1. says

    Well, there’s an element of truth to it. Young children that may have felt something wasn’t right with their gender will now have something they can put a label on and research for themselves. They’ll know if the way trans people feel is what they feel, especially now with trans-issue YouTube channels and trans-related blogs

    It’s not like they just hand out sex change operations, anyway. If that were the case, we wouldn’t have the movie Silence of the Lambs.

  2. Josh says

    There has to be a way to get his license revoked.

    He is saying things that go against the profession of psychiatry, against the views of the American Psychiatrist Association and the American Psychological Association.

    He is practicing psychiatric malpractice by diagnosing people he has never met.

    He is also using the psychiatric profession to promote hate and misinformation about a vulnerable minority group.

    Surely, there is a way to report a complaint against him?

  3. Rob says

    Does he seriously think that his hypothetical tomboy (funny how that is so acceptable compared to a feminine boy) would never, otherwise, think about being a boy. Kids are magical thinkers, they wish they were what they want to be all the time. That doesn’t mean 9 year olds are gong to be having surgery.

    Bottomline is, what he’s saying is “information and knowledge are dangerous, we must keep this from the children.” What a dumbgluteus-maximus

  4. Rin says

    Yes, of course. Instead of this tomboy wanting to be the next Catwoman or Harley Quinzel I would have looked at this overweight dude struggling to dance with a plastique hoochie mama and said: Now, THAT’S what I want to look like someday.

    Is this dude stupid or what?

    Chaz seems very nice, but he doesn’t exactly scream out: emulate me!

    People have no idea what is influencing and what is not. Rock stars can influence kids. Disney can influence kids. DWTS? Its for the over 50 crowd.

  5. M says

    Right, a kid’s gonna automatically leap to the the conclusion “I’m a little atypical for my gender, therefore I must be a transsexual.”

    Not like they have actual competent therapists who work to make sure people have given the matter a lot of thought and are really sure they’re not just odd or gay. Little girls can just see Chaz on TV and commit to becoming men when they grow up.

    Ironically, it’s conservative asswipes like this who promote the idea that you aren’t a real man or a real woman unless you conform to their gender stereotypes. So they’ll make the tomboy worry there’s something wrong with her because she’s not all girly all the time, but it’s a transperson on TV who’s to blame if she wonders if maybe she’s not really a girl?

  6. Married in MA says

    First of all, this is a dance competion. There will be no discussion of his transgender nature. Secondly, don’t these people know that there is no such thing as ‘bad publicity’?! People are going to now watch in droves simply out of curiousity.

  7. Gigi says

    Ablow is full of it. When I was a kid I questioned my sexuality. I knew I was gay and when I saw a talk show about transsexuals I thought, for a brief time, that perhaps I needed to get a sex change. I even started to saw my allowance for the operation. But then I turned 11, realized that other people were gay like me and was relieved to know that I could stay a boy. This of course was in the 70s I lived in a very small farming town. There wasn’t Glee or any of the other shows available to us then, so it took me time to know what “gay” really was.

    All Ablow is doing is giving DWTS free publicity and, in doing so, drawing attention to the Trans community. In a very back-handed and pugnacious way he’s doing everyone a favor. Thanks Keith!

  8. Gigi says

    *Clarification for the above comment:

    I knew that I was “different” is what I should have said. Other boys were starting to have feelings for girls…and I wasn’t. Couldn’t. Didn’t know gay was an option. Saw the talk show and hear the girls saying things like: “I always knew I was different” and “I wasn’t butch like the other little boys and I didn’t like sports…” To my young mind I thought it made sense. And it did for a time. But that’s far different than what Ablow is saying. I could never have gone from that point to being brainwashed into believing I was trans.

  9. Michael R says

    A little research shows that host of the program is David Asman – is that pronounced ASSman? Wonder if he is top or bottom. Receiver probably.

  10. Wil says

    He has practices in NY and MA (licenses). Also the AMA and American Psychiatric Association have online complaint forms. Not sure if anyone can file or if you have to have standing. Might be worth a try.

  11. Kevin_BGFH says

    When I was three years old, I asked my mom for a magic wand that would turn me into a girl. In my confused little young man, I knew I wanted to marry Prince Charming like the Disney princesses, and I assumed that I had to be a girl to do that. What I really wanted was to be a boy marrying a boy, but my three year old brain couldn’t figure that out.

    But you know, no responsible surgeon in the world is going to perform gender reassignment surgery on a three year old. Those tomboys will have the opportunity to learn and explore what their desires are. Do they want to date girls and think they need to be a boy to do it? Do they just like to do things that society has deemed “boyish”? Or do they identify, deep inside, as a boy? It will take those tomboys some time to figure that out, and none of them are going to rush out and get surgery. Gender reassignment surgery requires years of counseling, including at least a year of living as the intended gender, before any surgery can be authorized. These are not rash decisions made in haste like getting a tattoo on a drunken binge.

  12. Redebbm says

    And this has to do what with business Fox??

    If one tunes into CNBC they learn about loans and interest rates from Suze Orman, one tunes into Fox business and they get a bigot mouthing off about nothing he knows about or has studied in the least. Why anyone would consider this a news network i will never know…

  13. says

    To each and every one of you reading this I ask that you remove the Fox channel from your TV viewing. In our house we have the ability to remove channels and FOX is channel 2. We have blocked all things Channel 2. Don’t get me wrong, we love Glee and several other programs but we will P2P the programs and hurt Fox even more for their conservative bigotted channel. I urge you to do the same.

  14. says

    YAWN. …and what of people born with both genitals. What are they? Did you get your degree in biology? Do you have a degree? Did you go to U of KKK?
    No Christians who I know feel like victums. Of course they may, because of geographics, be a little more educated and are NOT religiousl motivated by HATE. What the HELL is this man afraid of. What wasted energy!!!