Fred Karger Files FEC Complaint Against Fox, Rupert Murdoch

KargerNewsCorp Fox News blatantly broke its 'fair and balanced' promise when it excluded openly gay presidential candidate Fred Karger from its debate last week. Now Karger is fighting back.

The Republican yesterday filed a 158-page complaint against Fox News and its corporate overlord, Rupert Murdoch, for their exclusionary politics.

"I am the first openly gay major party candidate to ever run for President of the United States," Karger wrote in his letter to the FEC. "I have experienced many doors slammed in my face by individuals and outside political organizations during the past eighteen months, but this blatant affront by Fox News executives smacks of discrimination and I hope the Commission will investigate post-haste.”

Though Karger is by far the longest of the long shots in this race, he told me that he will "fight like hell" to have his voice heard.

"When I am denied a place on the debate stage after qualifying, I will  take action against the party responsible. Rupert Murdoch and his Fox News should have allowed me on that stage in Ames Iowa last week. Now I am asking the Federal Election Commission to investigate Fox changed it's rules to keep me out," said Karger.

You know what? Good for him. The average American should be included in the presidential process. That is what makes this country great.

Photo credit: Andrew Werner.


  1. Kevin_BGFH says

    While I’ve had my differences with Karger, he played by the rules, achieved the requirements (more so than some of the others, for that matter), and deserves a chance to share his ideas.

  2. says

    I am so tired of hearing about Fred Karger. If he doesn’t know enough to realize that, as an openly Gay candidate, he’ll get nowhere with the Republican establishment, why should anybody care about him? I don’t agree with his policies, and I’d never vote for him regardless of party affiliation.

  3. Jack says

    @Stuffed Animal (great name): We should care about him, because he will pave the way for gay candidates you will want to hear about.

  4. alguien says

    karger’s quixotic fight with faux news and the RNC merely serve to underscore just why it’s foolish for gay people to cozy up to the republican party.

    you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

  5. Fenrox says

    Karger represents a change that needs to happen, The GOP needs to drop the conservatives and Karger is a step in that direction. The GOP needs to become a real party, doing so will make the Dems grow up too.

    Mind you Karger is still a normal GOP tool, but at least he is shaking things up, in a good way!

  6. says

    Until our elections are no longer controlled by a torrent of corporate money, it won’t matter what happens with Fred Karger or any other candidate, Democrat or Republican, right or left.

  7. says

    Fox News isn’t a news operation, it’s literally classified as an “entertainment network”‘ with the FCC.
    So, not only do they not have to live up their signature (“Fair and Balanced”), but they can’t be held responsible for any lies or untruths they spread.

    Ref.: search Google for “Jane Akre”.

  8. BobN says

    This suit will go no where. Fox’s rules, while vague, can easily be interpreted to leave him out of the debates.

    The truly PATHETIC thing is that Karger can’t even muster more that 1% in surveys and telephone polls. You’d think with all their well coordinated whining about, well, everything, the “gay conservatives” could muster enough effort to at least support getting him on the debate stage.

  9. Dback says

    Regardless of what I think of his politics and whatnot (seriously, dude, the party has left you), good for him for calling FOX news out on their blatant hypocrisy. Good for more people to see how “fair and balanced” they really are when it doesn’t jibe with their agenda.

  10. Brian says

    I’ve seen Karger speak; I’ve seen his writings – i’ve seen some of his other work. He’s not in this to win the presidency; here’s here to make some changes. More power to him.

    (I think it’s easy to lump him in with the blowhards at GOProud/LCRs but he hasn’t come off like that at all in his interviews.)

  11. Domino S says

    @ Miss Stuffed Animal:

    You need to avoid shame-based self-sabotage, honey. Tell us the story behind your nickname. Let’s hear the real story about “plushie” fantasies and cross dressing. And reveal your own queer trans identity, sugah.

    We can wait. Persistence pays when you’re telling inconvenient truths. Two weeks, two years, a lifetime, it makes no difference, sugah.

  12. Rob says

    I think Karger is a fun side show, and it looks like he’s having fun tweaking his right wing bedfellows and Faux news. Why, if he gets enough attention, Fox may bother hacking into his cell phone messages.

  13. says

    oh Karger…*le sigh*

    look, i hope he finds sucess in this complaint because it IS biased, it IS steeped in anti-gay bigotry, and it should be addressed.

    that said, the man made his money from Big Tobacco. yay. profit on the blood of others. woohoo. of course he’s a republican.

    notice how the Gay GOP groups dont’ champion this man? it’s because he champions LGBT Equality and those gay wimp groups do the exact opposite.

  14. Chris says

    I think he should team up with Ron Paul. They have booth been incredibly ostracized by all major media outlets.

    BTW when did FOX hold a monopoly on presidential debates?

    I might not vote for him, but he seems more sane than most that got a spot on that stage. Good luck Fred. If anything, you’ll expose them for what they really are for all of America to see.

    I’m going to grab some popcorn for this one.

  15. Attmay says

    If you’re not voting for him and continue to vote for heterosexuals you are part of the problem.

    Gay votes need to go to gay candidates. I will never vote for a heterosexual or Christian again as long as I live.

  16. Darryl says

    First off, shame on you guys playing partisan politics with this. This should be a signal to all that our candidate are chosen for us. Your voting for who the corporate media chooses. And you all sit here playing to the strings like the good little sheep you all are.

    If you really think fox is the only network that does this, I got some mars property to sell to you. But by all means, continue to deny the truth to yourself.