Lesbian Couple Saved Dozens of Campers from Norway Massacre


A lesbian couple were among those who rushed to the aid of young campers in Norway under siege by gunman Anders Behring Breivik last Friday.

A translation via The People's Forum:

Hege Dalen and her partner Toril Hansen were eating supper in the camping area opposite Utoya island when they started hearing gunshots and screaming….

Dalen and Hansen drove their boat to the island, and fished out of the water people who were in shock and young people who were injured and transported them ashore. Every now and then bullets almost hit the boat.

Since they couldn't fit everyone into the boat all at once, they returned to the island four times. They might have saved as much as forty people from the clutches of the killer.

Several others also rushed to the area in boats. In related news, the death toll of the youth camp massacre has been lowered to 68.


  1. Maddog says

    I love this story and your blog Andy but I really hate that it’s overrun with the hideous A-List ads. Horrible overbearing show with horrible overbearing ads.

  2. bicurious says

    So great. I love reading about real life gay superheroes like these woman and with the Tucson shooting Daniel Hernandez. With the new legislation in California maybe at least in California the children might also be learning about our superheroes.

    In response to Maddog. I love those over the top A-List adds and I CAN”T WAIT for this season to start.

  3. Redebbm says

    You guys are so picky the ads aren’t that intrusive. The day a pop up video like the Huffington Post ones come up will be when i complain. They pay the bills after all. When you scroll down they aren’t as noticeable. Andy keep up the good work. I’ll take A-List ads over the 2010 election mess where every site i visited was overrun with tea party ads. So to me these ads are a big step up.

    At the end of the day these women were doing what they felt was right. They didn’t let anything distract them and should be recognized as true modern day heroes they are.

  4. Jonathan says

    Yes, these two women are incredible. 40 people? Heros.

    A Christian madman with guns and an ideology shaped by crazed right-wing assholes. Sounds like America.

  5. prophet says

    So glad you ran this story, as the MSM has chosen (of course) to totally censor their good deeds. Also, pay no mind to the chatterers complaining about ads. We realize that this site is a free service, and we appreciate the time and effort you put into it.

  6. Jonster says

    Anyone who lived through the AIDS crisis during the 80s and 90s knows how heroic lesbians are. At the beginning of the crisis, when no one else would help, lesbian women stepped up and formed a network of caregivers to help out “the boys.” I’ll never forget it and these women are just another shining example for me.

  7. jack says

    Funny how on Yahoo, there is a huge headline of the straight guy who is the big hero because he saved 20 lives. They should know (and not ignore) these incredible women!

  8. Just_a_guy says


    Btw, what’s an “a-list ad”? (and I don’t mind the current ad setup…I even check them out sometimes…I’m just happy to NOT have to look at tons of HIV ads like out and advocate used to overflow w. Is that bad of me to say?)

  9. MadM@ says

    If these women were in the US military they would have gotten a purple heart for this… I hope Norway recognizes them for their accomplishment. Lesbians- saving people from crazy christians one boat at a time.

  10. says

    Inspiring, amazing, heroic.
    And isn’t it sad that we NEED to point out that these women were lesbians? “I’ll be damned, Edna — WHO KNEW that LESBIANS have a humanitarian impulse to help those in need!”
    The story of “The Good Samaritan” was shocking in its time, as Jews and Samaritans were sworn enemies. The Jewish audience to whom Jesus spoke was challenged to think of the remote possibility that a Samaritan could be capable of — goodness. Too bad, and wonderful, that “The Good Lesbians” is the contemporary version of this timeless parable.

  11. says

    Wow, that is really amazing! I am lost for words!!! At what point do you realize it is really serious and not just fireworks. I can’t even imagine…and then to go back 3 more times, my Most admiration to you Girls !!! (Canada)

  12. says

    Wow, so incredible !!! How and when did you know it was really not just fireworks !!! Then going back 3 more times after being shoot at….wow, amazing, unbelievable, saving all those kids!!!
    (You are my heroes-Love “Corrona”from Canada)

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