1. mike says

    the whole idea of the criminal justice system is to (attempt) to provide fair trials.

    perhaps Casey got away with murder.

    or perhaps she didn’t commit murder.

    in either event, it’s important to remember that the deck is always stacked against a criminal defendant … the DA has the full resources of their own office, the police department, the coroner’s office, and taxpayers’ dollars.

    yet, with all these resources – plus, from what we’ve been told, a jury that WANTED to convict this woman – the DA was unable to provide the hard evidence required to convict.

    given all that, perhaps we should consider that this woman is simply an awful woman who was an awful parent who did many wrong things, but did not commit murder.

  2. MrJ says

    While that was in pretty poor taste, I dont know how anyone could have watched a minute of this trial and decided that she was an awful person and an awful mom but maybe she didnt commit murder. She’s a murderer.

  3. kc says

    Um, Dexter does not kill people based on circumstantial evidence, which is all anyone had on Casey Anthony. I don’t know what show the videomaker and others have been watching….

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