Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin Presides Over Lesbian Wedding

ShumlinPeter During his gubernatorial campaign last year, Vermont Democrat Peter Shumlin told lesbian couple  Michele “Mitch” Beck and Ann Beck that should he be elected, he personally would marry them.

Now that's he's firmly in office, Shumlin has made good on his word, the Washington Post reports:

The first-term Democrat presided over the marriage Wednesday of 55-year-old Michele “Mitch” Beck and 56-year-old Ann Beck, of Royalton. Shumlin led the push to legalize same-sex weddings in Vermont as a state lawmaker in 2009.

He paid $100 to the Secretary of State’s office to be certified as a “temporary officiant,” donned a crisp navy suit and did the honors.

Congratulations to the Becks on their nuptials — and thank you to Shumlin for all your support!


  1. says

    Happy to live in Vermont, where a politician can not only not run away from his support for marriage equality, he can use it to garner even more support. Not to mention doing nice things for friends.

  2. Mikey B. says

    Interesting that the Governor of Vermont doesn’t have the right to officiate a wedding–he had to get a permit like any other citizen.

  3. says

    Governor Shumlin is a good friend to the LGBT community in VT, and we’re a good friend to him. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship cultivated over the years. And, while this was, I have no doubt, a sincere gesture on his part, it was also a political photo op (he’s a shrewd politician).

    In other words, he believes supporting gay civil rights benefits his political image, something new even in VT, and one day something that can happen federally, when we work with politicians who have a backbone and who are willing to be publicly proud of their gay rights accomplishments.

  4. Peter says

    I actually worked for him for a summer, and he and his entire family are really fantastic people! I loved just about every minute of it! Glad he got positive press here! :)