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News: Dark Knight, Time Warp, Racism, Winehouse Adoption

Jackman  road An estimated 1,000 conservatives marched in Santiago, Chile, to protest gay marriage.

 road Hugh Jackman shirtless. That is all.

 road The Dark Knight Rises cast has gathered in Pittsburgh to continue shooting the final installment of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. Still no sign of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, though.

 road While I like the concept, the set-up and premise sounds terrible: Adam Sandler wants to remake 1987 comedy hit Three Men and a Baby with gay men raising the abandoned child, and hopes to cast Chris Rock, Rob Schnieder and David Spade as the dads.

 road Speaking of celebrity time warps: Lindsay Lohan and the Hilton sisters are friends again. Your sleepless nights are over.

 road Why are Republican lawmakers pushing anti-Shariah legislation? From the NY Times: "The more tangible effect of the movement, opponents say, is the spread of an alarmist message about Islam — the same kind of rhetoric that appears to have influenced Anders Behring Breivik, the suspect in the deadly dual attacks in Norway on July 22. The anti-Shariah campaign, they say, appears to be an end in itself, aimed at keeping Muslims on the margins of American life." Sounds about right.

 road Seventy-three people dead after the increasingly shaky Syrian government deployed soldiers to take down opposition.

 road Was Amy Winehouse preparing to adopt a 10-year old from St. Lucia?

WinehouseAdoption  road Anti-gay author Michael Brown calls Southern Law Poverty Center a "hate group:" "It is the leaders of the SPLC who are either irresponsibly attacking other fine organizations, or worse still, knowingly defaming them. Who then deserves the title of 'hate group,' Focus on the Family or the Southern Poverty Law Center? Who has been guilty of demonizing others and spreading hurtful, inaccurate information? Whose actions and words have been hateful?" Yours.

 road Will Prince Harry be the next royal to walk down the aisle?

 road All of potential presidential candidate Rick Perry's anti-gay declarations may not be enough to win him the Tea Party vote.

 road Openly gay presidential candidate Fred Karger and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, also a White House hopeful, are tied in a new Zogby poll.

 road Wayne Koestenbaum, author of the new book Humiliation, offers his thoughts on the emotion's relationship to his gay identity: "I think, at least in my generation, being gay involved traveling a long, often illegible, and very badly marked trail of shame. Really without signpost, except for knowledge of what to avoid. So that just to arrive at anything close to a salvageable identity is to experience that hot-cold shiver of humiliation along the way. And I also think that, at least in my aesthetic sensibility, we've made an art out of finding humiliation sometimes reparative."

 road Openly gay actor Neil Patrick Harris' Smurfs movie tied for number one with Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig's Cowboys & Aliens.

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  1. I would've preferred it he was short-less instead of shirtless.

    Posted by: Yanz | Jul 31, 2011 3:04:49 PM

  2. "Adam Sandler wants to remake 1987 comedy hit Three Men and a Baby with gay men raising the abandoned child, and hopes to cast Chris Rock, Rob Schnieder and David Spade as the dads."

    One of those three IS gay.

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Jul 31, 2011 3:15:18 PM

  3. For Hugh Jackman - that is all needed to look at the pic.

    Posted by: Matt26 | Jul 31, 2011 3:45:18 PM

  4. @Ehrenstein: I can guess which one is gay, but it still sounds a revolting concept.

    Posted by: Paul R | Jul 31, 2011 4:24:38 PM

  5. "Why are Republican lawmakers pushing anti-Shariah legislation?"

    Because under Sharia, Christians and Jews ("People of the Book") are "protected" only if they pay a non-Muslim tax. Other religious adherents and non-adherents must be forcibly converted or killed. If you leave Islam, you must be killed. If you are raped, you must be killed (for having sex outside of marriage). If you are homosexual, you must be killed.

    ALL of the countries in the world in which homosexuals are punished by death are Islamic countries. I repeat, ALL of them.

    That is Sharia law. Pure Islam. Amputations, beheadings, and jihad, etc. are also included.

    There is no separation of church and state, like we aspire to have in the West. There is only Islam.

    Banning Sharia is not a means of "keeping Muslims on the margins of American life." It's a way of keeping them safe from the murderous religious fanatics they fled from in their homelands.

    Posted by: Max | Jul 31, 2011 5:30:32 PM

  6. Why are they afraid of Shariah law when Christianist law will be just as bad? We need to look inward not outward for the greatest threat against civil liberties.

    Posted by: prophet | Jul 31, 2011 5:51:09 PM

  7. 3 gay men and a baby is a great concept for a movie, I only wish these "stars" were not attached to the project. Maybe they will surprise us all.

    Posted by: prophet | Jul 31, 2011 5:53:23 PM

  8. Prophet, please describe "Christianist law" and list the countries in which it is practiced. I have never heard of it.

    Same-sex marriage is legal in Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, and Sweden. These are ALL Christian-majority countries.

    Posted by: Max | Jul 31, 2011 7:40:02 PM

  9. The conservative fear of Sharia law is not based on any kind of precedent here in the US, but the combination of foreign precedent in Canada and the UK, and the conservative bugaboo with US judges acceding to foreign precedent. Unfortunately for conservative, foreign precedent applies under US law in only a handful of case types: typically death row cases, extradition, smuggling, international wire fraud, war crimes, piracy and probably a couple others. Not first amendment cases, not criminal law in general and not arbitration procedure. So, they are making a mountain out of a molehill.

    Posted by: anon | Jul 31, 2011 9:20:39 PM

  10. @Max


    And let's not forget all the fundies here who want all of us exported out of the US onto a tiny isolation island among other nutty ideas. Creationism, "Christian Nation," abstinance only education, teaching gays are evil, etc

    Posted by: ravewulf | Jul 31, 2011 10:01:16 PM

  11. @max

    Besides, the point of that article is that there is a 0% chance of sharia law becoming law in the US, conservatives are just using it to scare up more votes from their reactionary base

    Posted by: ravewulf | Jul 31, 2011 10:05:06 PM

  12. Will someone please stop Adam Sandler and his cronies from ever making another movie again? They weren't funny in the 90's and they're even less funny now.

    Posted by: Brian | Jul 31, 2011 10:27:37 PM

  13. There is zero risk of Sharia law becoming a reality in the US, especially in the states that are going out of their way to prohibit a fantasy. It's fear-mongering plain and simple, a gratuitous wedge issue used to rile up anti-Muslim sentiment rather than dealing with true US issues. And, surprise, the main person orchestrating this (with the help of rightwing extremists in the Republican party) is a Hasidic Jew. Oh, the irony. How would he like it if states began passing gratuitous anti-Hasidic law bills?

    Talking about the risks of Muslim extremism and Sharia law in other parts of the world is a red herring, because that sort of extremism has no legitimate power in the US. If we're to talk about the true interference of religion on secular law, and the true risk to gay rights, that all comes from Christian zealotry. But the same people who are stirring up bogus alarmism around Sharia law have absolutely no problem subjecting all of us to Christian law. This is nonsense.

    Posted by: Ernie | Jul 31, 2011 11:27:23 PM

  14. David Ehenstein you're such a tease.

    Posted by: uffda | Aug 1, 2011 1:40:37 AM

  15. Thank you ERNIE, RAVEWULF, et al.

    @ MAX: you refuse to listen to anything but hysterical paranoia about Palestine and Islam. One of the benefits of being an American Jew is being able to think rationally about these things—please join us in the world of reality and leave the propagandists behind.

    Posted by: David R. | Aug 1, 2011 1:41:07 AM

  16. @David R,

    please go spend 6 months as an "out" homosexual in a Muslim nation that is not Turkey-- or Palestine for that matter. Both Palestinians and Turks are "moderate" in their religion UNLIKE other Muslim nations.

    Send your mother, daughter, sister whomever to live and get married in one before you tell me there is no difference.

    I HAVE spent more than a cursory visit in these countries as a second class citizen and allow me to tell you straight up that I would rather work at Liberty University or Bob Jones for the rest of my life than live in a Muslim sharia ruled nation.

    Hey--did you know that Iran has no gays? Right. Because they kill them there.

    Uganda..bill didn't pass yet. Their own tribal religions were not gay friendly, however, and this is more a cultural thing than a religious thing. The Catholic church there condemned the action and the people pretty much blew them off.

    As a female who has lived outside the US I get pretty freakin' PO'd at people who say that Islam is no worse than Christian fundamentalists in the US.

    Honor killings
    Women have .5% of the validity of men in court, meaning it takes 2 women to equal a man in a court of law as far as testimony.
    Men own the children
    Women must be covered or jail
    Men can legally beat their wives to a certain point.
    Gays can legally be killed
    Female Genital Mutilation--oops, sorry we have to call it "cutting" now to be PC I want Sharia here as much as I want to have my teeth pulled out by the roots. It is UNFAIR to women. Unfair. Unfair. Did I mention unfair?

    There are plenty of liberal Muslims in the US and Turkey that I adore. IF they wanted to live under Sharia they would have stayed in their country, to bring it here and force it upon them, too...or make it harder to reject isn't fair to them either.

    Also, it is a clusterf--k to have two sets of laws.


    Irritates me.

    Posted by: Rin | Aug 1, 2011 7:21:36 AM

  17. @Rin: Those of us who are saying the anti-Sharia-law legislations in the US are bogus aren't arguing for radical Islam or suggesting that Sharia law is fine and dandy. Nor are we pretending that countries ruled by Islamic law are good for gay people, women etc. Who is arguing for Sharia law in the US? No one! That is why anti-Sharia laws in the US are bogus--they address something that doesn't exist here and has no chance of existing except in the delusional paranoid fantasies of a few right-wingers.

    Let's be clear about the actual motives behind these anti-Sharia laws: They are an attempt to inflame anti-Muslim sentiment by enacting unnecessary legislation that demonizes American Muslims and suggests that anyone who doesn't support such legislation is somehow pro-Sharia law/radical Islam. It's classic McCarthy-era tactics and a right-wing form of PC that should be rejected by rational citizens. It's anti-Muslim hate dressed up as anti-Sharia-extremism to disguise its extremist ugliness.

    Sharia law is not a threat in the US, any more than Hasidic law is. These are red herrings. The real threat to secular law in the US is Christian fundamentalism. Those who say, well, Christianity, even radical evangelical Christianity, is better than radical Islam are missing the fact that Islamic dogma isn't intruding on American society whereas Christian dogma most certainly is. It's a false comparison. And, of course, the anti-Sharia people are the very ones who are trying to subject us all to their own brand of theocracy.

    Posted by: Ernie | Aug 1, 2011 10:35:05 AM

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