Gay Doctor Held In Partner, Son’s Stabbing Deaths

PoliceLights This is horrible: a Seattle-based doctor named Louis C. Chen remains hospitalized and under guard on suspicion that he stabbed his partner and their adopted son to death last week.

A friend found Chen's partner, 29-year old Eric A. Cooper, and 3-year old son dead last Thursday. Chen was semiconscious and covered in wounds that authorities say indicate he may have been responsible.

From the Seattle Times:

A King County District Court judge on Saturday determined there was probable cause to hold Dr. Louis C. Chen in custody on investigation of two counts of aggravated murder in the double homicide. Chen remained hospitalized Saturday at Harborview Medical Center.

Dan Donohoe, spokesman for the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, said the judge made the ruling by telephone after reviewing an emailed copy of the document of probable cause prepared by police and prosecutors.

Chen, 39, who was scheduled to begin work this week as an endocrinologist at Virginia Mason Medical Center, was found bloody and semiconscious in his apartment on Seattle's First Hill Thursday morning.

A hospital representative who had gone to Chen's apartment found two men in the living room. Law-enforcement sources identified the dead as Chen's partner, Eric A. Cooper, 29, and the couple's nearly 3-year-old son.

Police have until tomorrow to formally charge Chen, who had just moved to Seattle from North Carolina with Cooper and the child.


  1. HadenoughBS says

    This indeed is a horrendous matter no matter who the perpetrator is; however, how can Dr. Chen be considered the murderer if found in a “bloody and semi-conscious” state? Did he self-inflict these wounds so he became semi-conscious? I suppose anything’s possible but this seems a bit of a stretch. My overriding fear is that if Dr. Chen is charged with the murders and then found guilt, this crime will become fodder for the anti-marriage and anti-gay adoption factions. I hope and pray that’s not the case here.

  2. Gay American says

    while I kinda agree with Hadenoughbs….IF we heald Heteros to the same standard..well….its obvious, they’re killing each other,and thier kids everyday….so is that the standard we should judge them all on? Plus lets see where this goes…for all we know – these people could have been attacked?

  3. Kevin_BGFH says

    We don’t know what happened. But even if it turns out that it was a murder/suicide attempt, it shouldn’t indict all same sex relationships, just like Casey Anthony shouldn’t indict all single mothers or the countless other “husband kills wife and children” stories indict heterosexuality. Sadly, extremists won’t see it that way.

  4. Danny says

    Sounds to me like Dr Chen suffered a serious misfiring of his own endocrine system. If they had been adopted he was very, very carefully screened, vetted, examined and all the rest of it. Something happened in that poor dude’s head – as it does in all such cases. Of course the haters will spin this as something proving gay adoptions are bad blahblahblah. Just like the Muslim-haters who ignore the horrible things done by so-called Christians.

  5. JeffNYC says

    Not to mention that Seattle has a long and strange history of murder and violence: Ted Bundy, the Green River Killer, etc.

    The article doesn’t say if the doctor’s wounds were self-inflicted or sustained in a struggle–either with his partner or with an assailant. Suicides are bothced all the time, but one would think that a doctor would know how to do it efficiently.

    Hopefully, the Seattle police will investigate all possibilities and not jump to the murder/failed suicide assumption out of homophobia.

  6. Relative says

    He was responsible. There was no other party involved. His semi-conscious state was due to an attempted overdose or anti-depressants (neither of which I can absolutely confirm).

  7. Seattle Mike says

    Another weird thing that has NOT been reported is that the police form lists an alias for the doctor: Byran (sic) Wayne. This guy has an alias??!!

  8. Steve says

    I happen to know the deceased as he was a very close friend of my daughters since grade school. He and his partner were in the process of splitting up and Eric only went to Seattle to be near his son. The accused had been acting irrationally for several months, becoming more and more abusive. While I was not there as a witness, putting together what I DO know, I believe the accused either killed Eric in a dispute, then murdered the child and attempted suicide (he also had attempted an overdose at the same time). Alternately he was wounded as Eric attempted to defend himself and his baby. I only know the accused through conversations and texts related to me by my daughter, but Eric was a good, sweet man who never hurt anyone in his life. He and the baby are missed very much by his grieving family and friends.

  9. Cindy Figueroa says

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the family, they must be so devistated. I would like to offer a free funeral for both Eric and his son. I own my own funeral home and I would like to help in anyway possible.
    If anyone has family connections, please pass my condolences and let them know my thoughts are with them.

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