1. Paul R says

    Sorry to be a pessimist, but who sits around filming clouds for several minutes that “magically” appear to become a face?

    Humans have a natural instinct to see faces in everything—from birth, they’re our most common and comforting imagery—but this seems doctored to me. And the panning of the camera to make it seem not doctored makes me even less convinced. If you saw an image like that in nature, why would you take your eyes off it?

  2. Den says

    I think it’s just the ‘opportunistic politician’ – A load of fluff, drifting on any prevailing wind and who is prone to p**s on you and take the sunshine out of your life !

  3. Darrell says

    Sorry everybody but since the cloud was in New Brunswick ,Canada it was the profile of either her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II or Prime Minister Stephen Harper LOLOLOL.

    It was not Barack Obama since it was a Canadian cloud LOL.

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