1. Beau says

    She just wants to hock the book, make a buck, and get the hell out of there. Piers wants to hold her accountable for her actions as well as her past comments. Politicians hate people with memory, they hate being held accountable for anything they’ve said or done. It’s like direct sunlight to a vampire.

  2. HOCKEYJOCK says

    Yes, but it’s an important and relevant social issue right now, which makes many on the left critical of the Tea Party. I guess Tea Party people don’t realize when they say things like ‘homosexuality is immoral’, it makes some people critical of their ability to comprehend a diverse society.

    She could have just stated her view, and instead, she said ‘well, I want you to ask me the questions that I want you to ask me!’

    She literally called him ‘rude’ because he asked her his own questions, instead of hers.

    Correct me if I’m wrong…but wasn’t she on his show? Wasn’t he the interviewer? I wasn’t aware that interviewees get to select the questions they want you to ask them. Man, I’m not a professional interviewer, but it’s truly sad if politicians are no longer expected to be able to give a response to an un-scripted question.

    Witness the ‘Palin effect’ : politicians now expect to be elected to office, via playing a mindless character in a play, with scripted lines, and a curtain that closes when anyone asks them questions concerning their views. Or any question requiring them to give a thoughtful response, or any question that holds them accountable for their past statements. Any question deviating from the script = rude!

    It really does make a mockery of American politics when the bar has been set that low. She’s treating politics like reality tv, instead of like, an actual job requiring a decent level of intelligence to perform.

  3. So Left I'm Right says

    I’m wondering why she was even on the program. Serves Morgan right for having on a moron who made some news on the basis of her craziness, who lost an election, to hock a book that I’m guessing must be rather lame. What’s newsworthy about her at this point?

  4. Andy says

    Well to be fair to her, it’s probably difficult to discuss the contents of book that was likely ghost written by someone else.

  5. Frank says

    Can we not banish Christine O’Donnell into the outer darkness and never again expose outselves to her stupid religious catholic bigotry.

  6. Paul R says

    @Andy: I don’t think it was “likely written by someone else,” unless you consider 100% odds to be likely.

    What a stupid woman. Her team can certainly control hacks like those at Fox “News,” but they need to be more careful about exposing her to actual journalists. I predict the book will sell about 100 copies.

    It’s funny, for a little while I used to get her confused with Michelle Bachman. And I don’t even feel stupid for making that mistake.

  7. Island Girly says

    I see she has slid into the nether regions of her peers, Palin and Sharron Angle. Bachman is not as bad… yet. I suspect she will be. I think Christine O’Donnell is very dim witted. I am surprised she did not win, considering some of the other space bats that were voted into office.

  8. JimmyD says

    It still amazes me how these politicians still think headline hot topics are somehow inappropriate to be asked about. Oh… I know why they want to avoid them, but this feigned indignation needs to stop. They just need to be open and honest and say, “I believe Gays are abominations and pure evil and need to be eradicated from the face of the Earth.”
    I’d almost respect them for being honest.

  9. Lonewillow says

    Republican or Tea Party, getting to be the same as Stupid=Idiotic=Hypocrite=Religious and Evasive. What more can one say, It’s all about her and what she wants you to believe about her, NOT about facts.

    And she has jumped on the Publishing BANDWAGON to make the $bucks$. She insisted “it’s” in the book, but wouldn’t talk about “it,” hoping it will cause many to buy the book!

    MARKETING FOLKS, IT’S all about MARKETING! And I would bet the GHOST WRITER is already working on the SEQUEL!

  10. walter says

    not the brightest bulb on the great white way. this woman is just another self promoting bigot with a pea size brain.

  11. Troy says

    The Republicans should be ashamed of themselves for not promoting women of substance like Susan Collins and Kay Bailey Hutchison and instead catering to heterosexist fantasies like these whiny, hip-jutting, self-promoters.

  12. Mike says

    This was like Deja vu with Bachmann’s Meet the Press interview on Sunday, 14-August. Watch it on Youtube if you haven’t already. Bachmann was confronted with her “Gay is part of Satan” crap, of which she wouldn’t answer except to say she was “running for president”. These folks are running like cockroaches when confronted with their ridiculous pseudo-religious anti-gay rhetoric. Why, because they know that while it may play well in their own wingnut circles the vast majority of the country think they are nuts.

  13. mike128 says

    Maybe she’s used to Fox news – where conservatives get asked all the questions they want to answer.

    Wait Piers – this isn’t in the talking points!

  14. says

    Don’t you just love these people who damand the spotlight, can’t get enough of the spotlight, and then demand to control it’s glare. Sorry hun, you can’t have it both ways. You want the attention, you have to deal with the consequences; some of which are going to make you uncomfortable.

    Or better yet, just get the hell off the stage. My vote is for the latter.

  15. Richard Crawford says

    This is the start of the Tea Party/Republican Party’s new agenda to deflect their hate and intended discrimination of LBGT as to not alienated voters who may be weary or turned off by such talk. They have learned that their Hate Speech is losing them support in areas of Progressives. So their strategy is to wait until (possibly) elected, then Trojan Horse the public with their policies of hate and discrimination against LBGT People.

  16. TampaZeke says

    When these Republican women get challenged, ALL feminism goes out the window and they quickly become delicate violets that must be treated like ladies. You can’t help but notice how Palin, Bachmann and O’Donnell go to the “rude” and “pity” well when they are challenged over their misinformation and crazy views; views that they once were very proud of and never missed an opportunity to share with anyone, whether they wanted to here them or not!

    What annoys me even more is when NOW comes to the defense of Bachmann and claim that she’s being treated unfairly because she’s a woman when in fact she’s being treated much more delicately because she’s a woman. THAT’S what NOW should be pissed off about.

  17. Codswallop says

    Heifer needs to learn the difference between an INTERVIEW, in which people get to ask you questions, and a SPEECH, where you you get to say what you want and only that.

    “Where does this talk-show host get off asking me questions?!”

    I’ll tell you what the real deal is. Word has come from on high in the GOP to STFU about Teh Ghey. It’s too “divisive.” Instead they’re supposed to insist they only want to talk about “The Issues,” not that minor stuff like queers and marriage. They’ll wait until their asses hit the chair if they’re elected to break out their industrial-sized can of Gay-B-Gone and start laying waste.

  18. DJR says

    She said on Fox (shocker) this morning that she left the interview because Piers wouldn’t stop talking about sex with her.


  19. Andalusian Dog says

    She’s just not used to not having control over the questions. CNN is clearly not Fox News, the latter of the two being a propaganda PR machine for the right. The former is an actual news outfit.

  20. Derek Pearce says

    Typical Tea Party operating procedure. Whether it’s Angle or Bachmann or O’Donnell or Palin, assume the media is to be done as told and not, you know, its’ actual job. Pathetic.

  21. BobN says

    It’s a shame he wasn’t better prepared. I have little doubt there are plenty of lines in her book about how gay ____ is a threat to civilization itself. Kinda weird that you wouldn’t even want to discuss something so important.

  22. says

    It is amazing to me that these people, who have made somewhat outrageous remarks in the past, think they can just ignore what history attributes to them. I don’t suppose I should find any of this surprising because it is much like the entire “born again” movement, you take no responsibility for the past, once you are reborn, all that is deemed to be forgotten, like it never happened.

  23. gwyneth cornrow says

    She has mistaken a news program for a public relations opportunity. They can often be the same thing, but it’s better when they’re not.

  24. JuneJulyAugust says

    Maybe she thought this would be like Fox News? A slow pitch softball game of questions where you chuckle to cue that you don’t want to talk about something?

    If this seems hard to her I guess its good that she is in the endorsement game like her bestie Sarah Palin.

  25. FunMe says

    OK, I do have to give christine thanks for something:

    She gives great COMIC RELIEF. Talk about fun entertainment! What a ding bag. She makes herself more of a joke that she already is.

    I have only a few more words to say about her and her “book”:

    99 cents store!

  26. mattman says

    I say Congrats for her! She got attention for a book that no one cares about! Brilliant move on the part of her Book Company, today it’s in the news everywhere.

  27. just_a_guy says

    @HockeyJ: Isn’t the “Palin effect” you refer to really the “Dubbya effect”–in that he used the same approach throughout his presidency and managed to get elected and stay in power while showing honest REAL interviewers no respect?

    @RichardC: Yeah, this Trojan Horse approach is interesting. I mean, part of me wants to see it as a victory for progress because she’s less over-proud of her hateful views (after LOSING and seeing what happens to santorum). But then, wasn’t Dubbbya also intentionally low-key about his anti-gay (and big-oil! big-oil!) views until in power?

    Her claim to not be a politician is bogus, considering that her reason for avoiding these questions IS EXACTLY THE BEHAVIOR OF A POLITICIAN!! A regular author just interested in selling books would be quicker to spill some juicy-to-someone details, right? Never mind that she didn’t write the book, eh?

  28. Beau says

    I saw her this morning on the Today Show. She again wanted to confuse the issue when asked about what happened to her on Piers’ show. Plus, she said it wasn’t a publicity stunt, and made it look SO believable. Her press agent must have a degree in strategics, that’s all I can say.