Jerusalem Pride Draws Thousands, Donkey Protest

Over 5,000 people are expected at a Gay Pride parade today in Jerusalem:

Jerusalem Open House Executive Director, Yonatan Gher, called Thursday a “combined social struggle,” which will have at least three distinct protests imbuing the city with the air of social fervor. Indeed, protesters will include the doctors marching towards Jerusalem, students and families camped out in tents across the city, and thousands of gay-rights activists marching downtown.

He estimated that the gay pride parade could almost double – from 4,000 participants last year to 7,000 participants this year – given the revolutionary vibe of the capital.

Police stopped a donkey procession on its way to the parade:

As if it weren't enough that three separate protests converged on Jerusalem Thursday afternoon – the doctor's march, the tent protest, and the Gay pride parade – police stopped a procession of four donkeys and a few dozen extreme right-wing demonstrators at the entrance to the city. The demonstrators were attempting to get to the route of the annual Pride and Tolerance parade with the donkeys, to protest the "bestial" nature of homosexuality.

Posted July 28, 2011 at 11:20am ETC by Andy Towle
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