Site Offers $10,000 for Proof That Marcus Bachmann is Gay

Pure Film Creative, a group site run by writer/director James Killough, is offering $10,000 for proof that Marcus Bachmann is gay.

Marcus_bachmann The PFC Pledge

Before we go any further in trying to transition Marcia into the fold and make her see the error of her ex-gay ways and discard that presidential-hopeful beard, Michele, let me state this: PFC will award $10,000.00 (ten thousand US dollars and zero cents) to any man who has solid, verifiable proof that he has had sex with Marcus Bachmann.  We’ll consider another arrangement if you were just propositioned.


  1. RONTEX says

    Ha, this is perfect. Let’s turn the tables on their witch hunt and get him outed, this man and his wife are dangerous to all the gay youth in this country.

  2. Paul R says

    That seems like an impossible condition to meet. I slept with someone five years ago. Maybe I know his name, maybe I don’t. How do you prove you slept with someone unless there’s video or at least audio? And who records (presumably) one-off sexual encounters? Or even repeated ones?

  3. Mike in the Tundra says

    Who knows if Bachmann is gay? Many of us recognized some of his actions as something we might see in a gay bar. They are rather flamboyant, so I doubt you’ll see them in a bar called The Eagle. I don’t think his voice tells much. It doesn’t sound gay to me, but he does sound like Daffy Duck.

    The PFC is probably wasting their time. If he’s gay, he may have had a few youthful flings, but I bet that since then, he hasn’t had the guts to do anything about it. Besides, Michelle might find out.

  4. Michael says

    Well “they” always say that we are out to destroy marriage…Makes no sense to play into that belief/mindset. It is counterproductive.

    I do not like them or agree with how they make a living off the demonizing of us but I don’t like this either.

  5. paul says

    even if anyone was stupid enough to sleep with that toady old closet case who in their right mind would publicly admit to that terrible faux pas ??

  6. say what says

    The proof is easy just put an add out targeted to escorts in the area

    If there is proof then they will have it in credit card receipts or telephone numbers registered specifically to Marcus Bachman

  7. ohplease says

    Brilliant. If anyone actually comes forward, it’s a win. If nobody comes forward, it’s still a win because it keeps the conversation going, it keeps Miss Marcus in the crosshairs, it keeps everyone thinking about how ridiculous it is that this nelly old queen is seen as anything other than gay, gay, gay.

    At the very least, it must be driving him even more crazy than he already is to be universally accepted as the thing he hates most in this world — which is, of course, himself.

    No matter what happens, Miss Marcus knows for an absolute fact that every human being that looks at him for the rest of his life will either be wondering if he’s gay or will be taking it for granted that he is.

    And nothing keeps the spotlight burning like money. Absolutely brilliant.

  8. uffda says

    The vengeful tone in this and the full James Killough statement from the PFC is far too self-congratulatory in what amounts to an excessuveky viscious attack on a pathetic man. Bachman is simply misled, frightened, confused. Killough is consciously attempting to assinate someone. I view it with the greatest discomfort.

  9. sarah says

    This is militant behavior and does not help our cause. As gay as Marcus Bachmann may be, it is also possible that he is so deeply repressed that he may never have even propositioned someone, and might even have found some sad methods of coping with it.

    This is just as problematic as beating someone up because they appear to be gay. Not cool.

  10. Umm says

    The wording of the pledge is a bit silly.

    Getting verifiable proof of him having slept with you will be difficult. Also, unless you normally take video of the guys who hit on you, you aren’t going to have proof of that either.

    Instead, what about photographic or video evidence that he was hitting on OTHER guys (not the person who took the pic/video) at a party? That’s the kind of evidence people are actually going to have if any evidence exists at all.

  11. Gregv says

    The headline and the quoted text don’t quite match up. Many straight men have experimented with a man at least once, and certainly a lot of bisexual men have, too.
    I don’t think the website has any worries that they will actually owe anyone any money; but they are getting the publicity they surely wanted. A sex tape is highly unlikely. Even receipts from an escort are unlikely to say, “for sexual services rendered.”. He could always claim he goes to because the strapping young men look like they would be good at carrying luggage and rubbing down sore muscles.

  12. Umm says

    Say what,

    If the guy actually does use rent boys (and we don’t know that he does), then unless he’s a total idiot who thinks he can get away with anything, he will be using a throwaway phone that isn’t registered to his name and he certainly wont be using a credit card connected to his name.

  13. Bastian says

    This is tasteless and petty. Why do you guys think that everyone has to be secretly gay. Bachmann has already demonstrated plenty of faults, let’s not try to make being ‘gay’ another one of them. First, he is not gay. Second, I don’t like the idea of ‘destroying’ someone by exposing that they are gay. Expose someone for being a bigot, liar, or a hypocrite. Would he be a hypocrite if it turned out he was gay? Sure, but he’s not gay. He’s just another dim-witted and slightly effeminate charlatan. Mocking and accusing someone of being gay because he seems effeminate is what bigots and homophobes do. Enough.

  14. say what says


    From someone who did a stint as an escort for 1 yr a long time ago during my college days, and it paid very well at $250 an hour with kink being more, yes people are idiots

    The majority of renters of rent boys will and do use their credit cards and their actual cell phones

    If he has, then the proof is there with the escorts in the area

    He also most likely has done it during his lunch hour at hotels no more than 20 minutes out from the clinic

    I would also like to add that escorting should be made legal with monthly mandatory doctor visits for licenses and taxes on it. That and the legalization of pot would completely clear up the US debt easily in 10 yrs if that long

  15. say what says

    oh and if he ever did an overnight trip, an overnight would have run him in my day starting at $1,000. Not sure what they are now a days but there most definitely is proof with the escorts if he is a closet case

  16. Homo Genius says

    grrrrr…. it really pains me but i have to agree with the dissenters. i just dont like the “stereotyping” and how it perpetuates mindsets from the 60’s and 70’s i thought we were beyond.

    that said – i hope they find some of his tricks. the ex-gay crap is even more offensive.

    some of you are mentioning escorts but i would wager if he is getting his homosex on it was probably in some kind of anonymous setting like a park or rest stop

  17. Umm says

    Say what,

    Great reply.

    I agree that prostitution of the escort variety should be legalized. No, I am not an escort, and I would never use one, but I see nothing wrong with people who need them using them. Plus, it helps gay youth out (haha). 😉

    Thanks for the info regarding your former clients. Sometimes I wonder if some people really want to be caught by their spouses. Sheesh.

  18. Hollywood, CA says

    LOLOLOL – Guuuurrrrrlll.. the hidden Repugnatlicans on here are buzzing in fury over this! That’s when you know you’re on to something! Get ’em!

    Down with EVIL!

  19. Oliver says

    I am a gay man and I had sex with Marcus and can prove it. On his *private part* is a tattoo, it’s a heart, inside of which says Elton John.
    And no, I didn’t just happen to see this in the shower at the Country Club.
    Please, deposit my funds c/o “poste restante/American Express/Paris”.

  20. Danny says

    For all you righteous and self-righteous prigs here who find this offensive or don’t like the wording or otherwise think it’s unfair or in poor taste or whatever your gay-self-hating krapola is, all I have to think of is all the suicides that can be laid at the doorstep of such people as this krappy fakefamily the Bachmann’s and then am more than willing to say ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR. AND THIS IS WAR–WAR AGAINST US.


  21. Bastian says

    @Danny: wait, what? Your comment takes incoherence to a whole new level. How is accusing someone that isn’t gay of being gay fighting for young gay people? Here’s a hint: it’s not.

  22. Beef and Fur says

    Of course he has to be called Marcia and he/she….because that’s what we do to demean men….we make them gay and femine.

    Why not just give the assholes on the other side more ammunition to make up scary lies about us?

    Good job.

  23. Beef and Fur says

    I’m sure someone will call me out for my spelling error….yes I noticed it..should say:

    F E M I N I N E

    But then again, that’s really not the point.

  24. Yeek says

    Larry Flynt, one of the greatest Americans alive, did something like this years ago during the Clinton scandal with immense success.

    This will be an excellent lesson for Mr. Bachmann. If he is gay, he will have to sweat a little over the possibility that his hypocrisy will be exposed. If he isn’t gay, he will get a small taste of what it’s LIKE to be a gay kid in high school: the smirks, the cruel gossip, knowing that people see you as “less of a man.” To paraphrase, this is a beastly treatment and should only be used for beasts. Bachmann qualifies.

  25. contragenic says

    Militant behavior is a bad thing? No, the point of doing battle is to win, by any means necessary. I may have a go at the jellyfilled lunatic myself.

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