1. Joey says

    @Gregoire – I completely agree! Talent like Adele deserves all the fame and fortune she can handle! I hope for much, much more of the likes of 19 & 21 from her!

  2. Vidur says

    Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love Adele.

    However, am I the only one who doesn’t think this performance is all that great. I’ll admit her voice was good here but, compared to how she’s singing now…it sounds shaky, shouty, and just so raw.

    Now, her voice is just so smooth and clean. Not sure if the same could be said for this…

  3. a fan says

    @vidur — it’s the difference between how she sings on studio recordings (more control with different takes) and how she sings live. She had the same “rawness” (which I love) performing “Rolling in the Deep” on Letterman and others. Shakey? Shouty? How about honest and not tweaked and auto-tuned to death. I love the fact that in interviews she has said that she cannont bear to hear herself sing, and considers herself foremost a songwriter. Go girl!

  4. JPH says

    She’s funny as balls too. Anyone catch her on Chelsea Lately a while back? Google it if you missed it. She’d be a blast to have a beer with, I’m sure of it.

  5. Matt says

    I love Adele. Her voice is so powerful and beautiful.

    And in an age where so many singers get by on their looks and auto-tune, it is so incredibly refreshing to see someone who releases music that people love that doesn’t rely on any flashy antics.

    I hope that the success of Adele encourages record labels to foster more talent that is in the same vein as she.

  6. fred says

    @Matt – if only it were that easy – I think listeners have to be proactive if they want to hear more stuff like this and less auto-tune junk.

    When we hear a real voice now we think there’s something wrong with it – that is effed up.

    Check out Holly Martin on

    A real voice. And bloody amazing

  7. noteasilyoffended says

    I know a good voice when I get goosebumps and this girl’s voice gives me chills! This performance is live, folks. Real. Raw. Emotive. Genius.

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