1. Bryan says

    Es ist die Blase! ¡Máteme suavemente! Soltanto voi, il mio tesoro!

    I am so being of the deeply moved, so profoundly of this the stirring, all of us navigating now as we are of the zeitgeist in this our fragile bark au courant, its sclera white sails billowing à la à la à la Allah mode. We am all of us are so to be the overcoming of this. of this. the undulant history, this ultimate of localities, this moment. this moment. this s s s s lipping through time.

    So say you so say it with me now, my darlings. Mono no aware… Mono no aware… Mono no aware…

    We are underwhelmed.

    You bitches want, like, fries with that?

  2. says

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