1. Reacenyc says

    The thing I find most interesting about all of this is…that the majority of the people who are spending their time and money to “Overturn”, and before, to “fight”, don’t even live in NY State. If you don’t like our laws, then you don’t have to live here, or even visit for that matter. I am against a lot of the laws in Arizona, so there for I don’t go there. But I fully support the right of Arizona to make their own laws. New York State made a law that is equal and fair, and takes Religion out of the picture…and these people are at a loss as to what it is they have to stand on to be against it.

  2. Reacenyc says

    Ps. My partner of 7 years and I got our License on Sunday, and we will be married on Friday…we even won a free honeymoon from the city of NY…I love NY, now more than ever……

  3. Randy says

    I wonder what these people will finally do when a “vote” actually approves gay marriage. I’m not saying I think it should be put to a vote, ever, but you know at some point one of these “votes” is gonna backfire on them and then what do they do? Go to the “activist” judges to have it overturned? Of course, I think this is just all a ploy to keep GOP voters from thinking about the real issues. The GOP can’t really campaign on a platform of no taxes for the rich and taking away entitlements to all others… they know that wouldn’t allow them to win but that is what they really stand for.

  4. paul says

    if this piece of filth tried to set foot in new york he’s going to get a rather direct and in your face lot of attitude from the people who live here. Santorum you are not welcome.

  5. Gay American says

    wow – talk about a One Trick Pony! Santorum’s wife should be asking herself…”WHY is my husband Sooo Obsessed with Gays? …and What IF one of Our children could be/or are gay….will they run away,take drugs,kill themselves because of thier father”???? This man needs serious HELP!

  6. robert in nyc says

    Why should anyone have the right to campaign against a law in a state in which they don’t even reside? Why have legislatures to pass laws if idiots like this scumbag want to overturn them? Mob rule is never okay otherwise we’re not living in a democracy.If NOM’s HQ isn’t in New York, we should be suing to force disclosure of its major donors. Under section 501(c) 4 of the IRS code, non-profits must disclose the source of donations of $1000 or more by individuals and $5000 or more by corporations. NOM has ignored a recent court request I believe in Minnesota or was it Maine, to satisfy the court ruling. Why is nothing happening I wonder? Not even a prosecution for failure to comply?

  7. Amaezm says

    ok…I’m sorry…but I expect a presidential hopefull to wear something a bit nicer than the stafford collection from JC Penny… he looks like he stepped out of a sears add in 1993…that is the ugliest effing tie I have EVER seen!

    also..hes a misguided illspoken tard who has no chance of becoming president.. so..BAM!

  8. Redebbm says

    Everyone wanting Jobs and for the government to focus on Jobs, and this man prioritizes interfering in a specific New York Law. Your late to the battle Santorum, and you lost. Your run was over before it even started.

  9. says

    If someone as odious as ex-Senator Santorum went to New York to try and overturn same-sex marriage, it would probably have the effect of solidifying support for Same-sex marriage.

  10. PLAINTOM says

    He will have a lot of time on his hands shortly and he needs another paying gig. This will be his audition tape for one of the various hate groups trying to make a buck out of gay hate.

  11. anon says

    His attempt to gain traction through social issues is not going to work. NY was partly sold on the marriage issue because it would bring more tourist dollars to the state where UE is over 9%.

  12. walter says

    why is he coming here we don’t want him and apparently neither does pa. they voted him out by double digits. the man can’t raise any money doesn’t he know expensive n.y. is? he will have to take a second mortgage on his trailer.

  13. BobN says

    Not that he has any chance of the nomination, but isn’t it odd to promise you’re going to take on another job when you’re running for president?

  14. Mark says

    You know, in Saudi Arabia they want to execute non-believers in Islam. In Nazi Germany they wanted to round up all the Jews and exterminate them in gas chambers.

    In the good old USA we have former senators like Rick Santorum and currently serving senators like Jeff Sessions and Orrin Hatch who want to see all gays eliminated.

    We’re not really all that different.

  15. QJersey says

    For an issue that is often framed as falling under “States Rights” (e.g, part of the big push for DOMA), these hatemongers have no problem crossing state lines to push their anti-gay agenda.

  16. Abel says

    Santorum is not the brightest bulb on the porch, but he’s not stupid. He KNOWS he has no chance at the nomination. Not even if all the other candidates dropped out. But he is looking to build his next career. Fox News “Commentator” and perhaps a spot on the NOM board or FOTF or another hate group? I’m eager to hear what new meaning will be assigned to “Rick” by his number one fan, Dan Savage.

  17. I'm Layla Miller I Know Stuff says

    The letter of the law versus the spirit of the law

    The letter of the law versus the spirit of the law is an idiomatic antithesis. When one obeys the letter of the law but not the spirit, one is obeying the literal interpretation of the words (the “letter”) of the law, but not the intent of those who wrote the law. Conversely, when one obeys the spirit of the law but not the letter, one is doing what the authors of the law intended, though not adhering to the literal wording.

    “Law” originally referred to legislative statute, but in the idiom may refer to any kind of rule. Intentionally following the letter of the law but not the spirit may be accomplished through exploiting technicalities, loopholes, and ambiguous language. Following the letter of the law but not the spirit is also a tactic used by oppressive governments.

  18. Tyron says

    He might as well go to New York. With his Presidential bid nearly broke and going absolutely nowhere (as well as pretty much looking like a joke) he should have ample time on his hands to go wherever he likes to pander to the few far right wackos who will listen to him.

  19. So Left I'm Right says

    Ah, that ever popular frothy mix of hate and stupidity. Rick, stay out of NYC if you know what’s good for you. We will not be kind.

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