1. jake says

    i’ve never paid much attention to chaz bono, but i applaud him for what he’s doing, and how he’s handled himself through all of this.

    even other fox news anchors recognize that what ablow is saying is toxic and hateful; i really do think he’s being counterproductive (to whatever it is ablow’s trying to accomplish — sympathy for bigots? i don’t know).

  2. says

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  3. floria1 says

    WOW – you folks thinking those kindly other Fox News folks are not in on the game are DELUSIONAL –

    They are playing Good Cop / Bad Cop and giving this guy airtime either way.

  4. Mike says

    well Brad Pitts daughter is too young to know her sexuality. It’s true that people could tell i was too effeminate at that age, so there’s something to that… But the bottom line is that nothing Chaz would say to her, would change her actual sexuality. She will either be gay or straight and she’ll find out during adolessence. For now apparently she has an inclination to be a tomgirl. Of course it’s none of our business anyway, including Keith Ablow’s.

  5. sandi says


    Being trans has to do with your gender identity: how you feel about who you are. It has nothing to do with your sexual orientation, which is about who attracts you.

  6. Karl says

    In all fairness Chastity now Chaz has a history of sticking his nose into other people’s business and making ill-advised statements. He is not an expert or a professional in any stretch of the imagination, and should not be advising the Pitts about their child.

  7. justme says

    “well Brad Pitts daughter is too young to know her sexuality…”

    And you know this how, exactly? I knew that I was a boy who liked boys at her age. Surely the child knows her own gender.

  8. Jaxxy21 says

    If Ablow was in Canada he’d be arrested for inciting hatred towards a recognized group. Come on America,,get in the century and shut these cave-dwellers up before another kid commits suicide.

  9. candideinnc says

    Ablow is obviously in the wrong profession. He has neither the empathy nor humanity to be a health provider. Let me suggest some better occupations: mud wrestler, pig farmer, AFA swindler.

  10. jamal49 says

    I’d imagine Chaz would say something like “it’s OK if you want to climb trees, play baseball (or any sport) or wear only jeans and flannel shirts or not wear dresses or not wear pink or ribbons in your hair or play with toy trucks or toy soldiers or anything that people say that only boys do. It’s OK. It’s you. It’s who you are. All it means is that these are the things that you like to do. Go ahead. Have fun. Enjoy yourself. And if anybody says anything ugly about you behind your back or to your face, you have the choice of ignoring what they say (which drives them nuts) or kicking their butts clear into next week.”

  11. Kevin_BGFH says

    @Karl – I cannot think of a single example of Chaz sticking his nose unsolicited into other people’s business, and I used to work as a journalist in gay media for several years. Can you substantiate your claim?

  12. jaragon says

    Yes they did mention Chaz story during his intro segment but then he just went out and danced-I really doubt that watching this show will make anyone want to change their sex but they might develop a fetish for tight pants and glittery costumes.

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