1. Pete n SFO says

    And again… this is simply a smokescreen for gay panic. However unfortunate it is, many, many people have suffered sexual abuse. It can never be construed as justification for murder.

    If the victim were a girl, would this conversation even be plausible?

    I refuse to accept that the idea of a gay advance is so wildly threatening that all reason is cast aside, no matter the age or history of the perpetrator.

  2. justme says

    Obviously, as is common knowledge, when you’ve been sexually abused as a child you’re allowed to kill one queer kid of your choice. I mean, everybody knows that, right?

    With the killer’s brother being this much of a disgusting lowlife, it’s not exactly mystifying how the killer himself turned out to be one.

  3. Zlick says

    Sorry, Bing, but your brother IS a murderer.

    I’m truly sorry for the horrors of his upbringing and the stresses he was under – but if every kid responded to such stress with murder, we’d all be dead within the year.

    MURDER is not an acceptable response to such stress. Such experiences at home, at school or on Mars are not legal defenses to the crime of cold-blooded and pre-meditated MURDER.

    Maybe your brother will enjoy prison more than he enjoyed home. I hope he’s more accepting of gay sex than he seemed to be at school. There’s a lot of it coming his way.

    Sorry, does it seem I have no sympathy for Brandon McInerny? That would be correct.

  4. Mark says

    Right – not man enough to say I’m not interested but the only way to stop an unwanted advance is tell everyone you are going to the kill the person; then plan out bringing a gun to a place a person is and then purposefully sit behind them and shoot them they will stop making advances on you.

    And the men in prison will leave you alone too.

  5. justme says

    Perhaps if Lawrence King’s killer didn’t want Lawrence King to fight back in the only way he knew how, then maybe Lawrence King’s killer should have never attacked Lawrence King in the first place.

    Oh, wait — that’s right. Lawrence King was a queer kid, so that means he was asking to be attacked by daring to exist. And then he annoyed his killer — instead of just taking his killer’s abuse — so, naturally, he had to be killed. Everybody knows that any queer kid who fights back has to be killed.

    Seriously — is it really too much to ask this killer and his lowlife brother to think that it’s possibly wrong for them to get to decide who lives and who dies?

  6. tony x says

    I believe the Menendez Brothers claimed their father raped them and made the older brother rape the younger …. and that sexual abuse did not stop them from going to prison for life.

    Let us pray that killing a classmate who is out and gay and never hurt you is not more socially acceptable than killing a father who raped you.

  7. Shane says

    The victim appears to have been behaving in a very irresponsible and disrespectful manner. He should have realised that there would be repercussions. It is regrettable that he paid with his life, but it seems absurd to sentence the defendant to over 50 years in prison! What a waste of money.

  8. Codswallop says

    Not a white SUPREMACIST. It’s a narrow distinction the brother is making there because he is friends with the leader of a “white pride” group who he insists isn’t a racist, just someone who wants to “preserve the white race.” He introduced his younger brother to this man and they had discussions, which is why he’s insisting on the point that his brother isn’t a racist or white supremacist. Was Lawrence King Hispanic? That would certainly add another layer to the crime.

    White supremacy/white pride, tomato/tomahto. The sheets are the same.

  9. prophet says

    They are pulling out all of the stops here by having his brother tell this whopper. I seriously doubt that there were actual sexual advances by King, maybe reactions against taunts. I have the nauseating feeling, though, that this will resonate with the jury, and this little killer will walk. While I don’t think King was given proper guidance and may have actually sought attention, that is no excuse to shoot him in the back of the head.

  10. Reason's Arrow says


    Lawrence King was a light-skinned African-American.

    “White pride” is not like “gay pride” or the 1960s’ “black pride,” which were about oppressed peoples trying to find worth and dignity in their history. “White pride” is phrase that came from white supremacist groups who shouted it as they burned crosses.

    Brandon McInerney is a murderer. He deserves to be locked away until mental health professionals deem him fit to return to society.

    I don’t believe that a child who commits murder should forfeit his whole life. This isn’t the 19th Century. We have enough science to know that the adult brain isn’t fully formed until one reaches one’s early twenties. Other than vengeance, what good does it to lock him away for life?

  11. Paul R says

    F this. Someone close to me who is me suffered physical abuse, mental abuse, and sexual abuse. I never got a gun and shot anyone.

    That said, I find it abhorrent that there’s no way to prosecute the parents of the murderer.

  12. Sancho says

    The prosecution’s job is not easy here: the lawyers on both sides know perfectly well that most jurors are going to be very reluctant to convict a 15-year old of an offense that will send him to prison for life. The prosecution knows and the defense knows that the jury doesn’t really have to believe the kid wasn’t responsible, they just have to feel sorry enough for him that they go for second-degree murder or manslaughter.

    Logically, then, the defense lawyers are giving the jurors all kinds of possible justifications for agreeing on one of those lesser charges – they’re just throwing these horror stories against the wall one after another like spaghetti to see which ones stick. In turn, it’s the prosecutor’s job to make objections and exclude these arguments whenever possible, but clearly the defense lawyers know where the invisible line is and they’re not crossing it. Defense lawyers get a lot of discretion defending a minor on first-degree murder charge.

  13. The Iron Orchard says

    What really pisses me off is the BS the reporter say at the end…about being he is charged with a hate crime he is to be tried as an adult. BULL!! In Maryland, a juvenile was charged with a hate crime in the beating of the transgender woman at the Mcdonalds, that person wa NOT charged as an adult! (I really wish towleroad did allow cursing in our posts, if you curse it won’t post, talk about juvenile..what is up with that anyway? Is Andy a mormon or something?). It was the State’s choice to put Brandon on trial as an adult, it has nothing to do with hate crime law that he is being charged as an adult, which I personally disagree with, but that is besides the point.

  14. Artie Rimbaud says

    Apologists for cold-blooded murder are trying to set up a replay of the White Night Riots, when Dan White’s “Twinkie Defense” prevailed. I hope the jurors in this case learn from history rather than repeat it. Premeditated murder is premeditated murder, no matter how hate mongers try to spin it.

  15. Artie Rimbaud says

    @ Shane,

    Re your quote: “The victim appears to have been behaving in a very irresponsible and disrespectful manner. He should have realised that there would be repercussions.”

    Fundamentalist Xtians (might you be one?) routinely behave in a very irresponsible and disrespectful manner toward LGBT people. Do you think there should be similar “repercussions”? How do you feel, Shane, about endangered species of big cats in the ecosystem? To put it another way:

    “Not enough lions, too many Christians.”

    You thoughts, Shane?

  16. says

    “It is regrettable that he paid with his life, but it seems absurd to sentence the defendant to over 50 years in prison!”

    @Shane: Shooting someone in the head is not “regrettable.” (Stubbing your toe is regrettable.) It is murder. And worrying about the fate of the murderer, and the potential cost of his imprisonment, rather than mourning the death of the, in your words, “irresponsible” and “disrespectful” victim is playing into the gay panic defense that no gay person should buy into.

    You, and the other apologists today who are somehow equating Larry’s “behaviors” with cold-blooded murder, are playing right into the defense’s propaganda, of questionable veracity, which is to paint the victim, a 15 year old boy whose family life was as troubled as his murderer’s, as deserving of his fate. He wasn’t.

    It wasn’t Larry’s fault that Brandon McInerney had a lousy life, and it wasn’t Larry’s job to pay for the sins of McInerney’s family with his life. This blame the victim mentality has to stop.

  17. Mk_Ultra_Again says

    He’s a liar and his brother is a murderer. They are both skin head trash. Let the sentence be harsh. Punish him to the fullest extent of the law.

  18. Michael says

    If this were true why are they not placing him up on the stand instead of his brother? Seems they do not want him cross examined and the only reason for that is because they know that this BS would totally be shown for what it is…BS. Tragic yes…excusable hell no!

  19. Craig says

    Yeah, well, I was almost killed by a child molester when I was 6 too, and it went on for 2 years. I never once thought about harming another person! What nonsense!

  20. jojo-mofo says

    It’s just really sad and shows how sexual abuse can horribly affect an individual. There’s no right or wrong, good or evil answer, and it would be very difficult to be on a jury in this case.

  21. Gigi says

    @Shane – I just saw your comment after I posted the one above. You say that the “victim appears to have been behaving in a very irresponsible and disrespectful manner. He should have realised that there would be repercussions.” Larry King was a kid, and these stories about his “irresponsible” behavior are just hearsay. They were both kids! Kids do and say inappropriate things. When I was a kid a cousin of mine used to hold me down and fart in my face, in front of a crowd of my friends. It didn’t just happen once. It was very humiliating but I didn’t, not one time, think that the solution was to shoot him in the head. It’s a sad story, very sad. I’m not sure what the outcome will be but it sounds as though you’re blaming the victim. Please don’t do that.

  22. Artie Rimbaud says

    @ Shane,

    No need for the gloomy silence in reply to my comment. I was merely posing a reasonable question. You said that “the victim appears to have been behaving in a very irresponsible and disrespectful manner”. You apparently believe that the victim’s self-confident effeminacy was unwise and that “He should have realised that there would be repercussions.”

    What about the behavior of fundamentalist Xtians when they publicly spread hate? Do you think that behavior is unwise? And should Xtians who are so publicly homophobic expect similar murderous “repercussions”? Just an academic question.

  23. Alex says

    I’m saddened to see so many of my fellow LGBT commenters on here calling for blood. This event is a tragedy, and an example of how homophobia can destroy so many lives. Executing this child (and let us not that McInerney is in fact a child) or sending him to prison for life will not solve these problems, and is an excellent way for the heterosexist society to sweep this incident under the rug as “isolated.” The villain here is not this kid, but a society thought taught him that it was better to shoot somebody than to be hit on by someone of your gender.

    Is this child a white supremacist? Can we think about that question for a second? Is this CHILD a white supremacist? How can we take such a label at any value when it is applied to a kid?

    If we (rightly) say that a 12 year-old cannot consent to sex, how can we claim that this 12 year old really understood the consequences of his actions? Punishing him so brutally will not bring Lawrence King back. It will not soothe the pain of Lawrence King’s family.

    All it will do is make us feel righteous. But at what cost? Let us remember mercy as a society, and that there is no justice in retribution.

  24. Fenrox says

    Good god people. Why wouldn’t it be true? Why can’t any of you understand the attacker? You don’t have to pardon him because you understand him!

    He was abused and deviated from normalcy without a strong support network of people who care about him. You don’t have to close your ears to any of this kids history, nothing can excuse him from his crime.

    He did it, He will be punished for it. It may or may not be 50 years in prison, I hope it isn’t, THAT doesn’t do anything for anyone.

    But it’s not like he is going to get released or something.

  25. says

    @Alex: Brandon wasn’t 12, he was 14. Not yet an adult, true, but old enough to have premeditated a murder, and old enough to understand that shooting someone in the head is wrong.

    @Fenrox: While some people have zero sympathy for the killer and are justifiably angry, particularly when attempts are made to paint the killer as the victim, many of us do empathize with Brandon’s difficult upbringing. The problem is when the defense and Brandon’s supporters attempt to make him the victim of everything, including Larry’s “abnormal” behaviors. Sympathy for the victim is then displaced onto the killer, and Larry (who was also a child, it should be remembered) becomes forgotten or, worse, the guilty one.

    Whenever sympathy is expressed for the killer that sympathy needs to be balanced by the fact that Larry did not choose to kill those who bullied him (and no one is disputing that he was bullied more than Brandon was), and whatever acting out he did pales by comparison. Furthermore, Larry is not to blame for what Brandon’s family did to Brandon, yet Larry is the one who paid with his life. Now, as is typical in cases where a victim was gay, the defense is trying to brand the dead as the deviant aggressor, the cause of his own fate.

    Any sympathies for Brandon should not come at Larry’s expense, yet they have even in these TR threads (a minority here, but imagine the non-gay response, when homo/trans-phobia kicks in) and they very well might in the court, because that’s exactly what the defense will attempt to do.

    Should punishment be lesser because the killer was 14? Possibly. Should it be lesser because the victim was gay and gender-abnormal in the eyes of some? Definitely not.

  26. Hollywood, CA says

    Sadly, it makes sense. He wasn’t shooting King, he was shooting his father and probably every sexual abuse that had been running around in his head. He may have been gay himself and started to have feelings that he thought King could pick up on, so he wanted to eliminate the gay inside of him… by killing King.

    Clearly, something else was going on at the end of it all. We have all encountered bullies, and we know the difference between “normal” abuse and someone who is capable of murder at such a young age. I’m so sorry for the King family, and feel sad that the other kids abuse is just starting… prison abuse is going to destroy him.

  27. Andrea says

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