Michele Bachmann Signs Anti-Gay Pledge That Claims Homosexuality Is A Choice


Well, that was fast.

Iowa conservatives yesterday asked Republican presidential candidates to sign a pledge that opposes marriage equality, Sharia law and bans pornography. None of those stipulations are that controversial — not for conservatives, at least.

The document, however, also contends that homosexuality is a choice, rather than a biological trait. I honestly thought, or at least hoped, candidates would be hesitant to back such an inflammatory declaration.

Apparently I was being overly optimistic, because Michele Bachmann, who’s married to an “ex-gay” counselor, has already given the pledge her John Hancock.

I sincerely hope that the mainstream media takes her to task on this one, because the “choice” debate is one of the most dangerous and incendiary weapons in the right-wing arsenal, and can be used to justify all sorts of discriminatory measures. If taken to the extreme, it could very well lead to the erection of “reeducation camps,” just like the ones Marcus Bachmann runs.

Perhaps that’s what Bachmann wants?


  1. Paul says

    You can’t really blame her for thinking homosexuality is a choice. After all, her husband clearly made the choice to pretend to be straight–why can’t the rest of us?

  2. Bryant says

    I hope America quickly sees what a “whore for hate” this evil woman is and that her campaign goes down in spectacular flames. And if it doesn’t happen soon, I can only pray that someone shakes the numerous skeletons out of her closet. This trash can not be allowed anywhere near the White House.

  3. BC says

    Again, no fan of Bachmann, however keep in mind that being pro-traditional marriage and being uninformed about the biological basis of homosexuality is VERY DIFFERENT than being against Sharia Law. Sharia Law is intended to trump our local, state and federal laws…any American should be against Sharia Law. So for this post to imply that being against Sharia Law is a “conservative only” issue is inaccurate at best.

  4. adam says

    Bachmann is half-right. Homosexual behavior, like heterosexual behavior, requires the person to make a choice to physically engage in that behavior. However, it is a choice derived from an innate orientation. Thus, the orientation is innate and automatic, the behavior is a choice.

    On the whole, I don’t see why heterosexuallky oriented people should be allowed to make choices that we can’t.

    Keep in mind, also, that there are choices that can be positive and choices that can be negative. A positive choice affirms you as a person. Thus, a homosexually oriented person will get a tremendous amount of joy and affirmation from engaging in behavior that reflects his orientation. However, if that homosexually oriented person engages in promiscuous behavior (ie many sex partners), the behavior veers to the self-destructive.

  5. Really? says


    WE are the ones who can shake the skeleton out of her closet. If we wait for the mainstream media to do it we are doomed. Everybody reading here–post these two videos of her flamer of a husband to your facebook pages. Since Marcus sets off EVERYBODY’s Gaydar, it will work. Equality minded-straights will see what a sham Michelle’s marriage is. Bigoted straights will never elect a pillow-biter as first Lady. Job done! Do it now. (Bonus: second video features gorgeous David Pakman)

  6. gaylib says

    Just because your husband “chooses” to pretend he’s not a big old queen doesn’t mean the rest of us are making a choice, Michelle.

  7. ralph says

    I refuse to be trapped in this choice argument. It is a phony issue that even many of the rightwing wackos don’t really believe. They just use it to put gays on the defensive. And saying “well we don’t have a choice” is coming from an incredibly weak defensive position, which is what they want. My response is: why should we have to justify our very right to exist? Why are you harrassing me? What are your plans, if I don’t “change”. Do you want to harm me? These are the questions we and the media should be insisting on answers for, not attempting to explain why our sexuality is valid, and if we have a right to live.

  8. wyocwboy62 says

    WTF…so the American people she doesn’t give a rats ass about such as those that are out of jobs? She would b a screwy president just like Bush!

  9. Pete says

    Why aren’t people responding with the obvious? Religion is a choice too, but Conservative expect their choice to be enshrined, protected, and forced on others.

  10. Aaron says

    FYI – that pledge also says “a child born into slavery in 1860 was more likely to be raised by his mother and father in a two-parent household than was an African-American baby born after the election of the USA’s first African-American President.”


    Yes, really.

  11. Rowan says

    Come on Andrew you’re not that woefully naive? Are you? Heck I don’t even live in your country but even I can see, read, watch, listen that the GOP want gays to have no rights.

  12. Francis says

    I agree with “Really?” We need to drive this debate. What is really behind the conviction of homosexuality as a choice? ANYONE who believes this needs to be grilled on how it is a choice for themselves. We know there are are sad, deeply conflicted latent homosexuals behind the most homophobic statements and behaviors. Think about it folks, would a straight man or woman passionately devote their lives to making homosexuality disappear? Most straight people really don’t care until the hear their children will be recruited. The louder the scream, the bigger the queen. We need to control this debate!!!

  13. walter says

    another example of the way repuks think about lgbt americans. lcr and goproud your campaign to win repuk hearts is a total failure. they only want your dollars and votes. it is very unfortunate to learn two things 1. most repuks are bigots 3. most repuks are dumb. the party of civil rights has become the party of hate and bigotry.

  14. says

    If things did come to a “Re-education Camp”, can you imagine what a hoot that would be? You put hundreds, nay thousands, of well adjusted gay people, comfortable with who they are and in no way interested in being “changed” together
    in one place, one can only imagine the outcome.

    I’m betting on our side.

  15. says

    “keep in mind that being pro-traditional marriage and being uninformed about the biological basis of homosexuality is VERY DIFFERENT than being against Sharia Law”

    Actually, the right-wing motivations are quite similar: fear-mongering. This has nothing to do with real Sharia Law. There is zero chance Sharia Law will come to the US. No one is calling for Sharia Law in the US. No one is for it. So to make it a priority in a pledge is simply to stir up anti-Muslim fear and to imply that anyone who doesn’t sign their idiotic pledge is somehow pro-Sharia-Law.

    Likewise, they’re making homosexuality a priority to stir up anti-gay sentiment and to make anyone who doesn’t sign on appear sexually threatening. Ironically, it’s a Sharia mindset filtered thru a more palatable (to Americans) Christian zealotry. Anyone who can’t see their bogus Sharia pledge for what it is (a deliberate intertwining of gay/muslim/non-white/sexually-deviant i.e. a fabricated dark threat to white Christians) is either very naive or very stupid.

  16. Gregoire says

    Sharia law is the boogeyman of the 21st Century. It does not exist in the United States and we under no threat of it. It’s even more vaperous than the threat of Communism was in the 1950s. Yet these people spend a great amount of time battling against it.

  17. MichaelD1026 says

    Ms Bachmann, would you and your “queen” please crawl back to the hole you climbed out of? I can’t imagine any gay person has harmed you in any way leading to your hatred of all gay and lesbian persons. You should be ashamed of the way you’ve mistreated Ms LaFave, your stepsister; your actions are despicable. Does your God really tell you to treat people this way? The God that I know teaches love, not hatred!

  18. dms says

    Actually the best thing that could happen for the country is for her to get the repub nomination.

    She will freak the independent minded middle of the road out and ensure an obama victory.

    In fact, with unemployment numbers like those released today, it may be obama’s only hope.

    I think we may be looking at president romney. I know a lot of you will be so happy since you hate obama so much!

  19. BC says

    @ Ernie and Gregoire…Check some local legislation over the past couple years. There are a few cities that have actually had to have votes on whether Sharia Law was going to be recognized. There are Extremist Muslim groups that are saying that under freedom of religion, they have a right to exercise their laws and believe me, if it ever gets contested, I am sure there are 1000+ ACLU attorneys that will take up the case.

    I strongly encourage all of us to stick with the ISSUES and not the personal attacks. Even if candidates make personal attacks. If BOTH sides stick to the ISSUES at hand, things will go a lot smoother for this country. We don’t choose to be gay, but some in our community choose to act very childish in their name calling and snarky comments. That doesn’t help us look like “equals.”

  20. borut says

    I’m really sorry, but I find the author’s comment here STUPID. People need to know that homosexuals should not be taken to reeducation camps not because they can’t be “corrected”, but because there’s nothing wrong with being gay. Homosexuality is not something society should tolerate just because nothing can be done about it.

  21. borut says

    I’m really sorry, but I find the author’s comment here STUPID. People need to know that homosexuals should not be sent to reeducation camps not because they can’t be reeducated, but because there’s nothing wrong with being gay. Homosexuality is not something society should tolerate just because nothing can be done about it.

  22. David says

    If you want this pledge to destroy a candidate, don’t focus on the gay aspect. Let all those Red State straight men know that the candidate has pledged TO TAKE AWAY THEIR PORN! They may say AMEN to such a thing in church…but porn, like, voting is usually done with the curtains closed.

  23. borut says

    I’m really sorry, but I find the author’s comment here STUPID. People need to know that homosexuals should not be sent to reeducation camps not because they can’t be reeducated, but because there’s nothing wrong with being gay. Homosexuality is not something society should tolerate just because nothing can be done about it.

  24. Lonewillow says

    Bachmann should ask herself if stupidity is a choice..I think NOT, but she would a great poster person for the STOP STUPIDITY ADVOCATES campaign.
    To think that in the 21st Century, we still have idiots, such as her, who the conservative public actually listens and will cast their vote in her favor…HOW SAD!
    OMG…that “QUEER” husband..does anyone think she may be a lesbian! .

  25. Rick says

    @Adam and Ralph Good posts. The truth is that there IS a degree of choice for most people–Almost every “gay” man I know of has had sex with a woman at least once…..and a large minority, at least, of “straight” men have at least gotten a blow job from another guy.

    The core of the problem here is that instead of encouraging the sexual liberation of all people so that they can engage in whatever combination of sexual acts with whatever partners suits them in whatever ratio is appropriate for them–in other words, encouraging people to behave naturally–we are letting these people set the terms of the debate.

    Many of us try to “defend” ourselves by saying we were “born gay” (when we were not) and try to pretend that sexuality is black and white (i.e. that everyone is either “straight” or “gay” and that there is no in between)……and that is a losing battle–by accepting their terms for the debate, you are implicitly agreeing that there is something wrong with homosexuality (i.e. “if I could choose not to be attracted to other men, I would choose not to”)

    These old paradigms are so tired, but instead of creating new paradigms, so many of us continue to play the old game–I don’t know whether that is due to lack of confidence or lack of intellect or something else, but it is not productive….

  26. Gregoire says

    BC, America is more likely to face an alien attack than it is a takeover by Sharia law. Just because something exist somewhere in the world doesn’t mean it’s an immediate threat.

  27. says

    Connecting Sharia law (bad) and homosexuality (bad) as these morons do is about as logical as connecting homosexuality with Hitler and Fascism: in other words, not logical at all.

    It’s all about magical thinking and fear-mongering, as Ernie and Gregoire correctly point out.

    Remember the red scare & McCarthy? Remember who actually lost their jobs when they went hunting for a red under every bed? Hint: it wasn’t pinkos.

    Oddly, some gay people seem not to understand this at all, but then, that’s the way fear-mongering works. You’re not supposed to “get it.”

  28. Codswallop says

    There’s an odd parallel between belief in biblical creationism and homosexuality being a choice. In both cases, people have made a religious/political decision to ignore reams of scientific data and the evidence of their own eyes, study after study, and DECIDED to insist on something that’s really quite silly. If you look closely at the wording of these things and their statements about it, it’s clear that it’s a position they’ve taken, a cynical devil’s advocate stance on settled and widely accepted science taken only for political purposes.

    And if you want to talk about “choice,” let’s look at religion. People change religions EVERY day, switching faiths or dropping them altogether. Their claim that gays “recruit” is almost comical in the face of the missionaries, “witnessing,” and door-to-door proselytizers religions send out to gather converts, people willing to CHOOSE their religion. If religion wasn’t a choice then none of those things would be necessary. And there ARE religions which have reexamined scripture and come to different conclusions about gays and lesbians and these homophobic “Christian” politicos could FAR more easily choose to switch to one of them than a gay person could choose to ignore their innate sexuality, Marcus Bachmann’s obvious example aside.

    So who is conning who here?

  29. Rick says

    @NIKKO What I know is that there is not a shred of evidence to support the idea that there is a genetic “cause” of sexual orientation. What I also know is that the current consensus in the behavioral sciences is that one’s sexual orientation appears to take shape between birth and the age of 3-4, but that that process is not well-understood, nor is the importance of different factors. What I futher know is that, according to Kinsey’s reseach and that of sexologists that have come after, the idea that most people are either exclusively homosexual or exclusively heterosexual is not accurate–most have a preference for one or the other, but in very few people is that preference exclusive.

    Those are the facts. And I base my views on facts, not on what is politically expedient.

    But I will say this–you had better hope that science does NOT discover a genetic “cause” of homosexuality, because most heterosexual parents, preferring that their children be like them, would undoubtedly use the tools of modern science to ensure that they did not bring any gay children into the world–and the consequence of that would be that we would go extinct.

    Be careful what you wish for–you just might get it some day……

  30. says

    The problem, BC, is that you’re missing the issue at hand. Despite your claims, there is no threat from Sharia law in the US. None. You, and your right-wing compadres, are inventing it. It is method to stir up anti-Muslim sentiment in a way they believe people will buy into because no one wants Sharia law in the US.

    Likewise, they are trying to make homosexuality a threat (it’s a choice, your children could be recruited to it and Sharia law in one fell swoop–menace, menace!), black people a threat, sex a threat, in ways that are false. It’s pure propaganda that, as others have pointed out, harkens back to the McCarthy era.

    When I say that those who fall for it are stupid, I’m not saying it merely to be snarky or insulting; I’m saying it because I believe people who fall for obvious right-wing fascist propaganda are stupid to do so.

  31. anon says

    She really has a bad case of “crazy eyes”.

    They are a scandal just waiting to happen. However, it won’t unless they really gain traction raising money, which they aren’t right now.

    The fear with Sharia law (way overblown here in the US) is not based on the actions of Muslim pressure groups (practically non-existent here in the US), but court precedent. That is, some judge will decide that a case must be decided using Sharia law (there are various forms of binding arbitration that you might think would lead to this happening, but it’s very unlikely). As a practical matter, you could pass a law banning the use of Sharia law by name in cases of binding arbitration, but the litigants will invariably just call it something else, so you really can’t ban it in practice. Also, too many aspects of Sharia law are outside of arbitration issues (religious observance, criminal statutes, forms of government, etc) to use it as a broad category.

  32. Jollysocks says

    @Rick: There is more evidence to suggest genetics than to suggest that happens between the ages of 3 and 4. And it’s simply not true that the latter is the “consensus” of behavioral sciences either (if fact, can you show us these studies and also further studies claiming that behavior scientists as a whole believe this?)

    I have never slept with a woman or had any real attraction to a woman, so don’t paint me with that Kinsey brushstroke either. Saying I’m gay and I was born this way doesn’t mean I’m saying, “I can’t change it and wish I were straight!” I’m very happy to be gay.

    I’m also not so concerned with the “Twilight of the Golds” scenario of parents finding out about their kids sexual orientation in the womb and trying to correct it. It’s not going to come done to one single gene and it would be incredibly hard to try to change it genetically. Plus, by the time we could do such a time, I think doing it will be just as amoral and illegal as changing someone’s race.

  33. BC says

    @ Ernie – so you are saying that not one person living in America wants Sharia law? Not ONE? Of course it is not a wide spread issue, but neither was gay at one point.

    AND, Ernie (since you always seem so quick to attack me), my whole point was that gay and Sharia were not even comparable. I DISAGREED that these are conserative issues. I also said I am no fan of Bachmann, because if she got the nomination, Obama will win. So theoretically, you all here should be PRO BACHMANN because she has zero chance of beating Obama.

    ADDITIONALLY – let’s look at this as well. People are INFINITELY more concerned with the economy and unemployment right now than they are with gay issues. We (gays) need to be as well. Our ability to have a voice comes from us being active, productive members of society LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. As the economy drops, so does our influence (as does that of all minority groups). When we have 9.2% unemployment even our straight allies are going to be focused on their family’s financial safety and security.

  34. Vasili Scandalis says

    There is plenty to say and many ways I could offer input as the members of this thread have done above me and soon below me. However, I say this…. THIS PERSON AND ALL PEOPLE LIKE HER NEED TO BE STOPPED! PERIOD! Especially in the position of interest that she is setting her sights on… STOP HER CAMPAIGN.

  35. Rin says


    not trying to pick on you, but you realize that a lot of research into sexual preference is stifled and never makes it past the protocol because of things like the Belmont Principles and ethics checks?

    Moreover, there’s no money in it or even a reason for it. I mean, really–why does it matter if you choose it or are born to it in the long run? I mean, aside from its an interesting subject it changes nothing for most of you who are happy gays and lesbians.

    There are some that speculate is an evolutionary reaction to over population. I mean, that’s possible. That’s even interesting to think about but…

    Does it matter?

    If you are happy…what does it matter?

    What does she care if people can change their sexual orientation? What does it matter to her, me, you, or anyone? So what if they can? Big flippin’ deal. Doesn’t mean everyone wants to…

    On that same note, however, IF someone does want to change for their own reasons (not pressure)…let them try.

    People try to alter lots of things they are born with, their gender, their noses, their boob size, their hair color, etc.

    If you are not hurting anyone else, if you are kind to others…I don’t care if you choose to dye your skin purple and wear sequined bikinis every day.

  36. kodiak says

    I banged pxxxy. I banged boy butt. It wasn’t about choice so much. I just wanted to be with a girl to see what it was like. I found my passion was with men. I made a choice to go with a woman, but passion isn’t about choice. Been with men ever since. I coulda had a dry soul-less marriage, that family, church etc, would’ve looked at as “right”. Or I could go with what was really pulling me, what I thought was really beautiful. I didn’t choose. It’s more like I was chosen. Perfectly natural.

    Love that pic! Crazy Eyes and Her Queen! Off with their heads!!

  37. says

    “@ Ernie – so you are saying that not one person living in America wants Sharia law? Not ONE? Of course it is not a wide spread issue, but neither was gay at one point.”

    BC, I’m not attacking you, I’m attacking your ideas. One person living in America wants anything under the sun, but that doesn’t mean you write pledges and legislation and constitution amendments to outlaw, let’s say, Martian law. And “gay” isn’t an issue. Gay civil rights are an issue, and they’ve followed a very normal course similar to other civil rights movements. They should actually be more of a threat to the right wing than Sharia law because history is moving in our direction. US history is not moving in the direction of Sharia law. Once again, they are fear mongering a la the McCarthy era.

    I also would love Bachmann to get the nomination, because, as you say, Obama would win easily, but it is not going to happen.

    As for the economy, I’m not sure what makes you believe that gay people aren’t as concerned about the economy as everyone else. It’s quite possible to be concerned with one’s civil rights and the economy at the same time. In fact, our civil rights are economic issues, because gay couples are at a big economic disadvantage due to marriage inequality.

    The people who seem not to be concerned about the economy are people who create and sign ridiculous pledges like this one which have no basis in reality and are pure propagandistic hate posing as nationalistic pride. Republicans who spend their time inserting anti-gay amendments into defense bills and trying to reinstate DADT and work to defeat marriage equality in every state in the US are, in fact, more concerned with gay issues than they are with the economy.

    I disagree with “true conservatives” on many things, but I respect their philosophical arguments. The problem is there are virtually no elected true conservatives (fiscal conservatives/social moderates) in US politics today, thanks in part to the tea party and distracting wingnuts like Bachmann.

  38. Mark says

    Michelle Bachman said America under Obama is a “nation of slaves.” Oh really? What about America under a republican president and congress? Hmmmm let me try to imagine:

    Social security privatized (READ your hard earned money put into private accounts and invested in stocks, which could be wiped out in one hour)

    Medicare, gone with the wind baby! Seniors will be given a voucher that only buys insurance for 6 months tops. After that you’re on your own (god bless ya)!

    I hope Michelle Bachman has saved a lot of money by the time she hits retirement age, because at that point she can kiss social security income and health care good bye in republican America. That’s right! At 70 years old, with arthritis pain in her joints, she’ll find that she has to work overtime at McDonald’s for minimum wage just to stay alive. Try THAT for slavery.

  39. mark says

    Years ago feminists used to insist the world would be a better place if “women” had more power.

    Now it feels like making a “better place” depends upon the specific women just like it depends on the specific men.

    And Bachmann sure is good evidence for why generalizing about women, or men for that matter, is a flaw in feminist logic.

  40. mattgmd says

    Michele Bachmann has probably had men claim to be gay to avoid her romantic overtures. Marcus Bachmann was the one that didn’t think quick enough and got snared.

  41. Jameelah says

    Corinthians 6:9-10 – “Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.” (Romans 1:26-27).

  42. justinstl says

    Well…now she shows her true colors by making statements like she did on cnn about homosexuality and satan…lol! If she ever had a chance at winning any election she killed it by those statements alone. Nearly every American has a gay or lesbian loved one or family member. So Im sure she will only get botes from the ignorant! Kids dont ask their parents at a young age about peoples sexual orientation anyway .Its not a choice anymore than it is a choice to be black or Jewish. There is nothing wrong in “teaching youf your kids to beleive that homosexuality is ok! If you do otherwise you may be screwing up your kids minds if indeed they are homosexual. This lady needs to crawl back under the rock she came from and get out of politics and go home and put an apron on and cook her gay husband a nice dinner! She is nuts to say these things without even considering the people or even history itself. Doesnt she know that Abraham lincoln was gay? Doesnt she know that Jesus Christ was also a gay man who lived in secret hiding with 12 men and one “fag hag” who understood that the only thing that matters in life is love and not hate wealth or money. She or no other man alive on this planet can argue the fact of the sexuality of these men at all. However all of the known facts about these men point to them as being homosexual. And no one can prove otherwise. This lady and her husband are nuts and I can tell you one thing . She will lose it all just because of her stand on this topic. So do not worry America she will be jobless just like so many other people…cept her reason for being jobless will be because no one wants her around rather than she cant find work!

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