Planking ‘Carmageddon': PHOTO


L.A.'s 'Carmageddon' freeway closure was so successful some want to do it all over again:

We should select one weekend a month, maybe the third weekend of every month, or whatever, it doesn't matter. Isolate a particular weekend, and isolate a particular Friday and give people the exact same message. Stay home. Work from home. Don't take long trips unless absolutely necessary. Ask people to remember the pure pleasure of this past weekend. The chance to reconnect with family and friends at home, the chance to save some serious time and money and aggravation. 

(Flickr image by Stephen Estes)

Estes writes: "I just planked LA's 405 freeway between Sunset and Wilshire during the last minutes of Carmageddon! Police were roaring up the other side of the freeway, and I just slapped a Vitagasm patch on my arm and went for it. Such an opportunity might not come again for years! Despite the time log on the photo (which says yesterday), this was actually taken at about 11:25am on Sunday, July 17th."

Those of you in LA: What was your experience of "Carmageddon"?

Posted July 18, 2011 at 7:55am ETC by Andy Towle
in Los Angeles, News