1. dk says

    Uh.. yea, her look is a “tad” mature.. She is only 22. Hope she’s doing the Bond theme, there hasn’t been a decent one since Goldeneye.

  2. says

    The grand James Bond themes of the past have been sorely missed. If this ‘rumor’, so to speak, is true – and after hearing sub-par, dreary, totally forgettable themes from the likes of Jack White & Alicia Keys (the absolute worst Bond theme ever), Garbage, Sheryl Crow, and Chris Cornell in recent years – I really hope that the the one-in-a-million Adele can elevate the ideal back to those cheesy days of bombastic Bond songs. Of course, it all depends on whose writing the song as well, I know. But Adele’s voice harkens back to old school Brit-Soul. If anyone can pull it off, it’s she!

  3. Jay says

    Her look is smart and sophisticated. It suits her and her sound, which just happens to be mature, too. She’s not trying to be Britney, Christina, GaGa, Katy, Beyonce, etc., etc., etc. She’s a full-figured gal with a big, big voice, and she’s gone with a look that fits her blue-eyed soul sound perfectly.

  4. ColinATL says

    Agree on most Bond songs, except for the opening number of Die Another Day (Pierce Brosnan / Halle Berry). The torture images along with Madonna’s excellent song was an incredible opening for a Bond film. Just my opinion…

  5. Jerry says

    Making no judgements about her music (though frankly, in terms of going in the direction of “grown-folks music,” I tend to prefer Nikka Costa), but girlfriend needs a drag queen to beat that wig so it doesn’t look like such a wig. That thing needs to be pinned behind her natural hairline or needs bangs so it doesn’t look so damned fake.

    Other than that, carry on, Miss Thang.

  6. Jay says

    Jerry, honey…I know hair, and while you may not like her hairstyle, it’s not a wig.

    She has hair midway her back, cut in layers. The back layers are pulled up and curled with the crown teased (or backcombed) over the top to create height. The front layers are also curled, but those curls are falling, which is why her makeshift (i.e. not actually cut) bob is looking even more stacked than probably intended when she sat up from her hairdresser’s chair.

    She may have pieces underneath to add additional volume, but what you see is hers. This is why she has a tonal shift from wispy, fair blonde around her hairline to the colored strawberry shade as well as a tonal shift from her dishwatery (ashier) roots to the colored rest of her hair.

    Furthermore, that is her natural hairline. Look at it. If it were a wig, it would probably not have those temporal points (certainly not shaped like that) — not even Beyonce pays attention to that. Also, the hairline is naturally (imperfectly) irregular. And, if she were wearing a wig (lace front), they would probably have placed it further down that that unless she’s completely bald. Look at her in profile. That hairline (which is hers) doesn’t even reach her frontalis muscle.

    If she were wearing a wig…if a (good) drag queen had executed this style…it probably wouldn’t have such idiosyncrasies.

    Sorry to bust your clever bubble, Miss Thang.

  7. Tender Hook says

    Adele’s crude, unnecessary comments about a 60 year old fan and ‘old’ people (60+) generally was blatantly unkind and ageist. Maybe its typical of a 22 year old but she needs to note that nowadays many people over 60 are cool, are fans, buy her music… Its left a bad taste – I, for one, have gone off her and her gutter comments on Ross.

  8. Moo says

    “Who is that dark honey with SJP?”

    This. Also, Adele is absolutely wonderful! I LOVED the interview.


    Oh. Apparently it’s Lewis Hamilton, Formula One champion.

    And, ‘Tender Hook’, she meant nothing offensive or negative by it. Simply stating “Oh, some old person.” would be more offensive to me if she didn’t follow it up with the clarification.

    If that’s all it takes for you to drop respect towards someone and disregard them from then on.. Then they’re probably better off without you anyway.

  9. moomy says

    i was just about to go out and buy Adele cds…not after that comment about 60 yr old fan pissing herself.i am 60 next year.I am slimmer, fitter and have better dress sense than her.What a foul mouthed ignoramus. she can get lost.

  10. patty says

    I, too, was offended at Adele’s remarks about 60 year olds. I LOVE her music and just turned 60 last week. Leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. She needs to ‘rein it in’ a bit.