Basic Rights Oregon Not Yet Ready…

6a00d8341c730253ef014e8aa99e63970d-800wi Oregon's Statesman Journal reported yesterday that Basic Rights Oregon, that state's largest LGBT organization, was ready to launch a ballot initiative for same-sex marriage.

BRO's leader, Jeana Frazzini, says the paper jumped the gun:

An article by the Salem Statesman Journal inadvertently implied that Basic Rights Oregon has already decided to gather signatures for a 2012 ballot measure, while in fact we do not expect to make this decision until later this year.

In the meantime, we continue our work to educate the public about why civil marriage matters to caring and committed same-sex couples.

Last year, we launched this education campaign to engage Oregonians in conversations in person, on social media and on TV.

Frazzini asks that anyone interested in helping their efforts visit their affiliated site, Love. Commitment. Marriage.


  1. says

    This doesn’t surprise me. I talked to BRO last year about challenging Prop 36 (Oregon’s anti-marriage equality constitutional amendment) because, per the Oregon Legislature, if one part of the constitution disagrees with another, you must bring up a lawsuit to challenge it. I thought it was a slam dunk. But both BRO and the ACLU Oregon disagreed, saying, “We’re more interested in education than lawsuits”.

    That’s the last time I gave money to EITHER organization. We need bold leaders, and this story just proves to everyone how timid BRO is.

  2. Ken says

    @Walter, you know what other lawsuit was supposed to be a slam dunk? Li v. Oregon. It’s one thing to play to file lawsuits, and it’s another thing to play to win.

  3. Brad says

    BRO is an organization that I’ve lost a lot of respect for right along with HRC. When the ballot measure to ban same sex marriage in the Oregon constitution was brought before voters, BRO had twice the financial resources of the other side and yet they couldn’t get tv ads on the air. We were inundated with ads from the other side but the BRO funded ads were few and far between and they didn’t even mention the actual ballot measure. This well funded campaign was sending speakers to supportive groups and not communicating with those voters we really needed to reach. It was an abysmal failure, one which BRO has never recovered from. They get a LOT of money to pay the very generous salaries of their managers but have little to show for it. They bad mouthed other organizations like Love Makes a Family even when they were working towards the same goals. They wanted all the money and all the influence. Well, they got a lot of money, but their timidity rivals HRC’s lack of of enthusiasm for fighting for real equal rights. They don’t want to confront anybody or make waves. This is why my partner and I don’t give them money anymore. This news does not surprise me.

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