NOM Leader Brian Brown Weeps Over N.Y. Marriage Win


Well, here’s something amusing: an activist from the group Queer Rising snapped a shot of Brian Brown, a leader in the homophobic National Organization for Marriage, weeping like a baby after New York lawmakers approved marriage equality in the Empire State.

I’m not one to take pleasure in other people’s tears, but I’ll make an exception for Brown…


  1. Abel says

    He’s weeping because he knows they’ve lost the war. Oh, they will win a few more battles, but SSM will be a reality nationwide evetually, probably sooner than anyone expected. Brown makes nearly half a million a year peddling the hatred, and he probably realizes his lucrative income is in grave jeopardy. I wonder if his masters won’t demand a change of regime at NOM? Of course, they should pack it in or perhaps find a new group of people to hate. Muslims or immigrants, maybe? Perhaps he is weeping because he realizes he is on the wrong side of history.

  2. says

    I find it interesting that this vote would move this man to tears. That someone would be so invested in a vote that ostensibly has NO EFFECT on him is telling. Cry for our economy, cry for the homeless and hungry, but to cry over equality is just wrong.

  3. RONTEX says

    He’s just sad because when all the gays are married, he won’t be able to have any down low hook ups : (

  4. HadenoughBS says

    He’s not weeping with sadness over the NY vote. No, he’s weeping with joy at the new fund-raising possibilities created by NY’s SSM law. He figures he and fellow NOMbie Maggie will be rolling in even more $$$ thanks to this newest civil rights act – even if they accomplish absolutely nothing with their future bigoted homophobic efforts. You know, kinda like crying all the way to the bank.

  5. Mike Triggs says

    Maggie must have had a complete meltdown. I’m guessing she consoled herself by consuming a litter of COKE, an extra large pizza and a baker’s dozen from Krispy Kream donuts.

  6. Fenrox says

    Honestly I wonder if he is happy that now he can get married to a guy. All of NOM’s people seem like they prayed the gay away.

  7. George says

    This pictures makes me turn into Cartman from South Park. “Oh the tears of unfathomable sadness! So sweet. Your tears taste sweet, Brian.”

  8. jamal49 says

    @HOMER No,I don’t believe he is straight. Just like I don’t believe Michele Bachmann’s husband is straight. As I always say, if they ain’t, I ain’t either.

  9. luminum says

    I would cry if I blew that much money on a failed initiative when I could have been using it to feed and clothe the poor like my religion calls me to do.

  10. Rovex says

    Proof that they really do hate us intensely. Why cry? Really, it shows serious mental problems.

  11. walter says

    he’s crying because it is the beginning of the end for his racket. he and maggie the cow may actually have to go out and find real work. it is hard eat like those two on food stamps.

  12. dex says

    As much as I hate groups like NOM and the bigotry they spread, I frequently just feel sorry for the actual people.

    The best case for Bryan Brown and his ilk is that they’ll eventually realize they’ve wasted their lives on something so hateful and misguided and have a change of heart. But a lot of them will probably go to the grave thinking the fought the good fight (futilely, because I firmly believe that we’ll only go up from here re: gay rights), many of them self-loathing gays who’ve worked to destroy their own happiness. I pity them, but I can’t hate them.

  13. Bastian says

    Towleroad is better than this. The last time Belonsky took over for Andy, the quality of this site dropped dramatically and here were are again. This is petty and immature.

  14. AllBeefPatty says

    “I’m not one to take pleasure in other people’s tears,”

    Well I am.

    There, there fat boy…let me lick the sweet, salty tears of sorrow you worthless shithead.

  15. curtis says

    Cry baby cry pain inevitably leads to evolution, feel the pain and understand the harm you do to your own soul and others, Equility will triumph.

  16. Rick says

    Some of these people sincerely believe that legalizing same-sex marriage will be the end of society as we have known it.

    What gets me is how they can take that view when they look at the kind of social wasteland this country has already become, with most children growing up in dysfunctional families, usually without both natural parents being present, and often with no parent at home most of the time to provide them with proper guidance.

    How could the institution of the family, which marriage is supposed to be the basis of, be any more damaged than it already is? And even if you buy their view that same-sex marriage will further damage it, how can you convince yourself of that when the likelihood of their being many gay marriages is pretty small (in Canada, apparently there have been fewer than 10,000 gay marriages in the 6 years since it has been fully legal)?

    Strange, strange people…..

  17. jakeinlove says

    Crying only works for Boehner. Maybe he’s sad because he can see a huge downgrade in his and Maggie’s pay eventually and they’ll have to go back to Wal-Mart.

  18. Phil says

    He’s like a lazy young man who’s been living with his parents way too long and still not working. Mommie and Daddy tell him, “It’s time to find a *real* job.” The lazy young man’s reaction? Waaaaaaa!

  19. Abel says

    @JAKEINLOVE, thanks so much for that image: Maggie in Wal-Mart. I LONG for the pictures.

  20. D.R.H. says

    They were probably tears of joy as every victory we have is another call to action for their faithful supporters. And with that call comes millions more in donations which is the real reason these bastards exist in the first place.

  21. fatandfckyou says

    “There, there fat boy…”

    Because no gay people are fat, because nobody you love is fat, because being fat is rare in America, and because being fat is, itself, an evil act. And, of course, you’re gorgeous.

    We may some day achieve legal equality, but too many of us are already equal to these scumbags in too many ways. Honestly, just grow up. You shouldn’t be living life as a permanent 13 year-old girl.

  22. Paul R says

    @D.R.H.: Among the many disturbing things about NOM is that there is no transparency on their funding sources. It could be a lot of individuals. It could be the Mormon or Catholic churches. It could be one or a few really wealthy antigay people. I fail to understand why this has received so little scrutiny given NOM’s ability to spend $2 million at the drop of a hat. Hundreds of bigoted organizations would kill (literally) to have those resources, yet for NOM—a relatively new organization—it’s no problem at all.

    @Fat: no one said that being fat is evil, but the widespread obesity in America doesn’t mean it should be accepted. I want the fat people I love to have happy, healthy lives. It’s not right to mock them, but it’s also not right to pretend like it’s not a major concern. I hardly need to list the many health concerns that come with carrying a lot of extra weight. Pretending otherwise is disingenuous. Food can be as addictive as many other substances. I say this as someone who used to have an eating disorder, so please don’t feel like I’m attacking you.

  23. Buster says

    and here we are again — turning anger at our opponents into quips and sneers about weight. On behalf of all the fat gay men and lesbians, let me just say to hell with every one of you who have made a “fat man” or “Pillsbury doughboy” comment. Body fascism is just as hurtful as homophobia and brings up the same childhood hurts. So just stop it.

    PS – On the other hand, the South Park quotes are really funny.

  24. saucykitty says

    I don’t think I’ve ever taken so much pleasure in someone else’s tears of sorrow. Also, I think I just wet my panties a little.

  25. Mark says

    What does Brian Brown have to weep about? Our advances in gay marriage rights are a drop in the ocean compared to NOM’s successes in getting gay marriage banned. We put in a colossal amount of work just to pass gay marriage in the state of New York. Conservatives successfully passed constitutional bans on gay marriage in 11 states just on the election night of November 2004. Currently they have 40 states in their column as banning gay marriage, either through constitutional amendment or state law. I don’t see state constitutional amendments being overturned in my lifetime (and no I’m not 75, I’m 32). It’s us that need to weep, when you think about it.