Rick Santorum Says He Will Go to New York to Overturn Same-Sex Marriage: AUDIO

Rick Santorum frothed up at a campaign stop in Iowa yesterday, vowing to go to New York and help overturn the recently passed marriage equality law.

Santorum Said Santorum of pro-equality advocates:

"They have to have the word. And with THE WORD comes a complete change in society. I am NOT, as some in this race have said, OKAY with New York doing what they're doing. What New York did was wrong. I will oppose it, and I will go to New York, if necessary, and help overturn it."


As Think Progress notes:

New York, unlike other states, doesn’t have a referendum process by which laws can be overturned, thus requiring opponents to lobby the legislature to approve a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and then convincing a majority of New York voters to approve it.

Conservative Wall Street Journal columnist James Taranto agrees, calling NOM's campaign in NY to overturn the law a "futile measure" that amounts to "deceptive advertising".