Morrissey Clarifies Remarks Comparing Norway Massacre to McDonalds and KFC

Morrissey clarified his recent remarks comparing the Norway massacre to the murder of animals for the fast food industry, in a statement to fan site True to You:

Morrissey "The recent killings in Norway were horrific. As usual in such cases, the media give the killer exactly what he wants: worldwide fame. We aren't told the names of the people who were killed – almost as if they are not considered to be important enough, yet the media frenzy to turn the killer into a Jack The Ripper star is …. repulsive. He should be un-named, not photographed, and quietly led away. The comment I made onstage at Warsaw could be further explained this way: Millions of beings are routinely murdered every single day in order to fund profits for McDonalds and KFCruelty, but because these murders are protected by laws, we are asked to feel indifferent about the killings, and to not even dare question them. If you quite rightly feel horrified at the Norway killings, then it surely naturally follows that you feel horror at the murder of ANY innocent being. You cannot ignore animal suffering simply because animals 'are not us.'"


  1. Henry Holland says

    Some Morrissey lyrics (I love his lyrics FWIW):

    I’d rather be famous
    Than righteous or holy
    Any day, any day, any day


    Poor old man
    He had an accident with a 3 x 5
    But that’s OK
    You see he wasn’t
    Very happy anyway

    Poor woman
    Strangled in her
    Very own bed as she read
    But that’s OK
    She was old
    And she would have die anyway

    Don’t blame the sweet and tender hooligan
    Hooligan, hooligan
    Because he’ll never, never, never, never, never, never do it again
    (not until the next time)

    Jury, you’ve heard every word
    So before you decide
    Would you look into those “Mother me” eyes
    I love you for you, my love, you my love
    You my love, you my love

  2. Max says

    He’s right about the frenzy that happens around these criminals.
    His name and image should not be released, his “manifest” should be locked away forever as should he.
    He should not be allowed to spin his horrible crimes as the action of a vigilant citizen protecting what’s right.

    The rest is just idiotic to me.

  3. Yeek says

    As a carnivore and a hypocrite:

    It’s interesting that we insist that we are “better” than animals because of our intelligence, yet we still regard profoundly retarded people as fully human. And although it hasn’t happened yet, I’m guessing that if there was an amazing artificial intelligence created that was smarter than us but had no feelings, we wouldn’t consider it human either.

    Frankly, I think the horrible truth is that animals feel just as much fear, horror, pain, and affection as human beings do. And for all our intelligence, these are the qualities that we really associate with being human. We just want to kill animals but don’t want to be killed ourselves, so we make an arbitrary distinction: their lives and deaths don’t matter, but ours do. The truth is probably that none of our lives matter, except to us. Pass the chicken.

  4. Jack says

    I often hear vegetarians explain how we can eat totally balance diets without meat and then go on to ridiculous detail as to what we need to consume EACH DAY to take in the nutrients, minerals and vitamins that we get from meat. I’m sorry but that alone tells me that meat is a necessary part of our diet. That said, I believe our meat industry has a long way to go in the handling, raising and butchering of farm animals. If it costs us a bit more each I’m ready to pay. As one person said above, animals worry and fear too, so I feel that slautering should be made suddenly and as painlessly as possible. They try now but not hard enough I think.

    Non-human animals are inferior beings to human beings. That’s just a fact of nature. So we use them for our survival. Personally I think that using animals as beasts of burden or for racing them at the trach is much more inhumane than killing and eating them. And at what level of life does Morrissey stop seeing animals as equal to humans? Cattle? Dog? Squirrel? Rat? Worm? A house infestation of ants? A swarm of termites inside the structure of your house? Some Hindu followers believe ALL life is sacred. Perhaps it is…probably it is. But that still doesn’t mean that we are not going to avail ourselves to use animals to feed ourselves. As we’ve been told, we probably do eat too much meat. I have cut back. In fact, just in the last week I have not had a speck of meat in any of my meals. But eventually I will have roasted chicken or a nice medium-rare steak.

    A friend of mine…a vegetarian, asked me what if some super-intelligent race of aliens came to earth and found us to be inferior as well as tasty. I had two thoughts on that. First, we, unlike animals, are able to defend ourselves and that is what we would have to do. If, because of the aliens’ superiority we failed and were beaten then we’d be eaten. It isn’t all that much different than in wars…except the victors don’t eat us in the end…unless you’re from the deep interiors of Borneo. But an even better answer to my friend is that this scenero already happens to humans. Ever since Man existed aliens have invaded and have eaten us…eaten us alive, in fact. And it goes on today. These aliens are called disease. So what am I saying? Just that this is simply the way of nature. I’m not saying that it makes their existence better but if we did not eat meat most of the animals from which we get our food would not have ever been born. Millions of cattle, chickens, pigs, lamb and geese would not exist if it we did not wind up eating them. We raise them only for that purpose. The only animals that would thirve in the absence of our consumption would be fish and shellfish.

    To me it all comes down to human history, diet and common sense. I am happy for my vegetarian friends if they want to eat plants (which have to be killed as well, by the way) instead of meat. Just don’t be so damn sanctimonious and don’t (no pun intended) shove it down our throats. Just shut up and eat and let me do the same.

  5. Hollywood, CA says

    Dear Morrissey,

    Here’s how your apology should have read: “I apologize if in any way my recent words hurt anyone affected by the massacre in Norway. In no way, shape, or form is the murder of innocent human beings the same as animals used for food. I am sorry for using such a horrific incident to further my own agenda of veganism. Please accept my apology.”

    Teach One, Each One.

  6. Noelle says

    I don’t have the balls to share this anywhere else, but I will write that I totally agree with him and I *love* his opinions on things. I hope that he keeps speaking out for us, the ball-less ones.

  7. says

    I’m with HOLLYWOOD, CA on this one. I don’t have a problem with people being horrified by maltreatment of animals, as I am, but I also know that it’s perfectly natural for animals (including humans) to kill and eat other animals.

  8. Marcy says

    So glad he clarified that YES, he was indeed saying that the lives of random chickens (who can be nothing more than chickens) are as important as humans (who can become far more than just an eating, breeding machine – they can even become rich or activists). His apologists were trying so hard to make the case that “no, he meant that what restaurants serve kills people.” He’s a whining, douchy prat.

  9. Randy says

    Morrissey is an idiot. Enemies need to be acknowledged and named. Denial is not a successful strategy.

    While I am becoming more vegetarian myself, I recognize most people consider non-human animals to be objects, so arguments based on life or pain simply aren’t going to be effective.

  10. snuffy says

    One thing: Veganism is not an agenda that he or anyone tries to “push” for his own gain; it is a heartfelt attempt to save lives that he cares very deeply about. Morrissey does not stand to profit one bit by steering some of his fanbase away from KFC, he just wants to help some cute little chickens… how does that make anyone so angry?

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