1. Rikard says

    I love Dan, but I prefer he keep restating the ridiculous things Santorum has said and keeps saying, but I’m a Rik.

  2. Jim says

    I loved the guy who was crying! Rick Santorum DOES need to “evolve already” on the gay thing (although now he never will). As much as I love Dan Savage, I think it is a waste of time at this point; Santorum is pretty much DOA for the presidential campaign… unless he runs for VP.

  3. Mike Hung says

    Two things:

    1. Clay – get over yourself. Santorum is vile.

    2. Don’t you love the Liberty University shirt that Dan is wearing! Haha!

  4. prophet says

    This is really not that amusing, but I suppose it feeds Savage’s growing ego. Why do I have the feeling that his scatalogical antics will wind up backfiring on the gay community?

  5. Clay says

    @ “MIKE HUNG”
    Regardless of how vile someone is, hijacking them on google or any type blackmail force is inexcusable. period!

  6. uffda says

    Clay@ I’m with you. Dan is a cheezy sleeze in reality the minted obverse of Rick Santorum’s coin, the filth he comes up with says just as much about himself.

  7. epic says

    dear prophet and clay… your stupidity is inexcusable, you can go now…we can handle it from here. If you don’t like dan for whatever reason that’s fine, but keep to yourself until you do better then him, ’cause your just showing how little you know about him or what we need.

  8. epic says

    that’s goes for uffda as well you can go clutch your pearls elsewhere…where you can talk about kittens and antiques and well leave the grownups alone

  9. Clay says

    @ Epic

    You are Fckd in the head. So now people aren’t supposed to have their own opinions and be allowed to express them if they aren’t on the same page as you? Your cup sir runneth over with stupidity! And what exactlty do “we” need? More narrow minded idiots such as yourself? I think not! People like Dan Savage are constantly taking the low road and making a complete mockery of things. When people aren’t taken seriously, how do you suppose we will ever move forward?

  10. Codswallop says

    You people get that this is a JOKE, right? It has a secondary purpose of drawing attention to Republican gay-bashing, but Dan Savage is well aware that lightning isn’t going to strike twice and he can’t redefine “Rick” the way he was able to do with “Santorum.”

    However, since Santorum’s “Google Problem” has gotten so much news this joky “threat” will draw attention as well, in a way that Savage just saying “I wish those darn Republicans would stop bashing gay people” never would. Savage’s “santorum” strategy worked ONCE but it isn’t going to work again for a LONG time if ever and he knows that. However, this video using celebrity “Ricks,” even though it’s an empty threat, is actually a brilliant way to bring Republican homophobic rhetoric to the forefront.

    Changing the definition of Rick is a joke, Republican gay-bashing isn’t, and that’s the target here. Say what you will about DS (I love him) but he’s a brilliant provocateur and propagandist. When YOU pull off a coup like ruining a homophobic politician’s name or creating the It Gets Better campaign (which has been successful, for what it’s worth, far beyond anyone’s expectations, THEN you can whine about Savage’s ego.

  11. Marc says

    I love the Liberty U t-shirt! And I just noticed that Liberty U has pulled their anti-gay student conduct policy off of their public website.

  12. prophet says

    Thanks, but I don’t need your consent to voice my opinion, especially about someone who purports to speak for me and has taken the absolute lowest and most disgusting road to “celebrity status” ever devised. Yes, it gets better, for the ratings on his new show.

  13. RyanInSacto says

    @Prophet: Bitter, party of one, your table is ready.

    Take heart, maybe Clay will join you for dinner.

  14. ant says

    Dan’s Santorum site and campaign effectively neutered that homophobic gasbag POS Santorum. It was an incredibly clever 21st century maneuver and no, it probably won’t ever be repeated. And of course if you think that outcome is a bad one you have every right to say so. You also have every right to join GOProud or Log Cabin or whatever other self-loathing group you like. Hell, you even have the right to go to Marcus Bachmann’s clinic to try and pray your gay away. Good luck with that fellas!

  15. Todd says

    Time to redefine Rick…once he crosses over the New York state line to begin his crusade against marriage equality, I hope to see the new full definition of Rick Santorum out there. Anyone want to make bumper stickers?

  16. lewlew says

    Dan’s the best. Few do us so much good. He deserves whatever good comes to him.

  17. says

    Here he comes again, Mr. Foot-In-Mouth 2011! Each new attempt to call attention to himself looks more desperate. I had hoped that after the Republicans-should-f*cking-die debacle, Dan-O would learn to keep his damn mouth shut a bit more, but I should’ve known better. Once a media whore, always a media whore!

  18. says

    Hello? This wasn’t a case of foot-in-mouth like the die-Republicans comment on Bill M’s show (Dan needed to apologize for that and did—it was a foolish comment); this is obvious and deliberate scripted satire put up on Funny or Die. It’s not meant to be taken seriously, duh. Obviously, not everyone has to think it’s funny (I happened to), but to think of it as actual blackmail of poor Rick (the truly desperate one; Dan’s doing just fine) is to miss the point. All the Ricks in the bit seemed to get it, but some TR readers are a little more s l o w, apparently.

  19. RyanInSacto says

    @Ernie: Thank you. You’ve done a great public service by explaining what should otherwise be perfectly clear. But, like you said, some TR readers are a little more s l o w. I’m glad to know that there is Wi-Fi on the short bus. :)

  20. Morgan says

    I don’t know, I think the Santorum thing was funny the first time around (and I continue to believe he is a vile human being), but this just leaves me feeling icky. It’s one thing to fight back, quite another to stoop to his level. Savage could take the high road, but instead he’s acting like a grade school bully. Yes, Santorum deserves it, but it would hit him harder to give eloquent rebuttals to Santorum’s ridiculous ramblings.

  21. Piper says

    Santorum is one in a long line of “why are we wasting our time” kind of folks. He’s a caricature. Savage should be using his influence (and energy) for a more positive message.

  22. Codswallop says

    Cute, but kicking Santorum at this point IS a little bit like a letter to Savage Love about S&M necrophilia.

    I’d much rather see Dan grabbing the back of Mitt Romney’s magic pantaloons to deliver a righteous wedgie so bad the angel Moron(i) has to help pry them out!

  23. uffda says

    Funny. You mean like JACKFKNTWIST is supposed to be funny? Oh ha ha. Only when my standards are lowered to the level of a Savage.

  24. RyanInSacto says

    @UFFDA: Just today, you’ve posted comments shitting on both Dan Savage and Jon Stewart. Your sense of humor is clearly too high brow for this world. What a sad place it must be for you.

  25. Paul R says

    Cripes. The only valid complaint here is that Santorum has no chance of winning anything (going to NY to fight marriage equality? good luck with that, carpetbagger) and that Dan should go after higher-level targets.

    It’s sad that so many posts are attacking Dan and thus inherently defending Santorum. Let me guess. You’re Santorum supporters? Because if you’re gay and you think an attack on Santorum is despicable, you need to look yourself in the mirror. Honestly.

    If you’re really gay and you think it’s taking the low road to attack someone who thinks our sexual identity is comparable to pedophilia and bestiality, you need a whole lot of help. Dan didn’t start this fight, and Santorum hasn’t ended it.

  26. unokhan says

    the ‘santorum’ ploy was clever, but savage needs to know that shtick only works a few times. even if this was intended to be self-parody, the vid can be parlayed into gay failure propaganda by rightwing bombasts when nothing comes of it. i think he’s overplayed his hand.

  27. says

    Savage has done many good things, like It Gets Better, and when he’s on his game, he’s one of the best spokesmen we have.
    But he regularly makes mistakes, and this is one.
    Having been trained by some raunchy SF queens, I do think this is hillarious. But name calling has no place in adult discourse. And these are disgusting enough to make us look worse than our opponents. It’s bad strategy, period.
    The media regularly uses us as a wedge issue to help elect fiscally disastrous republicans. And we shouldn’t help them do it, which is what Savage is doing here.

  28. Artie Rimbaud says

    Dan Savage’s site and the “santorum” neologism were a brilliant coup in every sense of the word. It knocked the wind out of Rick Santorum’s sails. If you don’t like that result, that’s your own business.

    The clip posted here, for “Funny or Die”, is a spoof, of course. But it reminds everyone how effective Dan’s original 2003 campaign was. Yes, I understand that self-loathing cases will always have it upside-down and believe that Dan is a bad person and fundamentalist Xtians are good people. But self-loathing is definitely covered by the First Amendment.

  29. contragenic says

    I may be delusional but I honestly thought that the readers of Towleroad were adults, listening to Dan Savage and the myriad of bleeps in his video, I guess that most Towleroad readers are under age and easily influenced by colorful language. Some sort of warning about this sort of censorship would be appreciated Andy, this would free up the time I need to go read some other blog.

  30. Artie Rimbaud says

    @ Contragenic,

    The success of Dan Savage’s 2003 campaign against Rick Santorum is beyond dispute, although homophobes may dislike the results. As far as Dan’s current spoof video, perhaps the choice implied in “Funny or Die” is too drastic. Reading your comment, I thought of another set of options: “Funny or go read some other blog”. By the way, Dan’s clip appeared on a number of other political blogs, so you might have to narrow your selection of blogs more than you think.

  31. pseudonym psycho says

    He doesn’t need to change the meaning of “Rick”– just the spelling, by putting a silent P in front of it. Like this, (P)Rick Santorum.

  32. john leddy says

    dan, blackmail is ugly. your anti-santorum campaign is vulgar and immature. i am a gay male lifelong democrat . i am one of the great majority of pennsylvanians who voted santorium out of the senate. santorum can be defeated on the issues. don’t make him a sympathetic character by your vulgar campaign.

  33. ty says

    John- We should all be on defense 24-7. It’s people like Santorum who have set gay rights back by decades. If Dan doesn’t say it , who will? Clay Akin? No! We are at war, not a cocktail party!