource Institute, a long-time opponent of inclusive history, launched a petition to overturn the law.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

The proponent of the proposed referendum, Paulo Sibaja, filed a request for a title and summary with the attorney general's office…

The Capitol Resource Institute is a hard-line, socially conservative organization that has long opposed efforts in California to expand rights for the LGBT population. Backers eventually would have to collect 433,971 signatures to allow voters to decide whether to keep the law in place or reject it.

Sibaja said his group will hold a press conference on Wednesday to further explain their crusade.

But Mark Leno, the openly gay state senator who introduced the law, predicts CRI's intiative will fail: "I think it will be a challenge for them to get the signatures."

Let's hope so.