1. TooBoot says

    The film maker did such a good job of capturing and then editing this! If I ever get married, I’d want Mr. Hoel to shoot it. Congratulations Patrick and Scott. Your wedding made me cry.

  2. scott says

    This is a great video but also potentially a nightmare one… can you imagine if they break up later and one of them sits on a couch eating a tub of ice cream while watching this?! Much more painful than some wedding album. I know, I’m horrible for even thinking it.

  3. Greg says

    Amazing video that captures the reality of the love of countless couples in MinnesotaI It’s too bad that in the commentary by Mr. Towle chose to mention that Bachmann person. While geographically close to Minneapolis, her ideology and hatred couldn’t be further from the hearts and minds of most Minnesotans.

    Celebrate the love, ignore or at least marginalize the hate.

  4. JTramon says

    First: @Scott: Wow. You must be such a delight to be with-YIKES

    Second: This was perhaps the greatest thing I’ve seen in a while-what a great ceremony-and to see all these people celebrating their lives! And yes-I definitely want this person to shoot my wedding! WOW~~~

    Much happiness, and Mozel Tov to Patrick & Scott!!! May your lives be long upon this earth!

  5. Wesley says

    As a proud gay man that calls Minneapolis his home I am incredibly proud that these two men are able to celebrate in the way they did. Also as a proud member of the staff of the Loring Pasta Bar and Varsity Theater where the wedding was held I can not express what a great day to be at work this was. The love and compassion of all that were involved was incredible, magical even. After being able to experience this event and now sharing it with others I hope that the message is clear to all. Love is the answer. It is a simple one at that but powerful. I hope to be a part of many more celebrations like this one throughout my life and one day even experience it first hand. This is a true representation of the wonderful loving people that live in our great city!! Love and peace Towleroad readers! Pass this video along, everyone should see it!

  6. John says

    Well, it would have been fine except that I was crying through the whole thing so my vision of the video was a little watery.

    Other than that, Patrick and Scott — may you have many, many years together. You are a lovely couple.

  7. javo says

    WOW…I cried throughout the whole video also. It was so beautiful. Congrats Patrick and Scott–may you always be happy and in love with each other! The whole celebration was lovely including the handsome couple!

  8. uffda says

    Thrilling. What a pleasure to watch and appreciate. Sweet guys and palpable good feeling in an outstanding small film. Thanks for posting this most upbeat of documents. Truly the human and humane leadership of our society has run far ahead of officialdom.

  9. sparks says

    I’m not really a crier, but I am just weeping with joy for Patrick, Scott, and all the wonderful people who chose to be a part of the couple’s most special of days. This video was done with such care that I can’t imagine how it could’ve been any better. (And yes it’d be a wonderful thing to go viral.)

    May they enjoy many years of happiness together.

  10. Frank Butterfield says

    Wow! So beautiful! And I love the box of letters (with a small bottle of wine). Not only will they have something wonderful to look forward to, they also managed to give a lesbian element (beside the vests) to the wedding by having a craft to do at the altar.

  11. Tracy says

    As one of Patrick’s (and Scott’s) “groomsmaids”… I couldn’t have been more honored to be a part of their special day. My children were also a part of the ceremony and I’m so thankful that they think nothing of the fact that they were in “Uncle” Patrick’s wedding and that he was marrying another man. It was one of the most special days I’ve ever been a part of – you could feel the love and support surrounding them all day long! Thanks to everyone for watching and appreciating this beautiful video… I am so lucky to have these two as very close friends and I hope that this video helps send the message of love and acceptance to all those who still just don’t get it. LOVE WHO U LOVE!

  12. tinhouston says

    EQUAL RIGHTS, NOT SPECIAL RIGHTS. Really it is pretty simple…..

    This is a wonderful video to look back in future years to see the way you all danced. LOL…no seriously, this is great video, and yes i think it should go viral so everyone can see how natural it is for 2 men or 2 women to come together in such a way. Beautifully constructed and flowing piece. Congratulations to everyone involved with this. And of course—Patrick and Scott, you guys are terrific.
    Thanks for sharing your moment with us all.

  13. Derek in Madison says



    I openly wept while watching this. Also, it was probably the best-filmed wedding video I’ve ever seen. BRILLIANT!

  14. kodiak says

    Great. Thanks for making your wedding celebration public. It’s interesting how many of the people posting say they cried while watching. It’s deep. I think it touches people way down deep inside their hearts. I mean, it’s such a new thing so long in coming there is almost a disbelief that it’s really happening, and tears are the proof of this. You’ve filled my heart with joy. Thank You.

  15. Paul in Georgia says

    Beautiful video… and I’m just happy that I wasn’t the only one crying all the way through it, lol. I also now have hugely unrealistic expectations of my own wedding.

  16. Greg says

    Yeah…I cried too
    What a fun, happy wedding…and what a wonderful video of it!! Quite artfully done, captured it all beautifully….
    An earlier comment about how the children had no issues with Patrick and Scott getting married reminded me of a small moment related to my own wedding. One of our guests was a niece of my husband who attended with her husband and two small kids. A week after the ceremony, she sent us a note one of the kids had written for a school assignment about what they’d done the previous weekend. The little girl wrote she’d attended a wedding of Uncle Terry and Uncle Greg…but the thing that made the biggest impact on her was that we had a friend sing a Beatles song in the middle of the ceremony. She was completely unfazed by the fact that it was two men getting married. It made me feel hope for a future where loving the one you love will be accepted by all.

  17. Mary says

    I’m not even a supporter of gay marriage….but damn, these two look good together! If this is the future of what marriage equality looks like, it is SO happening in all 50 states.

  18. Frank Clark says

    hi me and my partner are planning on having a wedding ceremony september 29th and we would love to have it in minneapolis but we have no idea where are there any gay churches in minneapolis that would let us have our ceremony in there church? or does anyone have anyother suggestions we are on a limited income please someone help!!! please email me or text ma at 218-290-4799 thank you

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