1. says

    His definition of traditional marriage is that married people are required to produce children. This definition is intolerant to anyone else, even if they are straight but do not want to have children. His definition defies common sense.

  2. Mike says

    All straight married people who do not have children must have their marriages voided – it’s the only way according to his logic. I use the word “logic” very loosely when it comes to (yawn)… sorry I fell asleep thinking about him.

  3. James in Hollywood says

    What a superiority complex Pawlenty has. Fortunately – politically – this guy is such a blank; he does not have an air of permanence about him. Sigh…so tired of fighting these foolish bigots. Good for Candy, though, for pressing him.

  4. Disgusted American says

    Pawlenty..Ï think because My penis goes into vagina, and we can make children via VaJj and Penile sex, Our marriages should be Better then theirs”

  5. Elevate Me please says

    How does he explain traditional divorce? Republicans seem to like that a lot.

    Maybe he should be pressed to sign an oath saying he would outlaw divorce in order to sustain the validity of marriage.

    That should get a lot of votes.

  6. ichabod says

    Yawn! Same old same old from the dinosaur party.

    I’m with TONEZ, just let ’em keep on babbling their nonsense so that everyone can see how ridiculous they are…

  7. Gianpiero says

    Let’s see, on the one hand we have photos and videos today of hundreds and hundreds of couples with unmistakable joy on their faces making a serious commitment of their lives to each other, and on the other hand we have this guy yapping his nonsense. Anyone who implies that all those joyful couples are somehow bad, or that what they are doing is somehow wrong, will only make themselves look silly.

  8. my2cents says

    highly recommended: today’s NYTimes SundayStyles section…
    every word a jewel; the depth, diversity and universality of the articles mirror the infinite possibility of love and the desire for shared experience and commitment.

  9. David in Houston says

    So which one of Rush Limbaugh’s marriages were elevated? I bet his 2nd marriage was superior to all “domestic” relationships, or maybe it was his 4th? …and when Newt Gingrich cheated on two of his wives, no doubt that his adultery was “elevated” way beyond what a gay person could accomplish. Bravo!

  10. Redebbm says

    Pawlenty, tumbling toward irrelevance. He hasn’t caught the attention of the independents so now he is appealing to the ultra right wing. Note to mr. Zzzzz, America is supportive of Gay Marriage now.

  11. K in VA says

    Just once, I’d like to see a reporter ask a few obvious questions, things like, “Do you think gays and lesbians should be required to pay the same FICA taxes, given that widowed spouses are denied survivor benefits?” or “Do you think the country would suffer great harm if same-sex couples were allowed to file jintly?”

  12. says

    So….straight couples only marry to spite gay couples, Mr. Pawlenty?

    This “argument” he puts forth reminds me of my favourite line from Alex Haley’s ROOTS…. Slavery had been abolished, and the freed slaves remark on the anger of the poor whites: “Being white was all they had left”

    Pawlenty – mouthpiece for the Straight Supremacist Movement.

    My sister and her husband, and my still-married parents, they don’t object to gay people marrying. Me marrying my boyfriend doesn’t devalue their marriages. Why on earth do some straight people need to keep gay people from marrying in order to feel that their own lives and marriages are worth something?

  13. TampaZeke says

    I can’t help but take delight in how even the most virulently anti-gay people are noticeably turning down the nasty from previous rants. They are clearly very aware that their position is becoming less and less marketable. We will see them squirming more and more with each passing interview.

    How gloriously entertaining it is to see them squirm over something they used to so arrogantly and proudly proclaim!

  14. says

    Religious bigots will never prevail. The era of the Christian Base is coming to an end, as it should. Time and education is killing the Pawlentys, Palins, Bachhmans and Romneys of this world and you, dear reader, can help that death move along quickly. Demand your rights as a citizen of the United States. Vote every Republican out of office at every available opportunity. Don’t sit back and let the other guy do it, you do it for yourself and for the rest of us.

  15. Ronald Reagan Bush says

    Pawlenty’s “Marriage” is JUST LIKE Gingrich” “Marriage”, as I have observed in very expensive,posh,public restaurants, it’s Their female wife that ALWAYS WEARS THE PANTS, & Calls ALL The Shots,so it’s Mrs. Pawlenty & Mrs.Gingrich that is “THE MAN” in BOTH those sham “marriages”. Pawlenty & Gingrich…what a bunch of Poofters/phonies for “straight” marriage ONLY! Seeing these straight-pussy,tough-talkin’ “men” get pushed around by their brass-ball straight bitches is fun! Weeeeee!!!!

  16. jr says

    he’s so not convincing. i don’t think he believes a word of this crap. he just wants to win. he’d probably marry a gay man if it meant he got the nomination.

  17. NY2.0 says

    Tim Pawlenty is a major snore and no matter what he does it isn’t registering in the polls.
    These Republicants should be punished at the polls come 2012. The GOP presidential field is a hot mess and John Beohner and the House Republicants are the most ignorant and incompetent majority this country has ever seen!

  18. Grover Underwood says

    maybe I’m stupid but I have yet to understand how marriage equality devalues heterosexual marriage-will someone PLEASE explain this to me???

  19. BobN says

    I’m a bit mystified why anyone would call that a good interview with tough questions. God knows it was better than most, but it was still weak.

    Pawlenty opposes ANY legal recognition for us. The audience didn’t hear that.

  20. Just_a_guy says

    Governor Pawlenty thinks his sexual orientation makes him superior to me. And he can’t even fathom a world that does not socially, morally andlegally privilege him by denigrating and denying fundamental human rights to gay people.

    Sure glad he made that clear…

    Who elects these people?!

  21. wimsy says

    Okay, I want a list of straight people who refuse to get marred just because I married my boyfriend. If I’m devaluating marriage, I want names!

  22. says

    So “traditional marriage” should be “elevated” because it’s such a special and unique institution… so special and unique that millions of people have been getting married for centuries! If it’s “traditional” it can’t be “unique.”

  23. Michael In Philly says

    “In particular what should gay couples,lesbian couples, NOT HAVE, that straight couple do?” What a perfectly worded question by Candy Crowley. Of course this idiot did not answer it.

  24. BobN says

    Michelle Bachmann, in an attempt to out-conservative Mr. Pawlenty, quickly reset the bar with her declaration that same-sex couples should take the stairs…

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