Miley Cyrus Gets Gay Marriage Tattoo On Finger

Miley Cyrus has grown into quite the fierce gay advocate.

In addition to calling out Urban Outfitters' president for donating to Rick Santorum and regularly tweets messages of same-sex support, such as, "I am Christian and I love you — gay or not."

Now the singer has taken her pro-gay love one step further by getting a marriage equality tattoo.

"All LOVE is equal," Cyrus wrote in a tweet with a picture of her new ink, an equal sign — on her ring finger, prime anatomical real estate.


While many among the LGBT community may love Miley's new ink, not all of her fans are as supportive; Cyrus refuses to kowtow to them, though, and replied to a homophobic message with inclusion: "Where does it say in the bible to judge others? Oh right. It doesn't. GOD is the only judge honey. 'GOD is love.'"

Even if you don't agree with her Christian slant or don't like her music, it's impossible not to be touched by young Cyrus' commitment to LGBT progress.


  1. mike says

    I love hearing this. It’s one more reminder that we’ve already won the war, and we just have a few more battles to fight.

  2. Rowan says

    I don’t get it. So what if its her ring finger??

    Really like this gal. She doesn’t make money off gays like GaGa who needs to kowtow to the gays because they are her gravy train.

    It’s not a popularity test as her fans are all white bread Midwest teenagers. Shes not trying to get some GLAAD award for publicity when she has done f all for the gay community.

    This girl rocks and IS our fiercest ally. It’s not in her favor to be so pro gay rights with her demographic but she doesn’t care. Excellent.

  3. ed says

    For the record, the money donated to Santorum was about 15 years ago, well before he started spewing hate. No money has been donated since then.

  4. Chuy says

    If we have to explain the significance of the tattoo on the RING finger, then the obvious is lost on you.

  5. ohplease says

    “I don’t get it. So what if its her ring finger??”

    The post cynically and inaccurately reports that it’s her middle finger, or “prime anatomical real estate”, even though the photo clearly shows it’s her ring finger.

    If it’s her middle finger, the message to the world would be “F*ck you, I believe in equality”. Instead, having it on her ring finger, her message is simply “I believe in marriage equality”.

    The tattoo is still ugly, it’s nice that Cyrus is supportive, and Gaga, of course, isn’t the devil because she’s our most famous and effective celebrity ally.

    @ED, it doesn’t pay to lie on the Internet when we can all Google.

    From Philadelphia Weekly:

    Yet Hayne himself is an ardent Republican. He is a financial supporter of arch conservative Sen. Rick Santorum, whose recent comments about homosexuals equated gay sex with incest and bestiality.

    When PW asks Hayne about his financial support of Santorum, he initially denies it. And when presented with a computer printout of Santorum’s campaign donors from the Center for Responsive Politics website–which cites a $4,650 contribution from Urban Outfitters–he responds: “I’ll have to look into this. I don’t think this is right.” In fact, he and his wife have contributed $13,150 to Santorum and Santorum’s Political Action Committee over the years.

    Asked to clarify for the record whether he ever contributed to Santorum’s reelection campaign, he counters, “I don’t want to mislead you. Like many people, I have some affinity for Rick Santorum, and I have problems with some of his positions.”

    And where does Santorum’s position on homosexuality fit in his comfort zone?

    “I’m not going to comment on it,” he says, irked. “I have my own opinion, but I am not going to share it. Our job as a business is not to promote a political agenda. That’s not what we do. There are all kinds of political views held by my employees. Some would be horrified to learn that we contributed to Santorum’s campaign, and others would be fine with it. We openly discuss and joke about our political differences.”

  6. ed says

    dear ohplease, before you ejaculate all over yourself in excitement over calling me a liar, please acknowledge the 2003 date of the article and how it refers to past, not current, contributions (as I stated earlier).

    Say what you want I guess, but I work for urban and it’s been discussed heavily in the office and I am not a liar. Sorry I don’t have articles to back up conversations at work.

  7. Rowan says

    OHPLEASE like I said. GaGa has to be because gay fans is her gravy train. Like she says herself, she is a student of fame. She’s learnt her diva’s well and knows what sells. Whatever.

    I am just saying that I prefer someone like her who is doing this off her own back,doesn’t have much gay fans or exposure and this could actually be seen as bad for her image as she is seen as the Christian white all American girl.

    At the end of the day it’s about reach.

  8. Cindy says

    I really donk theenk we need any great reminders of being whom we are-intepretated or notk.

  9. JJ says

    @Rowan, you’re creating a false dilemma. This isn’t a competition between Miley and Gaga. We don’t have to anoint one single “fiercest” ally. No one needs to come in and pit one against the other. One celeb’s success in not the other’s failure–it’s the more our gain. There’s room for each to support us in her own way.

  10. db says

    Wow, I have to rethink my whole idea of Miley. She has always bugged me slightly, but even before this I had started to realize she was a pretty cool chick, and this proves it. I am glad she is making this statement and not worrying about the close-minded people who may not buy her music anymore.

  11. Smokey says

    So an equal sign is now being called a “marriage equality tattoo”?

    I would have expected something bolder and more explicit like a tattoo saying “MARRIAGE EQUALITY NOW!” — or at the very least, two rainbow-colored wedding bands.

    But I guess we’ll eat whatever is spoonfed to us.

  12. Paul R says

    @Smiley. A tattoo saying Marriage Equality Now would be incredibly stupid. The girl is in her teens, and assuming she lives another 60+ years, that tattoo would be a relic of another era.

    Two rainbow colored bands look hideous on gay people, why would a straight person do it? Perhaps she has taste.

    I think it’s great she did this, and while the tattoo could have been larger or more explicit, who cares? The tweets are probably just as effective. I really don’t understand the common mentality of attacking people who support us because they didn’t do it exactly as we might have chosen or preferred.

    It’s like the attacks on Gaga: hate her music, clothes, and anything else. But you cannot reasonably claim that she’s making more money by catering to gays. Straight people have a lot more money.

  13. larry says

    Seems that some are not familiar with the logo of HRC. It’s an equal sign.

    In case you’re not aware, HRC fights for our rights to be equal. Not special rights, but equal rights.

    Of you didn’t recognize that logo, it’s time to put some money where your mouth is and send them a donation.

  14. Smokey says

    Please, don’t be so sure I didn’t get the HRC reference, Larry. That’s one of the reasons why I shook my head even harder at this tattoo.

    Which begs me to ask: what has the HRC done as of late (I mean, besides holding galas where they invite the rich members of the choir i.e. those who already subscribe to our views) that has been of any use/importance/significance? What have they done as of late to help usher some change?

    I know! They’re capitalizing on the history / popularity of Harvey Milk* over in The Castro by setting up an HRC store in his old camera shop AND selling “Milk”-branded things to their visitors. Which is sad because they have the money to do remarkable things (you know, like Harvey once did), but they don’t.

    Just sayin’

    *Given the popularity of “Milk”, the film.

  15. DeeperStill says

    Bless her!

    fyi, that’s how a tattoo looks like when it’s just been done. Why the hell would she lie, you bitter old fools… lol

  16. larry says

    And again, it’s not so much the tattoo itself, but a lot more is that she’s willing to speak up, to people that wouldn’t necessarily appreciate it, for equality for all.

    It’s been said before, but it’s worth pointing out: her base audience isn’t composed of people that are already on our side. Yet, like the Dixie Chicks in the past, she’s willing to speak out when it is called for, instead of staying quiet to protect her cash flow