News: Jack Layton, Melanoma, Rick Perry, Loch Ness, Ryan Gosling

Road Canada Opposition Leader and LGBT advocate Jack Layton dies at 61.

Teixeira RoadIf anyone can sell clothing made by Coca-Cola, Marlon Teixeira can.

RoadVIDEO: Ryan Gosling breaks up NYC street fight.

Road"Revolutionary" treatment for deadliest form of skin cancer approved. "Researchers say the developments make this an exciting time for those who see the possibility for controlling a disease that today is diagnosed in about 68,000 Americans annually and kills more than 8,700 people in this country each year."

RoadRicky Martin and boyfriend Carlos Gonzalez in Sardinia.

RoadFED UP: Rick Perry distances himself from book he published months ago.

RoadDetails on James Franco's Oz: The Great and Powerful revealed: "Concept art included several images of the lush, emerald green hills of Oz, with the yellow–but not always bricked–road winding it's way throughout. The impossible geography of Oz showed through as well, with arching rock formations seemingly miles long and a mountain shaped like an elephant. Pictures of the Emerald City showcased an art deco influence. The image that appeared to be production stills featured James Franco's character (Oz) looking bewildered in front of a frightening forest."

RoadDavid Beckham plays with new teammate, and himself.

Bowie RoadBoy George sleeps with David Bowie…tattoo.

RoadRadioactive: Marina and the Diamonds venture into dance pop territory with new single.

RoadOutserve co-director 'JD Smith' on his 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' life: "On Sept. 20, when DADT officially ends, my integrity and the integrity of thousands of other gay and lesbian military members will begin to be restored. The years I lost lying to my friends, family, and co-workers will begin to be repaired….America will realize the pain this policy caused to the very people that are fighting for their freedoms."

RoadMarc Jacobs to succeed John Galliano at Dior?

RoadAnderson Cooper returns firehouse to its original beauty.

RoadLoch Ness searched after reported crash of mysterious blue object.

Hartnett RoadJosh Hartnett: he smokes roses.

RoadShepard Fairey assaulted in Denmark: "Fairey claims the men called him 'Obama illuminati' and ordered him to 'go back to America'."

RoadEllen DeGeneres announces new vegan website.

RoadBill Clinton's life as a vegan: "He's dropped more than 20 pounds, and he says he's healthier than ever. His dramatic dietary transformation took almost two decades and came about only after a pair of heart procedures and some advice from a trusted doctor."

RoadTim Hardaway campaigns against recall of pro-gay politicians in El Paso: "The group opposing a recall of El Paso Mayor John Cook and two city representatives for their support of partner benefits for city employees got an endorsement Thursday from an unlikely source: former University of Texas at El Paso superstar and NBA All-Star Tim Hardaway…The message of Thursday's news conference, held by El Paso's 'No Recall Group,' was to try to provoke a change of heart for those who oppose health benefits for gay and unmarried partners of city employees. It was clear that Hardaway has had a 'change of heart' of his own."


  1. say what says

    Rick Perry

    ‘My book written months ago on what I stand for is not meant to be a factual book on what I stand for”

    The issue is He was claiming SS is a ponzi scheme and unconstitutional. That of course will have even the most racist die hard repub elderly voter either not voting for perry or staying home since they love their SS

  2. Rick says

    I’ve been a vegetarian for 38 years now and every time I go in for a check-up, I am told that I am in perfect health with optimal levels of cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, you name it. I highly recommend it to everyone–meat will not even be part of your consciousness about a year after you “convert”.

    Of course, if either Josh Hartnett or Ryan Gosling appeared stark naked right in front of me, the carnivorous urge might just be too powerful to resist (LOL).

  3. FernLaPlante says

    Please, please, PLEASE note when a story is from d-listed. I hate clicking and finding myself on that immature, hateful, vile site and inadvertently giving him traffic.

  4. Barry says

    Thanks for including Jack Layton’s passing in your daily News roundup. Canada is devastated today. It is particularly sad that it came just months after he led the NDP to its greatest election showing and became Leader of the Opposition.

  5. says

    I will sorely miss Jack Layton.
    I will never forget being in my early twenties and seeing Jack Layton and his wife at “Buddies” – the local alterna-queer dance club night. Dancing, hugging us, taking to us – being a part of our community. Jack Layton was one of the few Prime Ministerial candidates who did not merely “respect” the LGBT Community, but he actively and passionately championed us.

    He would march in the pride parades, with banners “I’m a Layton Homosexual”

    He was a wonderful Canadian, made me proud to be a Canuck – here’s to his legacy continuing.

    Thank you, Jack.

  6. says

    Are times so bad that a faceless person, cowering in the shadows, becomes a “hero” to gay and mainstream media. “J.D. Smith” composes another Valentine to himself, drooling about his “integrity” when he has none.

    As he has so many times before, Mr. “Smith” once again demonstrates his bottomless egotism. In the linked “Daily Beast” piece, we get both the “More Shat Upon Than Thou, ‘Smith'” and the “I Stretched Forth My Rod and the World Changed ‘Smith’.” It’s easy to be a narcissist when one is willfully ignorant, as he clearly is, of so much. First, let’s clear up the impression he leaves for the young that the ban against gays in the military began with DADT. Wrong. The formal ban began during WWII and resulted in the discharge of some 100,000 before anyone had heard of DADT. In 1966, the Navy ALONE discharged over 1700—nearly 500 more than ALL the branches discharged in the worst year under DADT. There were almost as many discharged during Reagan’s 8 years as President as during the entire 17 years DADT has been on the books. DADT is certainly evil, too, but gays were typically treated far worse under the original ban. There were “queer stockades,” sometimes just fenced-in areas out in the open where gay troops were mocked en masse by their straight fellow soldiers. There were “mental wards” in military hospitals to which some gays were confined before being discharged. And any of the stories about suicides, murders, and having to hide the grief of losing one’s lover in combat “Smith” speaks of have been documented going back to at least WWII in books such as Allan Berube’s “Coming Out Under Fire” and Randy Shilt’s “Conduct Unbecoming.” Mr. “Smith” makes the mistake many self-adoring would-be authors do—he’s failed to read any books before he decided to write one.

    If he had, another thing he would have learned is that FAR from having personally created “The First” that he keeps patting himself on the back about, underground networks of gays in the services also date at least to WWII. And if they’d had the Internet then, instead of only letters, rare phone calls, and mimeographed newsletters passed hand-to-hand, their networks would have been just as big as the one “Smith” brags about. Unless he’s also claiming to have invented the Internet and Facebook, I think we can move on.

    As for his “magazine,” its beauty is only skin deep, for its content is pockmarked with seriously damaging factual errors [e.g., NO, access to military family housing for gay couples is NOT banned by DOMA], as well as the self-inflicted wounds of applauding rather than protesting the months of needless “training” used by Pentagon bigots to delay repeal as long as possible, and, worse, a refusal to demand that the Pentagon reverse their announced post repeal policy of denying gay and lesbian service members equal access not just to those partner benefits not banned by DOMA but also the protections against harassment and discrimination IN the military, for instance, in performance evaluations, duty assignments, and promotions.

    Finally, we come to Mr. “Smith’s” refusal to come out even now under a Circuit Court order banning any discharges and actual repeal being mere weeks away. Not only has this self-proclaimed “leader” “led” from the shadows, but upon the shoulders of gay service members like Leonard Matlovich, Skip Keith, Debbie Watson & Barbara Randolph, Perry Watkins, Miriam Ben-Shalom, Keith Meinhold, Tracy Thorne-Begland, Zoe Dunning, Justin Elzie, Robert Heigl, Kenneth Osborn, Steven Spencer, Richard von Wohld, Werner Zehr, Sandy Tsao, Dan Choi, Katie Miller, among others, who put their careers on the line to fight the ban over the decades while “Mr. Smith” continues to play the odds in his favor past the very last second.

    Cowardice is not new, but we’re astonished to learn that there is at least an accusation that he’s gay already in his Air Force files. He fails to explain how he escaped discharge. He could have lied his way out of it, or simply been given a pass by a superior who liked him. But here he is, folks: free to strut his ego, his exaggerated claims to contributing to the end of the ban, and to start counting whatever pieces of silver his book will earn him.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    I love that Tim Hardaway is now standing up for civil rights for Gay folks. Now, I wonder if he’ll gimme’ some?

    I know…I know….don’t insult Straight guys who help the cause of Gay equality (I don’t give a damn, I still want some).

  8. Perry says

    Sadly, in the US the only progressives with half the vision, fortitude and courage of Jack Layton are at the local level. As a progressive voice, he will truly be missed, both in Canada, and stateside, by those who followed him. Still, we need to all pause and offer up a “Well done, sir!”

  9. tinhouston says

    re: Anderson Cooper project.

    Beautiful workmanship on that building. Kudos to him for restoring. The over-used expression, ‘they don’t build ’em like they used to..’ is certainly an understatement here-! Just look at the details.
    Sure would like to see the interior of his new home.
    Thanks Anderson for keeping alive this building.

  10. Craig S says

    Another Canadian who’s been blubbering and bawling all day about Jack. All the prior comments are very true; he was a friend to our community long before it was fashionable, and an incredibly honest and admirable and inspiring figure.

  11. Nat says

    “I am told that I am in perfect health with optimal levels of cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, you name it. I highly recommend it to everyone–meat will not even be part of your consciousness about a year after you “convert”.

    Refraining from meat is neither a necessary nor sufficient condition to achieve that in every case. Most Americans would do well to substantially cut back on the amount of meat in their diet, but it’s not as if it’s the only dietary problem out there; it’s certainly not the most severe. Indeed, the growth in meat consumption is far more dangerous to the environment in terms of pollution and energy consumption than to human health.

  12. walter says

    how come palin bachmann perry romney odonnell all write books want people to buy them and then can’t run fast enough away from what they wrote. what’s the sense of writing them if you won’t discuss or defend what’s in them. i guess just a way to get your face out there. news outlets should stop interviewing these clowns.

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