DeSean Jackson Apologizes For Gay Slur

DeSeanJackson Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson issued an apology Saturday for using gay slurs during a radio interview late last month.

"In a recent radio interview a caller got really confrontational with me. I got very heated with the caller, took it a bit too far and did not mean to offend anybody. I meant no disrespect and a better choice of words was needed," said Jackson, who had referred to the aforementioned caller as "gay ass" and "faggot."

The footballer also took to Twitter to express his regret, "I am sorry for using words that I know to be hurtful and unacceptable in a recent radio interview. Intolerance is unacceptable and I apologize to anyone I have offended."

"I have made a mistake and would like to make it clear that words I used meant no disrespect to the Gay and Lesbian community," he said.

Jackson is the second sports star to issue an apology this weekend for insensitive language: White Sox second baseman Gordon Beckham also offered his contrition for using "gay" as a pejorative.