Alexander Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer Suck for the Crew


BlackBook describes some horseplay on the True Blood set in a new interview with Alexander Skarsgard:

Before the cameras begin rolling, Skarsgård walks up to his mark in the center of the room, Moyer kneels in front of him—his character is picking something up off the ground when the shot begins—and the director watches them from his chair in front of a camera monitor. While waiting in their places, Skarsgård looks down at his costar and says dryly, “It looks like he’s sucking me off,” to which Moyer responds by bobbing his head vigorously. Skarsgård closes his eyes and starts moaning with the intensity of a slash-fiction hero, after which Moyer stands up and wipes imaginary fluids from his mouth with the back of his hand. He scans the crowd and after taking a slight bow says, “And the Emmy goes to… ” A crew member whispers to no one in particular, “Now that’s what I call ‘Action.’

First a Vampire, Now a Leading Man: Alexander Skarsgård Can’t Be Tamed [blackbook]


  1. princely54 says

    Its nice that two straight guys feel comfortable enough with themselves and the crew to play around and not make it an opportunity to make gays the punchline of a harmless joke. I like that Alan Ball must make his sets so comfortable that all are welcome in the fun regardless.

  2. Marie says

    I have to say the chemistry between Moyer/Bill and Skarsgard/Eric always cracks me up! I know they play it up for the audience, but they clearly enjoy it and each other. Bet that set is tons of fun.