Patrick and Scott Tie the Knot in Minnesota: VIDEO


Towleroad readers Patrick and Scott sent us this clip of their wedding in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where a measure to ban same-sex marriage will be on the ballot in November.

Writes the couple: "Although our marriage is not legal yet, here's hoping it will be soon."

Patrick and Scott's wedding was beautifully shot by John Hoel, who writes:

"It was truly a day I'll never forget and I was so honored to have captured it. Elizabeth couldn't have put it more eloquently during the ceremony, 'When our law lags behind, people continue to live their truth and create their own version of a family, and this is what Patrick and Scott are deciding to do today.' In lieu of wedding gifts they asked guests to contact their members of congress in support of repealing the defense of marriage act - and if you could do the same that would be amazing.​."

Also a reminder that in the midst of Bachmann country and bullying school districts there are gay couples making loving commitments despite the hate.

Watch an antidote to the weekend Kardashian wedding orgy, AFTER THE JUMP...

Patrick + Scott from John Hoel on Vimeo.