Jury Deliberations Continue Today in Brandon McInerney Trial

The jury got the case on Friday, and more deliberations are expected today, the AP notes:

Kingmcinerney "Jurors began their discussions on Friday to determine whether 17-year-old Brandon McInerney is guilty of first-degree murder in the slaying of 15-year-old Larry King at E.O. Green Junior High School in Oxnard. The panel is expected to deliberate for only a couple of hours because a juror has a prior commitment…McInerney has pleaded not guilty to one count each of murder and a hate crime. If convicted, he faces more than 50 years in prison. Jurors also can consider a conviction of voluntary manslaughter, which carries a maximum 21-year term."

I'll post as soon as we get any news about a decision.


  1. Ken says

    No happy endings here, no matter what the jury decides. This is a tragedy for both boys and their families. Punishment is justisfied, but this should never have been allowed to happen in an “advanced” society like ours.

  2. says

    A murder conviction would be a happy ending, IMO.

    It’s a tragedy for ONE BOY!!!!!! and the kids who witnessed his murder. They’re the ones who are invariably forgotten while gallons of banana oil are ladelled over the murderer.

  3. The unKen says

    You’re right, Ken. It should never have been allowed to happen and the person who should have stopped it was Brandon McInerney. He made the plan to kill Lawrence King, he carried out the plan to kill Lawrence King, and he bears ALL of the responsibility for the consequences.

  4. Donks says

    I was worried the days leading up to this case because I thought this kid might get off. I’m a little relieved, very little, but relieved nonetheless to know that this bastard id spending decades in prison regardless. And thanks David I never thought about the other kids in that classroom not realizing that some of them were traumatized some probably for life. This should serve as a deterrent to homophobic violence, or at least i hope it does.

  5. Craig says

    If I ever pranced in front of a football player while dressed as a woman, indicating that “I love You,” “You are my Lover boy etc” I would expect to have the sh## beaten out of me or killed. Do not call me fag or prance in front of me and my peers, at age 14 or 15 or any age. I pity the Fool who does this now or in the future. This case is a warning to all sissy prancers in school or the work place. It is harassment, plain and simple. If you want to live a long life, do not goad anyone into a fight.

  6. Dude says

    Your comments are disgusting and vile. No person deserves to be beaten, or killed, EVER, for ANYTHING. The hatred you carry for yourself is glaring. I hope you learn to love, yourself and others.

  7. IWOOD2 says

    Thank you Ken for being realistic in your opinion, I happen to know both the Brandon and his family, I also know that REPEATED visits to the principal about David making passes at Brandon, touching Brandon inappropiately, were unvisited, disregarded, and never looked into. I know that the accusatios that his parents provided him with the gun, is perverse, that this was a hate crime is rediculous, he was a bullied boy, young in age, whom was repeatedly taunted and teased about being homosexual, due to Davids behavior. I DO NOT think murder is ever an answer, but if this was a Hispanic boy on trial, for killing a student that repeatedly tripped him or pulled his pants down, everyone would say the act was justified in some way….I cant believe that people are so closed minded, that they cant consider if this was thier child bullied EVERYDAY, would you call it a hate crime?…. Be honest, this is called a hate crime because of the color of Brandons skin and his disagreement with homosexual behavior…LIKE THE OTHER 88% of america! I hope he gets the psychological help he needs while in prison ( hopefully for a max of 5-10 years), instead of reality which is you would rather send him to a world where he will have no choice but to become racist, join a prison gang to survive, and come out of there with hate in his heart for sure…… What has happened to OUR country????

  8. Anne says

    I Think thiswhole thing is a terrible tragedy for both boys and famalies.this should of been niped in the bud long ago as I am sure the school faculty knew long before the day of the shooting of what was going on and progressing right under there nose.But they obviously let it go on,when which should of been done was call in both boys parents and let them know and then all decide what to do about the problem.Dont for one minute tell me that the teachers had not witnessed months before the shooting of Brandons and Larrys behavior! I will not buy that!alot of people may not know this but the brain does not fully develop until age 22,until fully developed the brain only has a thinking and decision making capability of only so much! These were young boys still babies in there mothers eyes! Think about it.Also keep in mind that Kendra Brandons mother is going through enough without having to also read some of the demented comments that people write.No matter what thats her little boy and she loves him NO Matter What! It could be any of us sitting where shes sitting right now and it could be any of us walking in her shoes! So all you mean people out there with your disgusting and demented comments,I advise you all to think about her before you write those comments,because whos to say if you have children of your own that it just might be you someday sitting in that court room going through something like this or even worse.So think about it,If it was you how would you like reading hateful comments about your child that I am sure she already has nightmares about? Just something to think about

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