1. neverstops says

    yeah, i think JL is hot as hell – always have… thinning hair & all

    you’ll get a lot of mixed reaction about him – but for me, yum

  2. AllBeefPatty says

    Not to mention, I don’t see one ugly ass tattoo.

    Hopefully, he doesn’t wear flip-flop either.

  3. ZNV says

    Nice work getting the look of the character and making Jude Law ruggedly hot rather than pretty. I do worry that the focus of the photos will be reflected in the production, and that Anna Christie will be side lined in her own play. We’ll see how it goes. (I still wish I could have seen Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson in those parts.)

  4. Tom in Long Beach says

    Really like rugged looking men. He is beautiful. I agree with all beefpatty about the lack of tattoos. Seems like too people do not know when to stop with the tats. Used to think they were cool but too many people over do it.

  5. Aurther says

    Oh the things I would do to that man…god, I really need to contain myself. But really, who could resist all of that?