IRS Revokes Tax-Exempt Status of Peter LaBarbera’s Anti-Gay Hate Group ‘Americans for Truth About Homosexuality’

Peter (aka "Porno Pete") LaBarbera's hate group Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) has had its tax-exempt status revoked, according to Ex-Gay Watch:

Labarbera According to the IRS, the tax-exempt status of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) was revoked on 5/10/2010 (PDF). The reason for this action is listed by the reporting organization Guidestar as a “failure to file a Form 990, 990-EZ, 990-N, or 990-PF for 3 consecutive years.”  These forms are required of legitimate non-profit organizations for review by the IRS and the public.

While the current incarnation of AFTAH appears to have been active since 2006, we found only one form 990-EZ on file — for the year 2009 (PDF).  In this, total receipts are listed as $110.000, out of which Peter LaBarbera received a salary of $75,000.  For perspective, this is approximately the same salary plus benefits claimed by Exodus president Alan Chambers.  Exodus lists eleven employees and a million dollar budget.

According to the IRS documentation on revocations (PDF), AFTAH can no longer be considered a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, and there is no process for appeal.

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  1. Pete n SFO says

    So, who or what brought this about and how can it be done again?

    Most people don’t understand that not-for-profit doesn’t mean work-for-free and many (but not all) 501c’s are just schemes for retaining money for themselves by eluding tax.

  2. Abel says

    It is all about the money with these groups. God is just a cover. By convincing ignorant people they should fear the gay menace, Pete and Brian and Tony and Matt and the lot get lots of donations. Anything that might undercut their donations is a threat. That picture of Brian Brown crying when NY passed Marriage Equality? He was crying because he probably forfeits his bonus this year.

  3. Attmay says

    They could practically solve the federal debt crisis by removing the tax-exempt status of all houses of worship and religious organizations. They’ve all been totally politicized.

  4. anon says

    Tax exempt does not necessarily mean charity. It might be possible that this was a temporary organization set up for the 2010 elections and has gone defunct. It will probably be formally folded and a new one created for 2012. Most non-profits receive money from other non-profits, not direct donations from individuals. A lot are front organizations for business groups or political groups. If they are seeking federal or state grant money, then it becomes a huge game to gain “matching funds”.

  5. says

    The IRS needs to get all over the Mormon Church, NOM and other groups using religion as a shield for their political advancement of hatred and bigotry. As justified as it feels to have Miss Hanna Barbera’s tax exempt status revoked, it’s not for the reason it should have been.

  6. Codswallop says

    Umm, it sounds like the only reason the tax exemption was pulled was because LaBarbera didn’t send in paperwork, NOT because it was a political group claiming a religious exemption! If Obama or anyone else wants to raise revenues they should strip the church tax exemption across the board or at least for those churches or congregations who meddle in politics.

    I was reading up on the Mormon cult’s about-face regarding blacks in 1978(!) and apparently a big part of the impetus for that change was because there was a SERIOUS possibility they would have their religious tax exemption stripped due to their racist ideology. Much like when the LDS had a sudden, conveniently-timed religious awakening regarding polygamy in order for Utah to become a state, a threat to their (enormous) pocketbook brought about an epiphany regarding black people.

    I guess the IRS had cojones then. Well they need to grow some again now and should start taxing religions with substantial political activities. Some of these churches are actively DARING them to do it by openly promoting candidates from the pulpit, so the IRS ought to take them up on it.

  7. bobbyjoe says

    Notice that this is for failure to file forms rather than, you know, claiming to be a non-profit when actually being a personally profitable, money laundering political front. The IRS apparently doesn’t care about that anymore. Maggie and NOM can even thumb their noses at specific campaign laws about where exactly the money is coming from, get ordered by courts to comply, ignore it, and the IRS doesn’t make a peep. Hell, just call yourself a non-profit, get some rabid rightwing cause, some gullible bigots and some rich far-right daddies, and you’ve got yourself a tax exempt personal money machine. Unless you don’t happen to fill out important forms for three years in a row, the IRS won’t give a sh*t.

  8. Randy says

    Cue Peter & Co. to claim that they are being “victimized” by the radical liberal Obama administration that is directing the IRS to squash dissent.

  9. says

    Educational organizations also can claim not-for-profit status. But that means not spending significant resources on political issues. Perhaps one way to work it is to tax all “issues” spending by not-for-profits and religious orgs.

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