1. Ben says

    Right into people’s pockets, yes! That’s exactly where the money’s going right now, nevermind the $2 trillion that they’re all sitting on instead of actually hiring people.

  2. walter says

    they are people with deep pocket to push their own agenda and their own self interests not that of the regular citizen. the politicians spend more time protecting corporate interests and deeply controlled.

  3. Dan E says

    I’m fine with corporate personhood assuming that, just like us, corporations are limited to $2,200 in donations per candidate. Very simple.

    And @Joe: Social Security has a multi-trillion dollar surplus to draw open. It has been *loaning* money to the general fund, which the general fund must now pay back. It’s not drawing from the general fund; it’s getting repaid.

  4. gr8guyca says

    This isn’t just a minor gaffe. It sums up the true attitude of
    Romney, who spent years at Bain and grew up in the corporate world. I think that this will virtually kill his campaign. “Corporations are people,” is the kind of line that will resonate with people. Gaffes take on a life of their own when they reconfirm a pre-existing belief.

    If Rick Perry had any doubts about entering the race, they just became much smaller. Bye bye, Mitt.

  5. ohplease says

    I’d say this just cost him the election, but he was never going to win it in the first place. There simply isn’t enough Republican election fraud possible to bridge the gap that would be between Romney and Obama. And I write that as no fan of Obama.

  6. Roman Bolliger says

    Romney likes people, he likes Corporations. In fact, all his best friends are Corporations. He likes to spend a lot of time with them, cuddling and bromancing. Mitt is my favorite Corporation, I like his intelligence! And his corporate identity is quite Mormon! I’m extraordinarily impressed!

  7. nodnarb says

    They all believe that. He just was stupid enough to say it out loud.

    It’s a sad fact that to win an election, you have to have corporate $$$.

  8. says

    Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid account for half of the federal budget?

    Social Security is required by law to be self-finan­cing. So, the government DOES NOT spend one penny of their budget for it. Medicare and Medicaid account for less than a quarter of the budget (23%).

    Answer: Romney is Lying.

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    I like your comment, OH PLEASE (except for the last sentence, of course). Unfortunately, it won’t be Romney. It will be that ghastly bastard from Texas. And I fear he could my President a difficult time. I hope and PRAY I’m wrong, but I’m verweee verweee scared….right now.

  10. says

    JOE is wrong.

    The Social Security program has, every year, from it’s inception until fiscal year 2010 brought in a surplus. It’s using that surplus, NOT the federal budget, to make up it’s shortfall.

  11. say what says

    corporations are people only works if corporations are also held accountable like people

    they aren’t that is the whole point of a corporation, to protect a business from being held accountable

  12. say what says


    SS is solvent for the next 25 years

    any and all general funds going to SS is to PAY BACK social security the 2.5 teillion that bush and repub congress took to (remember Al Gore’s lock box idea that never happened) pay for bush tax cuts and 2 wars

  13. bobbyjoe says

    If the Democrats were competent, they’d run Romney’s “Corporations are people, my friend” and “If you don’t like my answer, you can go vote for someone else” quotes in every single ad they make from here until the election. And these quotes alone would help sink Romney like a stone.

    In other words, you’ll never, ever see these quotes in a Democratic ad.

  14. fred says

    I am a card-carrying Democrat and think Mitt is an absolute tool, but, I find him incredibly hot. He’s the kind of dude I’d Google Image “shirtless” 10 years ago.

  15. NY2.0 says

    This is not surprising in the least. All the Republican presidential candidates believe this, Romney is just dumb enough to say it. And he looks mighty obnoxious doing so.

    What’s shocking to me is that the predominantly Republican crowd caught on to it and heckled him from then on. They get a small bit of respect for it.

    I know a certain governor of a large state would be salivating about this at the moment. And lets see if the spineless Democrats make proper use of this clip.

  16. Dback says

    I can’t remember who said it, but: if a corporation was a human being, it would be a complete sociopath. It is only interested in its own survival, nothing else. Anything in its way must be destroyed (including other people). If anything, it’s closer to a parasite or a virus (or, if you’re thinking a higher life form, a fire ant, or a Great White shark).

  17. KD says

    The guy asking the question was an idiot. How are you going to strengthen Medicare and Social Security without cutting benefits? Well, there’s only two other things you can do. You can raise taxes or you can create a bureaucracy which will only approve healthcare spending on certain effective procedures (i.e. cutting benefits). Romney’s answer, while maybe not eloquent, was perfectly reasonable given that projections for Medicare show deficits growing every year.

  18. Abraham Lincoln says

    Well he’s right. It’s stupid to hate corporations… most shareholders of corporations are teachers, union members,and other hard-working democrats, invested in the stock market through pension plans, 401(k) plans, and all the other benefits workers have fought for over the years.

    You think Democrats don’t take most of their campaign contributions from corporations, or do you think all the poor and downtrodden folks finance everything around here?

    Anyone who starts ranting on about how evil corporations are, is just blasting verbal diarrhea at us like all the other political hacks (of both parties).

    And what the f*** does Mitt Romney have to do with gay issues anyways? Do all you nice, tolerant people hate Mormons (irony) for their religious/moral views, or do they have a right to think their own thoughts even at the risk of offending people, just like you and me?

    Grow up and face reality!!!

  19. Abraham Lincoln says

    Well if I’m so out of touch with reality, do you think Obama’s bajillion-dollar-per-plate campaign fundraiser in Chicago last weekend was financed by people on a fixed Social Security income, or people who get their paychecks and pension checks from corporations?

    Get a clue, work hard, and make money, cause the government’s gonna do s*** for you when you retire if you rely upon politicians to save you.

  20. John says

    Uh, Romney is right on this one. (He’s using “are” not to mean genus/species, but something like “consists of” — cf Bill Clinton, “it depends what the meaning of ‘is’ is.”)

    There are real reasons to criticize this awful dude, but this one just makes liberals look dense.

  21. say what says

    abraham lincoln


    the majority of stock holders in the US

    top 1% of population owns 40% of stock

    top 9% owns 80% of stocks in companys

    Those are all multi millionaires to billionaires not teachers etc

    Stop with the repub talking points people

  22. PLAINTOM says

    Just as Newt spoke the not to be spoken truth regarding the Ryan budget proposal, Romney has spoken aloud the hidden truth of the Republican Party’s big campaign donors. Bye-Bye Romney.

  23. We the corporations says

    Romney has made here a really stark and candid statement of his philosophy. Mind you Romney comes from a background of great privilege, and I imagine he has had a long history of trying to justify that privilege — while the masses work their butts off to just keep food on the table — in his little brain.

    The man has otherwise been flat-out evil on gay issues. He courted the gay community in Massachusetts when he needed our votes, but then turned around and became no less than THE LEADER of the opposition to legalization of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts when he had his eye on higher office. This was a huge betrayal, tied only to his uber-narcissistic personal ambition. Never forget that, especially as it appears that the majority of the country is now in favor of marriage equality. He is a dirtbag, as far as I am concerned.

    (It’s too bad that he is physically gorgeous. So was Ted Bundy. I think his looks have contributed to his sense of entitlement and unearned importance. Ugh.)

  24. Redebbm says

    Defending a corporation has never made sense to me expect from those that want corporations to have more abilities and rights than people. They are suppose to provide goods and services to US. They aren’t people!

    Romney continues to show he’s so out of touch, even at his own rallies “Im unemployed too” “Corporations are people” and he has fired thousands. This is what we need for our economy? I’m mad at Obama but i will never vote for someone who made a living off of firing people!

  25. kodiak says

    Reminds me of the “ketchup is a vegetable” incident back in the Reagan Bush years. School lunches.

  26. Reality says

    Mitt face is all about the sound bites “I’m not gunna rasie taxes!” … well Mitt face, you raised them in MA in order to save your state .. and then he doesn’t even give a real answer to the question. He has no idea what the hell he’s doing.

  27. Tarun says

    @ BOBBY JOE:

    Agreed that this won’t be an election issue but it is not because of Democrat’s stupidity. That’s a huge mis-assessment of the situation.

    Democrats won’t mention it because they are as governed and subservient to the same power structure. This is beyond the purview of tactical brilliance on the part of Republicans or tactical missteps on the part of Democrats.

  28. Maxine Black says

    Another open mouth, insert foot comment from Romney. Keep blowing your lead.

    Posted by: Max | Aug 11, 2011 2:07:24 PM

    So Miss Mmax that settles it. I now see why you’re racist with your rants against Blacks all the time. You’re a F@ggie Republican! Ahhhhhhhhh!

  29. gwaffair says

    While incredibly shortsighted to say it outside of a classroom (not to mention as a presidential candidate), in economics and legal classes I’ve taken, corporations are, indeed, considered “people” by the law. The Supreme Court declared it so in 1886 – the same year Coca Cola was invented. We’ve progressed a bit since then…Well…Coca Cola has progressed at least.