Ghanaians Objecting to Government’s Order to Arrest Gays are Silent for Fear of Being Labeled Homosexual

In mid-July I posted about the new gay witch hunt being undertaken by officials in Ghana.

Ghana Here's more on the frightening situation:

“All efforts are being made to get rid of these people in the society,” Paul Evans Aidoo, Ghana’s Western Regional Minister said in a statement referring to the homosexual community in Ghana. The minister asked landlords and residence of western region to report anyone deem homosexual to the police for arrest.

The rage on the homosexual community is not just from officialdom. Both Christian and Muslim communities in Ghana have both issue statement condemning homosexuals and calling on the state to crack down on them. “If homosexuality is tolerated, very soon the human race will be extinct,” Reverend Stephen Wengan, a religious leader, said in an op-ed he wrote for the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation.

Apart from a very few people such as Lawyer Akoto Ampaw who spoke very passionately against the on-going persecution of the LGBT community, no one is asking for calm. Not even the numerous Ghanaian human rights groups. It seems anyone who attempts to speak out against the apparent human rights violation and the seeming unconstitutional rallying cry is labelled a homosexual. And in a very homophobic society, that is enough to silent critics and continue the rage.

War on Homosexuals in Ghana [ghana web]


  1. Derrick from Philly says

    @Dan Cobb

    I don’t think the Klan will ever elect an openly homosexual Grand Wizard, but who knows? Give your best shot, Cobb. ….probably a bunch of closet cases in white hoods and sheets anyway.

    “It’s like Rwanda all over again.”

    True, M. Bergeron, and like Nazi Germany also.

  2. says

    Behold the result of the United States’ biggest export… evangelical right-wing christianity.

    What a tragedy, for Ghana and for the world.

  3. Matthew says

    I here I think much of America is backwards. Now there’s a whole continent of archaic morons. If you’re only fear is about humans going extinct, then “get back to f*cking”.

  4. Jesus says

    @Matthew well, apparently they aren’t all “morons” because clearly some of them are speaking out. Again, just because they all inhabit the same continent doesn’t mean they all share the same values.

  5. sleepy bear says

    I had to google Jim Jones to see if this was the country where all those people died from drinking cyanide-laced Kool-aid… no… but its building to something just as stupidly tragic.

  6. kodiak says

    Homophobia at it’s highest form. Where is the Ghana Embassy in NYC located? Might be time for a show of force.

  7. SFshawn says

    Perhaps a holocaust museum can be built similar to those in LA,Washington DC and around the world to educate and remind these unenlighted and ignorant animals masquerading as human beings of their eventual fate?
    Its actually probably not worth investing the time/effort/resources to build such a place in Africa since religion has already brainwashed them to hate and kill their neighbors and loved ones. Sad.

  8. Brian says

    @Dan Cobb:

    You must be new here. You are not allowed to make any comments on Africa, African-Americans, or anything non-white. If you do, DerrickFromPhilly will instantly label you a racist and equate you with the KKK.

    Truth is, Derrick is one of the biggest racists I’ve ever encountered, so take his comments with a grain of salt. Or, just ignore him like I do.

  9. Max says

    Topic: “War on Homosexuals in Ghana”

    – Derrick, off topic as usual, brings up “the Klan,” “Grand Wizard,” “white hoods and sheets,” and “Nazi Germany.”

    – Milkman blames “the United States,” and “evangelical right-wing christianity” (lower case “c” – how edgy).

    Gotta blame whitey for everything, of course.