1. seriously says

    I thought someone else would comment by now, but I guess everyone has become as apathetic as I have.

    Fehrenbach has NOT been discharged. They even discuss it in the clip. That’s actually the entire point of his case.

    I know I don’t pay anything — except my time, my page views, my availablity to your advertisers — to read this blog, but come on. You seriously can’t be bothered to even watch what you post?

    I double dog dare you to go even one day without posting something that’s flat-out not true or wholly inaccurate.

  2. gr8guyca says

    Does a military man have to announce to anyone that he is gay?
    I thought that DADT was only put into action when there is evidence found that someone is gay.

  3. says

    “LUCK” has nothing to do with the fact that—more than three years after he was outed—and more than two years after he went public AND was recommended for discharge—Lt. Col. Fehrenbach has been officially notified that the Pentagon umpires have declared him “Safe!” and he’s actually gotten a “THANK YOU” certificate from Commander-in-Chief Obama while other gays and lesbians in the military are still being terrorized with fresh recommendations of discharge, brand new investigations terrorizing them—and, oh yeah, Dan Choi is still getting dunning notices for his “unearned” reenlistment bonus.

    And, in addition to forgetting that she’d already revealed his permission to retire on her show months ago, Rachel seems to have forgotten that with that certificate with the Presidential Seal, “out-of-work” Fehrenbach will be getting retirement pay of close to $50,000 a year for the rest of his life—cumulatively worth $1 million.

    Now don’t get us wrong: we’re THRILLED for him! He NEVER should have faced discharge or the threat of losing his early retirement in the first place. But if anyone wants to know the benefit of NOT criticizing Obama too much—THIS IS IT—in dollars and cents.

  4. BreckRoy says

    You are technically right, but know that “evidence” can mean a lot of things in a pre-repeal military. You say anything to anyone about even questioning things, you have pictures on vacation with another man that appear romantic on you private Facebook page, or do one of those drunken straight guys kiss things at a party or something, it can be evidence in the hands of the overzealous…and all you needed was someone who heard something somewhere to open an investigation in some commands. No one expects, even with repeal, there to be a rash of pronouncements, but it was a mess defining what don’t tell meant for years

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