Brandon McInerney’s Brother Testifies Teen Killer Was Sexually Abused: VIDEO


In a second round of testimony in defense of his brother Brandon McInerney, who fatally shot his classmate Lawrence King in the head at their Oxnard school in February 2009, James Bing told the court that McInerney was a victim of sexual abuse as a child.

Kingmcinerney Bing's previous testimony had focused on physical abuse from the child's father.

Bing spoke with FOX 11 about his testimony, offering excuses for his brother's behavior:

"It kind of all balled up inside of him and then all of this stuff happened with this other boy's sexual advances and he was a young kid with all that going on. It was too much for him to handle. I just hope that the true evidence comes out about who my brother really is. He's not a monster. He's not a white supremacist."


Gay Teen Murder Defendant's Brother Talks About Testimony: