NYC Mayor Bloomberg To Preside Over Staffers’ Gay Marriage

The paper offers more on how Feinblatt and Mintz made it official:

On Sunday, Mr. Mintz gathered his daughters at the family’s weekend home on Long Island and asked them a question. Wasn’t it time that he married their father?

The girls jumped up and down and screamed “Yes!” Mr. Mintz then grabbed a fistful of flowers from the yard and called Mr. Feinblatt outside. With the girls standing a few feet away, Mr. Mintz bent down on one knee and made it official.
“He said yes,” Mr. Mintz recalled. “It would have been pretty awkward if he hadn’t after 14 years.”

Later that day, the two men took their daughters ring shopping.

It’s enough to melt my little gay heart!


  1. Jay says

    Okay, I’m being really silly and giving credence to stereotypes, but I laughed out loud when I saw the name Mintz in this article.

  2. John Becker says

    Thanks for the article, Andrew! However, I’m thoroughly unhappy with the headline, “NYC Mayor Bloomberg to Preside Over Staffers’ Gay Marriage.” I am a married gay man. My husband and I are not “gay married,” we’re just married. How can we demand marriage equality from our society when we continue to refer to our marriages as not simply marriages, but “gay marriages?”

    A better choice would have been “NYC Mayor Bloomberg to Preside Over Gay Staffers’ Marriage.”

    Please get in the habit of referring to the marriages of same-sex couples as marriages, not “gay marriages.” Thanks!

  3. Jack says

    @John — Good point, which I wouldn’t have thought of.

    Let’s give the mayor a hand for a great gesture on our behalf.

  4. Brad says

    I agree. I want my marriage to be treated the same as every marriage. I don’t want it to be a different, gay marriage. A gay man marrying and a man having a gay marriage have very different meanings. I usually laugh at seemingly nitpicky comments like that as arbitrary. But I think at this stage of history it is not arbitrary at all.

  5. PLAINTOM says

    This is what the haters truly fear. Average nice people with children getting married and announcing their love. Every hater from the Catholic Bishops to Diaz shown to be liars.

  6. Eric Paqyne says

    Kudos to the mayor and all, but I’d like to make a request of towleroad’s writer(s), if I may?

    Will you please stop using the term “gay marriage”? It’s “marriage.” There’s nothing about my marrying my husband that was any different than, say, my neighbor marrying her husband (they had a civil ceremony).

    I expect NOM, and other social conservative organizations, to subdivide “marriage” as much as possible – they need to continue an “us v. them” argument. We don’t need to do that within our own ranks, do we?

  7. DLRnATL says

    This is a little off topic, but how is Bloomberg on other social issues? I know he’s like one of the wealthiest people in America, but how is he on fiscal matters? I would like to know more about him if he does become a viable 3rd party candidate. I’d rather him primary Obama to scare him from the left, but I would want to make sure that he is coming in from the left.

  8. says

    Meanwhile in Toronto, Canada our mayor…
    -Made uninformed remarks about AIDS being “pretty-much” a gay disease
    -Has voted consistently against all AIDS-prevention money
    -Has voted consistently against all Pride funding, when anyone with a brain knows it brings the city far more than it costs
    -Endorsed Minister Wendell Brereton in Etobicoke for Councillor and shurgged his shoulders about the blatant homophobia on Brereton’s website
    -Referred to being gay as a “lifestyle choice” during the campaign
    -Refused to participate in any of this year’s 10-day Pride events when some were a mere 50-steps from his office door
    -He’s the first Toronto Mayor in 18 years to not participate in Pride and wouldn’t listen to the advice of his inner-circle, his brother and even the Toronto Sun on the matter.
    -Has consistently said he doesn’t believe in equality in marriage rights (which thereby means he supports homosexuals not being entitled to the same rights/responsibilities as heterosexuals)
    -Made disparaging and uniformed remarks about transexuals
    -Lied about his long-standing family tradition of going to the cottage for Canada Day when he was handing out flyers at Yonge & Alexander and Church & Carlton last year during Pride/Canada Day weekend.
    -When asked directly by a reporter if he was a homophobe, he mumbled something under his breath that nobody could hear and refused to clarify. If any question should be simple to answer, especially in a city with a huge gay population, yet still a signficant number of “gay bashings,” this would be the one. Instead, mumbles.

  9. wtf says

    I see everyone else has made my point: DUDE, IT’S JUST MARRIAGE NOT FEAR QUOTES GAY MARRIAGE! C’MON!

  10. Roger says

    And that, one senses, will be the fitting travesty to end the Debacle in Albany!

    One senses that the Mayor’s perspective … and ego … is so far removed from the reality of the feelings of America and New Yorkers that he cannot resist rubbing their faces once more in a tragedy of his and Cuomo’s creation!

    What if America and new York decided not to attend this party, or to tune in?

    What if New York, freed from the double-mindedness of Alesi, Grisanti and Saland, decided to vote their disgust … with their feet and their remote controls!

    What if America said to itself … why are we supporting THIS again?

    What if … America … reassessed the evidence?

    What if all New Yorkers read “Homosexuality is Not a Civil Right” ( ) by Robert Regier and Daniel Garcia? And agreed with them?

    The online article “Is Cuomo Ignoring the Evidence Against Gay Marriage?” ( ) illustrates 27 INITIAL reasons … 17 explicitly stated … why America and New Yorkers will still reject “gay marriage” in 2011 and onwards!

    It is evidence-based!

  11. David B. says

    I am still giggling about John and Johnathan! What does their message machine sound like…

    Oh and I can’t wait to be America’s first gay divorcee, while I give Baroness Von Schrader a run for her money as prospective parent and spouse (Gay-org!)…