1. says

    One thing Thomas Roberts and Dana Milbank fail to mention. Underslavery the slave master went out of his way to break up families by selling off fertile woemn to other slave owners so as to have them be impregnated by their “prize” male slaves, and selling children left and right to work in the fields. In short under slavery the entire concept of a family did not exist.

  2. chris says

    it’s a repulsive pledge and Bachman and her ex gay husband need to be exposed for the harmful, unethical, almost criminal “therapies” they espouse to inflict on gay men who are having severe emotional issues coming to terms with their sexuality.

  3. Jim says

    This is vitriolic hatred and “bullying” on a national level… and it must not be tolerated! Call this out for what it is… we have come so far with the anti-bullying campaign in this country for youth… but can’t adults also be bullied? I think so!

  4. Robert says

    Banning porn won’t sit too well with the males in red states either. Apparently, porn consumption is the highest in those states than in the entire country combined. Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth is reputed to have one of the largest gay porn collections in the country. He won’t be a happy camper and he won’t have any more access to gay porn or troll gay venues away from his wife.

  5. Matt26 says

    Not a day goes by without MB doing some idiotic. I think she understands and accepts all the things she says and signs and writes. Nobody can make so many mistakes. She is a dangerous woman.

  6. Kevin Thor says

    I am hoping The Southern Poverty Law Clinic grows a pair and names Christian Evangelicals, Catholics and Mormans The three largest hate groups in the country.

  7. Justin L Werner says

    I welcome her becoming more extreme and more vocal about it. Let the entire country get an unambiguous view of just how batshit crazy she is.

  8. walter says

    the repuks keep getting crazier every day. it is becoming a party of hate mongers who spread fear thru ignorance. lcr and goproud how can you keep voting and supporting these clowns who hate you so much? these people will never change. lcr and goproud just be careful when they invite you to go and help build a camp

  9. thom says

    And the crazy show is still running!…..I would be ashamed to be an Iowan right now.
    There are many good decent people there for the most part and it is a pity they have to take any ownership of this filth. Being from Texas during the Bush Reich for 8 long years painted us all there with “guilt by association” Not fair. Nor is it fair to good Iowans to have to endure this tripe.
    Bachmann needs to partner up with that Looney Tune, Cristine O’Donnell for the GOP ticket race….and “hubby” Markie can be their fashion consultant. The dirt’s gonna spill on him soon enough. This may be fun (if it weren’t so tragic)
    Go Away….NOW……

  10. Zach says

    Why don’t these insane people just fall on swords and die. The insane Bachmann has it out for gay people because her husband allegedly was gay. Rick SaNiToRiuM equated being gay with bestiality. Now they have taken a political death pact and vowed to absolutely discriminate against gay people. They are sick and certifiable whackjobs. They are living in the 1950’s Pleasantville, not in 2011 real world. They need to hate.

  11. rickg says

    I find this “pledge” totally hilarious and childish. Just because one signs something because its their “belief” doesnt make or negate reality. Sadly nearly 20 yrs ago, my mother died of cancer. Some “fundie” made that comment that she chose to sin which somehow gave her cancer… Guess we could write a pledge and have people sign on that all disease is a result of a choice. Sound quite Dark Ages doesnt it? While we need to counter the Radical Rights agenda, we need to let them show the world how stupid, uneducated, and silly they are… how pitiful they are… I mean “pitiful.”

  12. billmiller says

    Jim, you must think like me, I noted the ass terisk comment as well. Perhaps perry and sanitorium will fall in love and move to a state that allows them to be wed. What a bunch of incredible morons clawing at each other in the republicant primaries! How can any sane person take these people seriously. Is this all there is?