1. justme says

    Lawrence King was annoying and so he had to be killed.

    Lawrence King’s killer was a vicious bully, so he had to and was justified in killing Lawrence King.

    Lawrence King’s rotten family and abusive background caused him to act out and that meant that he had to be killed.

    Lawrence King’s killer’s rotten family and abusive background meant that he had to and was justified in killing Lawrence King.

    Because Lawrence King was the queer kid, he was the one without any rights.

    Because Lawrence King’s killer is presumably straight, he was the one doing the world a favor by killing a queer kid.

    If the jury falls for this, and I assume they will, I weep for our world.

  2. TampaZeke says

    Wow, even in California, the trial as descended into a gay bashing fest with no homo going unvillainized. The murder victim, the lesbian Principal and even the very idea of teaching tolerance has been elevated to vile criminals committing vile criminal acts.

    I would expect this from my home state of Mississippi but I had, for some daft reason, expected better from California. California continues to disappoint me with each and every opportunity they’ve been given to live up to their reputation of being a forward thinking, progressive and live and let live state. I still think California looks more like Mississippi than anyone wants to admit once you get out of San Francisco and LA (and all too often even in San Francisco and LA).

  3. Russell says

    Agree with JUSTME. Even where minority sexuality is not involved, these trials can deteriorate into a focus group on how sympathetic the defendant is compared to the victim.

    Home abuse could conceivably be relevant to the penalty phase, but not to guilt or innocence, absent an insanity defense.

    One would think that shooting a kid a couple of times in the head is simply not allowed.

  4. Verdon Coleman says

    Lawrence King was executed because he was gay. Period. I don’t care if he came to school looking like Boy George’s love child EVERY day, he did not deserve to be shot in the back of the head. A child, still a baby to most of us, was shot like a dog in front of his peers.

    I don’t care how much abuse the shooter endured. He knows right from wrong. He brought a gun to school. He thought about this.

  5. Marc C says

    Do I feel sorry for Mr McInerney for the suffering he endured at the hands of his father? Yes. But it isn’t relevant.

    I had an abusive father. I did not think nor plan to kill my presumed tormentors at school. Even at times when I was physically assaulted in classes for which there was no provocation and in which teachers turned a blind eye. I did not.

    There is no justification for what Mr McInerney did to Lawrence King. None.

    If he is found innocent, there will be riots and chaos, the likes of which have not been seen since Harvey Milk’s and George Moscone’s assassinations for there will have ceased to be any justice.

  6. Haga says

    We must demand justice for someone braver than anyone else on this forum. When are we gonna get angry enough to do something? I mean something beyond gym, the office, happy hour and shopping away our gay shame.

  7. Priya says

    It doesn’t excuse the murder, but King’s behavior is part of this story and is important to understanding what happened. I thought that he “sassed” McInerny as a way of getting back at a bully. But it seems that he was harassing multiple boys, even chasing them into the restroom to “watch them squirm”. He seems to have been mentally disturbed and should have been suspended or expelled. I don’t think it is fair to put this case in the same category as the others from last September.

  8. Dback says

    The kid’s gonna get manslaughter or 2nd-degree murder, and it’ll probably be reduced to “time served” or somesuch.

    Marc and Haga are right; if this miscarriage occurs, folks had better be in the streets, “White Night riot” style. If we don’t stand up and say “this is not acceptable,” we’re going to keep seeing more of this sort of thing, especially now that “DADT” is done and gay marriage is OK’d in New York–all one crazy person with a gun needs is an opportunity.

  9. ratbastard says

    The law takes into consideration PROVOCATION. In no way did Lawrence King deserve to be executed [he was calmly, coldly executed] but his deliberately provocative behavior [not just acting and dressing like a girl, but deliberately harassing others because got off doing it] is an important part of the story. And his being encouraged by an adult in authority [Ms. Epstein, who should have known better the possible negative, even violent, ramifications] was egregious.

  10. Mitch says

    This was a sad read. Tragic.

    I have a friend of mine that was abused beyong belief by his father. And he is perhaps the kindest soul that I know.

    They need to hang this killer.

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    Lawrence didn’t harass any goddam body. He was responding to harassment in a way which is often used by feminine boys: to become even more flamboyant and daring in the face of cruel treatment. I remember that defense mechanism very well.


    what the are you?

  12. pdxblueyes says

    OK – SO there’s something that I’m not getting… he was different, he was annoying, so that was a good enough reason for someone to kill him? Please correct me if I’m wrong, but that appears to be the message that his defense is sending out…

  13. Verdon Coleman says

    Unless Lawrence King pulled down the shooter’s pants and forced a blow job on him, what is the provocation? Being who he is? No excuse for executing him.

  14. Francis says

    At the end of the day, we can discuss the ins and outs all we want, but ultimately, Brandon McInerney shot Lawrence King in the head for being gay. And there are zero excuses for what he did. ZERO. There may be reasons he became such a disturbed individual that he would seek out such a crime to commit, but that doesn’t excuse in any way the fact he got a gun and killed Lawrence because he didn’t like Lawrence’s sexuality.

  15. justme says

    If this killer gets a free pass for executing this child, then what’s stopping a killer from some day getting a free pass for executing you or someone you love for the crime of existing.

    If I killed everyone who annoyed me, my life would be a 24-hour bloodbath.

    Of course Lawrence King didn’t deserve to be executed for being who he was or for living his life the best he could. Of course he should have been told there was nothing wrong with him, because there was nothing wrong with him.

    It’s beneath contempt to “blame” the only adult who was in this child’s corner, especially while nobody is saying a word about the uncounted adults who let Lawrence King’s killer develop into a vicious bully and a child murderer. There was nothing wrong with this killer, apparently, but everything wrong with the queer kid.

    And THIS is on an LGBT blog comment’s section. Imagine what that jury will be saying in deliberation.

  16. Kyle says

    I still think that they should not be trying this kid as an adult. Sure, he’s every kind of bad, but I think we are backward country if we are trying 14yos as adults–even in crimes as hateful and disturbing as this.

  17. John says

    Dear rat bastard. The law “takes into consideration” legitimate legal defenses to murder. Provocation (and harrasment) are not defenses to murder. You are wrong. Signed, a former prosecutor for the same county which is now prosecuting Brandon King.

  18. Craig in Portland says

    @ Derrick in Philly.

    It’s stated in the article that King was told to stop harassing boys at the school by following them into the bathroom. To which he grinned at the advise and said “it was fun”.

    I’m not saying murder is appropriate.
    But in the animal kingdom, when you tell the kids to stop pulling the growling dogs tail, you don’t blame the dog when he finally bites the kid.

    I’m saying everyone played their part to make this tragedy happen. That is all.

  19. Verdon Coleman says

    @Craig In Portland: What you are saying is that this murder is justified. You are, in fact, blaming the victim, no matter how you want to spin it.

    The moment you said “Everyone here is guilty, including King”, you are saying “He got what he deserved.”

  20. Craig in Portland says

    Don’t assume to tell me what I think. I said what I think.
    It’s wildly inappropriate for a gay student to take advantage of his “gayness” to harass others. Period.

    BUT, MURDER IS NOT an appropriate response. The Irish kid deserves what he gets also.

  21. JT says

    If the line in the sand for murder is provacation and annoyance, half of this thread would be six feet under.
    Thats how ridiculous those arguments are. Yes, the poor poor boy was flirted with and chased into a bathroom. Man, I wish my problems in HS were as BAD as that. (rolls eyes)

  22. Craig in Portland says

    Everyone in this case stopped caring about how the people involved might feel. This is really why it’s so tragic.
    Mcinnerny’s parents didn’t teach him to respond appropriately.
    Kings parents didn’t handle his harassment appropriately.
    The school didn’t act on any of this appropriately.

    It’s just all tragic.
    But yes, everyone here is guilty.

  23. jj says

    the latest news has McInerney’s brother claiming that Brandon was molested by his cousin when he was nine years old. he said this was “reason” Brandon shot Lawrence.

    note that this is the same brother who was previously banned from the courtroom for pleading with the jurors.

  24. Jonathon Edwards says

    @Craig in Portland. The Irish kid deserves what he gets ALSO? You disgust me. Low life, child killer defending scumbag Lowlife. Don’t be alone in a dark alley and expect your gay brothers to defend you when its your turn to kneel in front of another mcinerny.

  25. Verdon Coleman says

    Can someone explain to me how the victim of an execution is GUILTY of his own death? For what? Being gay? Wearing makeup? Making folks feel uncomfortable?

    If that is the case, then damn it, I am certainly going to start arming myself with a pistol and popping off people who piss me off.

  26. John says

    Addendum to my post above: I meant to say that provocation (and harassment) are not defenses to murder when the defendant deliberated before the killing.

  27. Grover Underwood says

    if kids were killed every time one of them made what could be perceived as unwanted advances, I doubt there would be straight male alive today

  28. Craig in Portland says

    Also, meaning deserving. If King had to die, so does HE!
    You guys are just twisting words to troll.

    @ Verdon….
    If any ONE of the issues leading to the murder would have been addressed properly, there wouldn’t have BEEN a murder at all. The cycle would have been broken.

    IOW, if King wasn’t harassing the schools straights, would he still be alive?

    If Mcinnerny had been properly educated that MURDER is NOT the answer, would King still be alive?

    If the Vice-Principal had decided that enough was enough of Kings behaviour and taken REAL action, would King still be alive?

    Do you folks GET IT NOW?

  29. bobbyjoe says

    So why exactly should we trust this teacher, Jill Elkman, who was obviously– by her own account– focusing much more attention ratting to the principal about Lawrence King, than she was about what she should have been paying more attention to, the kid who ended up taking a gun and killing someone?

    If a cop was on the stand and was trying to justify having failed to prevent a murder that happened three feet away from him by saying “but, gee, your honor, the victim had some outstanding parking tickets and I was too busy repeatedly calling the Department of Motor Vehicles,”any moderately capable prosecution would rip the cop’s credibility up one side and down the other. This is a similar situation here.

    Elkman sounds like she’s trying to blame everyone but herself, but the real question here is not why didn’t the principal berate or punish or do anything else to Lawrence King more every time Elkman went running to the principal– it’s why wasn’t Elkman instead running to the principal about the kid who was a soon-to-be killer. What, was she simply inept? Blinded by homophobia, so that King’s issues were all she could see when she should have been watching other kids more closely? Some combination of the two?

    As another poster notes above, Elkman has blood on her hands. I hope the prosecution will lay in to her credibility and competence.

  30. Verdon Coleman says

    First, for the love of God Craig, don’t talk to me like I am stupid.

    Second, and this is most important, Lawrence King is dead. HE is the victim. The shooter may have been harassed, he might have felt threatened. The adults may have even been negligent in their lack of interference.

    There is one indisputable fact: the shooter brought a gun to school and shot Lawrence King in the back of the head in front of a classroom of others.

    I don’t care WHAT Lawrence King did to make someone “feel” uncomfortable. HE WAS EXECUTED! Do YOU get that?

  31. Derrick from Philly says

    “IOW, if King wasn’t harassing the schools straights, would he still be alive?”

    Craig, if that were true it would be the first in my life I ever heard of a Gay boy harassing Straight boys. The first time.

    If Lawrence followed anyone into the boy’s room it was because he had been told to “get out, fag!” He was trying to show them that he wasn’t afraid of them. AND that’s only if this part of the defense attorney’s crap is true–which I don’t think it is.

  32. Mk_Ultra_Again says

    Craig in Portland, thank you for that perspective. You strongly assert that if a gay person happens to be flashy or camp, they deserve to be shot because it’s “provocation”. You vehemently support that the skin head spawn who planned and executed a murder is the victim of gay harassment,RE- a gay person having the courage to be themselves and stand up to a bully. So we’ve established that you have some kind of vendetta against gays, particularly camp gays and you advocate their murder. Anything else you want to add?

  33. Chuck Mielke says

    For all posters:

    Let’s try to keep balance, shall we? It is part of the prosecution’s job to make the victim look bad. It’s part of the defense’s job to make the accused look bad. So, it’s reasonable to assume in their on-going and complex interaction, both victim and accused had some complicity. There really is enough blame to go around. Do we need another plaster saint? A BOY is dead. A BOY killed him. They and the involved adults all need our empathy.

  34. Keith says

    @JustMe. . .couldn’t have said it better. You should send this to the prosecutor so she includes it in her final summation before it goes to jury.

  35. Craig in Portland says

    @Verdon. Of course I get that. And you have to trust that the justice system will do something about it.

    But, you still don’t get that any of this could have been prevented by any one persons correct actions. And I find that, a little scary.

    Tell me something, Are you more likely to fight someone, or talk them away from physical violence?

  36. Craig in Portland says

    @MK_Ultra…. Did you READ the article? He was following boys into the bathroom because he like to see them squirm.
    That’s not flashy, that’s not camp. That’s another form of bullying.

  37. says

    @Craig: In hindsight all kinds of life tragedies could be prevented, but life doesn’t occur in hindsight. The truth is you have no idea if Larry’s murder could have been prevented if he’d acted more “appropriately” or “correctly”. If all teenagers who acted up in one way or another were killed for their perceived misbehaviors we’d have bloodbaths every day. Suggesting that the victim could have prevented his own death depends upon insights into the minds of killers, something no vulnerable teen boy should reasonably be expected to possess. There is no equivalency between possibly making people uncomfortable (as if Larry wasn’t made uncomfortable daily by who knows how many) and shooting another boy in the head. None. Unarmed dead boys are not guilty.

  38. Yuki says

    Pretty sure that Craig is saying that King should never have died, but while he was alive, chasing down straight boys who clearly don’t like it into the bathroom just for fun–as he said he liked to watch them squirm–was wrong.

    Now that this crime has been committed, there’s no question McInerney is in the wrong and should be in prison or juvie. However, King was in the wrong with some of what he did. Did he deserve death? Of course not! Even if he harrassed McInerney, he didn’t deserve it.

  39. says

    “However, King was in the wrong with some of what he did.”

    Were you there, jurist? Once again, pinning any guilt, in hindsight, on a dead boy based on potentially biased testimony convicts him of wrongdoing without taking into account any of the bullying he was subject to and the fact that he can no longer speak for himself because he was shot in the head. It presents, whether intentionally or not, a false equivalency where it does not exist. There is no “even if . . . ” when a 15 year old human being with human flaws is killed in cold blood, already paying a penalty that far exceeds any wrongs he did in life.

  40. Verdon Coleman says

    Craig, today I am more likely to walk away from a fight than to instigate one. However, having been the “fem” boy who was called all types of faggot when I was in school, forgive me if I take the side of the kid who was brave enough to stand up for what he believed in and died in the process.

    I also was the one who, when things got out of hand, picked up a brick and hit a bully in the face when I thought he was trying to kill me. The next person who tried to bully me got hit with a brick. I am not saying what I did was correct, but in an effort to defend myself, I used whatever tools at my disposal, seeing I was one of the smaller kids in school.

    No matter how you try and slice it, however, upon reading your comments, you are blaming Lawrence King for contributing to his death. That, to me, sounds like blaming the victim, and is disgraceful.

    One last thing – the shooter was a child when he committed this horrible crime, and he did come from a bad home life. However, being beat by your drug addicted father is no excuse. Sorry.

  41. darkmoonman says

    “Jill Ekman told jurors that 15-year-old Larry King wore even more makeup after she told him to stop drawing attention to himself, the Ventura County Star reported.”

    What a pompous statement. I can but hope that it haunts her.

  42. darkmoonman says

    “It’s wildly inappropriate for a gay student to take advantage of his ‘gayness’ to harass others. Period.”

    Uh huh, and so appropriate for parents to enforce that “fear”. What B.S.

  43. craig in portland says

    What “fear”??? Did I say fear? NO. I said inappropriate behaviour. as in “That’s inappropriate and you need to stop it.”… Fear would be “Stop that or I’ll kill you.”..

    When did I say murder was justified? Or did I say it wasn’t at least six times?

    You guys are reading what you want to believe and telling me I’m saying it. Mob mentality makes people idiots…. I’m done here.

  44. Yuki says

    Ernie, did you even read what I said? I am in no way, shape, or form saying that he deserved death or bullying, but if Ekman is telling the truth that he actually said he likes to see them squirm, that would be unacceptable in life.

    He didn’t deserve to die, not by any means; the blame lies on McIreney. But if King were still alive, chasing people into bathrooms just to make them squirm isn’t acceptable.

  45. James says


    You won this debate. These other commenters can only respond to things that you didn’t say and that you have repeatedly disavowed. So they lose by forfeit.

    For those who still have a few working brain cells, here it is again: First point – the murder is not justified and the killer should be punished. Period full stop. Second point, independent of the first, King appears to have been a sexual harasser who behaved inappropriately. Using camp to diminish a bully is one thing; chasing multiple boys into bathrooms to make them feel uncomfortable and falsely spreading rumors about their sexuality is quite another.

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