Fox News Won’t Be Fair And Balanced With Fred Karger

Karger_Fred Republican presidential candidates will gather in Iowa next Thursday for a debate sponsored by Fox News.

While it's guaranteed that big-names like Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann will be present, the cable network has reportedly decided to bar only gay candidate Fred Karger.

Hoping to bolster the odds of his inclusion, Karger has now sent a letter to Fox News executives, including Rupert Murdoch, as well as the state's Republican party, reminding them that he meets all of their qualifications.

Here's an excerpt from Karger's letter:

Dear All:

I am a declared Republican candidate for President of the United States who meets all of the requirements to participate in the Fox News Debate on August 11, 2011 in Ames Iowa.

Your criteria states:

Candidates must satisfy the following by 4 p.m. CDT on Tuesday, August 9, 2011

1. Registered with the Federal Elections Commission as a presidential exploratory committee or presidential campaign.

2. Meet all U.S. Constitutional requirements.

3. Garnered at least an average of one percent in five national polls based on most recent polling leading up to the registration day.

Karger also included new Harris Poll numbers that show he, like Tim Pawlenty and Jon Huntsman, has 2% of the vote, meaning that he's just as qualified as those higher-profile presidential hopefuls.

Fox News vice president Michael Clemente, however, appears to be sticking to his guns, and claims Karger's poll numbers still don't fit their prerequisites because they're online, interactive or out of date.


  1. jpeckjr says

    That same Harris Poll showed that 46% of the registered Republicans and independents surveyed would not vote for any of the declared candidates. Romney was highest with 16%. Sounds like none of them are actually worth being called “candidates.”

  2. walter says

    why would anyone expect fair and balance reporting from ruppert murdoch and faux news? one day someone will uncover all the stuff he involved in and he will spend the rest of his days behind bars. the government has to start looking at the monopolies that control the news.

  3. NY2.0 says

    Gay Republicans will never get it will they?

    It’s hard to feel sympathetic for Fred Karger considering the decades he stayed in the closet working for Ronald Reagan and helping elect numerous anti-gay GOP candidates in the name of “fiscal” concerns for his own wallet.

  4. jack says

    a network that would rather give a zealot like michelle bachmann or rick santorum speaking-time over fred karger? how history will remember these actions.

    homophobic scum network.

  5. prophet says

    This man is seriously deluded. Not only is there no place in the republican party for homosexuals, anyone who associates themselves with it is doing a grave disservice to the gay community.

  6. mike128 says

    I think it’s great that this guy is in the race. If he’s allowed to debate if forces the other candidates to confront the real issues around gay rights.

  7. Charlie says

    He doesn’t really stand a chance at winning the nomination but he can shift the party non-the-less to be less anti-gay. And being denied a spot, especially when Rick Santorum is invited but has less than half the support of Karger, would give him an opportunity to send get his message out through non-traditional means. I think Karger should run a streaming video on the web where he answers the questions that are poses to the other candidates, Or ge can mock their answers on Twitter during the debate.

    Of course I think Obama should be doing the same thing.

  8. Chris says

    You know as much of an oxymoron I think a gay republican is, I think Karger is the most sane out of all the candidates. On top of that it is unfair that this man is being denied an opportunity to voice his positions among other candidates.

    Fred if you are watching here’s the solution. You have tons of connections through your decades of work in politics.


    Publicize it. Get on the Colbert Report or better yet, The Daily Show.
    Seriously. While I may never vote for you, I do feel you have a fundamental American right to have this debate. Now the powers at be have given you the cold shoulder long enough. Time to invite the rest of the candidates to have a non Fox News sponsored event. I’m sure you can find a reputable Republican or non partisan host to ask questions.

    It’s really shameful the way they are treating you and further paint the entire party in a bad light. Enough begging letters. Take the leadership role and make it happen.

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