1. andrew Cicchetti says

    What a great film. I found it very moving and while it captures the Brasilian experience, the themes I suspect are largely universal for LGBT people worldwide. I found myself very moved and inspired. Hope to see this get wide promotion!

  2. Mike in Paris says

    I know that it is really bad and that i should be ashamed of myself, but I died laughing around 9:10.

  3. Daniel says

    i laughed at the nice mom that passes out too.
    great story.
    I was wondering what she thought he would say.
    great video

  4. says

    Hi, I’m the guy at 9:10.

    My mom thought I would say I was still in love with an old girlfriend, who’d dumped me a year earlier.

    By the time we had that conversation, I was indeed in love… with a guy, for the very first time.

  5. OberonOZ says

    @Tony That must have been a helluva shock when she passed out like that! Glad that your life is so much better now though. I really enjoyed that film. It is so typical of the gay experience around the world I think. Very cool to see.


  6. rick says

    what a great clip! I really enjoyed listening to my gay brothers and sisters describe their experiences. one of the great things about being gay is that often times, despite our backgrounds, we share this common experience and bond. I’m so happy to have been born gay.